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    Any real RMT players here? i need to understand this..

    well, so i have this one guy on my server, he tells me that he can earn like $500-$1000

    on wow with his bots, i don't know how much bots he is using atm, but i don't think it's over 10.

    So i've been thinking and thinking... and came to the conclusion he can't be making all this gold

    from farming with professions right?

    On my realm, SLR is right 12k per 200 stacks, i've been looking at other mats, and SLR is the most expensive atm

    and $500/31/30 is like $16-$17 per day

    considering EU gold rates are like $0.04 - $0.05 that's $6 per day

    Also i looked for pets but most of them didn't have much sellers, so not much buyers i guess.

    I find this weird since economy on my server it's so shitty

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    He could be botting on a few servers.

    Or he could be exaggerating.

    Hard to tell with the info you have provided.



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