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    Just chiming in to say that I miss the activity on this site, as well. But @Sterling (congratulations on the new addition!!), I certainly don't hold you responsible for the lack of activity. I think others have done a good job of summarizing the factors that brought us to this place. And there's no point in railing against it - it's like hearing a friend of mine rant about how online shopping is evil because she prefers brick-and-mortar stores. Well, OK, but the change is happening, it's real, and you either adjust or fade away.

    I'm hoping this site can revive a bit - perhaps with the new expansion; perhaps with Classic servers. /r/woweconomy is OK, but only just OK. There's rarely any actual strategy discussed (farm! herbalism and mining! Max out your order hall!), and little real thoughtfulness. Maybe the changes in the game mean that deep strategy is no longer needed. But I'm not convinced that's true.

    We'll see. I took a long break from the game and am just getting back into it thanks to an alpha invite for the new expansion. I'll peek in here now and again to see what's up, and will post if there's anything I can contribute that's useful. Be well, all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caitlyn View Post
    (farm! herbalism and mining! Max out your order hall!).
    You left out (multibox!).


    My interest faded within a few months of Legion launch. Server hopping and multibox farming broke the BMAH on the servers I was on - my stack of WoD garrisons produced enough gold to buy whatever the vendors were selling, and I was never going to be able to compete against the guys farming tokens with a dozen accounts and armies of free Demon Hunters, so that was that. There just wasn't any point to grinding alt armies or gathering gold, so I found other time sinks.
    "You'd be surprised how many different things you can heat up and pour on people.

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    I have recently resubbed again, after a 5 year long hiatus. Currently mostly busy catching up; trying to get Draenor pathfinder, leveling some alts, and getting my main some gear. I haven't really done a lot of gold making lately, but I will likely start again soon after BfA launches. Mostly to get some gold for buying gear, mounts and boosts though, not necessarily for the fun of it. Most of the fun seems to be spoiled by an overabundance of people with poorly copied TSM setups. The irony, 5 years ago TSM was considered to be an "advanced" add-on and now everybody is using it with strings from a popular blogger/streamer/Discorder. I have some new ideas to try out, hopefully that will keep things fun for a while. Hopefully it will be back to spreadsheets in WoW Classic, and hopefully Classic will bring back some life in these forums.

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    It's nice to see at least some activity here again, even if it is already a few months old. Even though I was never really too active myself, I miss the discussions that used to take place here.

    At least for those with alt armies, I think you will like BFA more than Legion:

    In BfA you will have Expulsom as a reagent for all high level crafts, which is BoP and can only be created by scrapping gear (= destroying epics), by world quests (= farming) or by 24h transmute (= hurray!).

    Hence, I will go back to the old traditional way of having multiple alts with alchemy and inscription. This way I easily get the Expulsom for crafting cards, which allows me to craft enough cards in short time do deal with the RNG. The rank 2 recipe is learned from trainer, so no need to grind reputation on all alts. Mats are 125% of rank 3, which should be good enough for the start. Transmute Explusom is also learned from trainer and gives mats for 5 cards -> Alt Army, here we come!

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    Agree. A lot of movement from forums to discord (notably for me - here and fluiddruid) which is just not as useful for someone who used to come to the forum every few days to catch up on what I missed. Now it is hundreds of posts in many different channels and a lot of it of no interest to me

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    @Gumdrops I can't seem to find this discord link you're talking about. Can you please tell me what it is?
    @Sterling congrats on the kid even though I'm a year late saying so lol could you check please and see if I have a premium sub and then cancel it thanks! I would rather this place then reddit.
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    Yeah I'm a bit confused why there are no threads whatsoever in some catagories lol. VERY quiet.

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    Subbed back into WoW after about 4 years.. everything is so different.. Hello everyone!



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