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    I'm back after a couple of months of being away. (I was busy moving into a new Den.)

    But I'm just here to pretty up the place with my good looks and comic relief.

    (watches tumbleweed roll by....)

    I'm glad @Z-Man spoke up there. I was thinking that was one big, ugly cricket.
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    Do I hear a chirp from the weeds? Lol. Hey np Z-man. I just find it amazing that this used to be the "go to site" for goblins. Great guides that explained, in detail, just how to do things in TSM and just general info about the game. And then, it's like someone came along and turned the lights out.

    But sadly, that wasn't the point of this post. I hope Sterling can take some time to answer my repeated requests for a refund. I see no reason to pay for Premium service that is no longer premium.

    Thanks for the support Z-Man

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    I was worried about something like this happening a long while back. Discussions tunnel-visioned on TSM strings for tmogs at the expense of everything else. Anything posted that didn't involve a TSM search string brought out the crickets - once players had finished configuring their search strings, they seemed to run out of things to talk about.

    I'd log in to see twenty threads with new messages, then notice that every single one was a TSM configuration question and log out without reading any of them. We essentially automated gold making to the point that human workers were no longer needed. (Yeah, yeah, get off my lawn, back in my day...)
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    *Emerges from cryogenic sleep*

    As @Gumdrops pointed out earlier, I recently became a father and mini-Sterling has been keeping me busier than I could have ever imagined. Some users have requested refunds and none have ever been denied. @Boxes shoot me a PM or email and we'll get you sorted.

    Once this kid grows up a bit I may have more time to revive the site, at present my time is limited to maybe 1 hour per day. And yes, I'm fully aware the site's current condition is on me.

    @Druanor I spent a while trying to solve your problem. Couldn't find the transaction you're referring to, nor could I see an active subscription... then it dawned on me, there isn't a $15 subscription here. Your subscription is with a separate entity altogether. You'll have to take this up with TSM.
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    Still here.. lurking. But yes, the quality content and discussion we used to have on this fantastic site is dead at the moment.. if it's due to TSM, Legion fatigue or something else (like us old players getting.. well... older) I don't know
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    Well, well, well. Mea culpa. I want to start by apologizing for any snarky remarks I may have made in this thread and in my messages to you Sterling. After reading your post in this thread I went and checked things out more thoroughly than I did previously. I did not realize that Consortium and TSM sites were not associated together. Honestly I don't know what made me think that in the first place. Anyways, my apologies.

    Secondly, and not least, grats on the birth of your child. Big event in ones life. And yes you will be very busy in the near term future. No more partying or late nights at your computer for you my friend. But never fear, after about 6 months things will start to lighten up. Take it from someone who has raised 3 of his own lol. All I can say is to enjoy them while they are young, that really is the best time. Because when they are more interested in their cell phone than in you, you will be asking yourself what in the hell did I get myself into. Lol.

    Thank you for checking into my problem for me I appreciate your time.

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    Okay, well tell the newb I hope he enjoys the pack of diapers I just got him, ... yeah. That's about it.

    Live and learn.

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    Okay, well tell the newb I hope he enjoys the pack of diapers I just got him, ... yeah. That's about it.

    Live and learn.

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    Necro'ing this. I believe the instant posting of reddit and discord have somewhat made this forum obsolete, much to my sadness. I still do prefer forum posts over reddit for the exchange of information, but it seems like reddit is just chatting and forums take a more "readable" approach to guides and of such. Also much better at organisation and searching, but most of the community wants instant answers nowadays. It certainly feels like forums are a lost art.

    I feel like, it's *possible* the forum will be a bit revived when Classic realms hit, since gold making will no longer be min-maxing a game feature (garrisons, order halls) or buying through game tokens, but rather AH again.

    Consequently I believe the gold community has drowned a little because of said features. Whilst everyone used to want gold, now you can just pay a little and get it, and with tokens so inflated (EU) at 250.000g, it's easier to buy one and it'll last you for half a year of consumables and enchants. If you're actively playing the game you would not even need it.

    As for me, specifically, I currently raid mythic (10/11) and I could easily clear much more GPH by running Dungeon M+15 boosts than in the AH, whilst having fun and the possible gear upgrades.
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    I actually find /r/woweconomy to be completely unhelpful, and I miss the days of stormspire at work.



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