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    'Tis lonely at the top.

    Anyone else feels estranged from the player base?

    People in the popular forums ask questions la How can I slave away half my playtime to afford one Token?, or they spend a whole afternoon & evening section spamming trade chat WTB 30 Living Steel when their Sky Golem is ready.

    They take the time leveling 1 to 60 before using their LVL Boost because it levels up their professions and they can not afford other methods.

    Meanwhile, I purchased virtually everything in the game and still got enough gold to do it times over.
    There is no one to talk to either:
    When hanging out with Guildies or friends they share their troubles but I can not tell them mine (made a couple millions but could have made even more millions, damn!)

    My activities in the game and their scope are completely detatched from what fellow players do or desire;
    I was hoping to be in this situation when starting out with the game, poor and clueless, but after being here for a while it feels forlorn.

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    Sounds like something I was telling a friend. I very suddenly took some time off from game due to real life. Long enough that all my inventory in the AH expired, then the emails from the AH expired. I was talking on Discord with a friend about being gone when I mentioned that all my auction inventory all evaporated. He said that that had to come as a bit of a shock. I responded "Yeah, well over half a million potential gold just gone." He was shocked that I had that much in the AH at any given time. I told him that the only thing more shocking than the amount was the fact that I wouldn't actually notice it was gone once I got my inventory levels back up. I also told him that I'm far from the biggest players in the AH, but from my point of view, that wasn't shocking at all.

    It's kind of hard to convince some people that yeah, I just gave them a million gold to buy game time tokens, but that's because I'll miss them more than the 1M gold, so I'm really being self centered.

    And yes, I also get the part about people not understanding how easy it is to make that kind of gold. Back a week or so after BC launched, I was having a private chat with that same friend, trying to talk him out of buying gold in order to get journeyman/expert riding for himself and his girlfriend. Told him I 'd loan him the gold, then when they were both 70, they'd have no problems paying me back for the gold (I wasn't as big into the AH then, so I wasn't throwing money at problems to make them go away yet). This conversation went on and on, until i finally told him "Look, I've made a quarter of what I need to loan you just from questing while we had this conversation." His response? "I hate you. We'll take it."

    This same person, after hitting 70, wasn't making gold as fast as I was, and wanted to know why. I gave him a lesson in "it takes money to make money." After talking to him for a bit, I realized what the issue was, and told him to go buy bigger bags. He didn't see how that would help. I told him that he needed to stop deleting grey stuff and sell it to a vendor, and he wasn't going to be able to do that without either going back to a quest hub more often or getting larger bags. When he said that that couldn't possibly be that big a factor, I told him that my second toon to spend 5000 gold on riding skill had made almost half of that just from vendored greys picked up while leveling from 60 to 70. I was surprised too, but I had installed an auto-grey-vendor mod that tracked the amount vendored over time per character when the BC pre-patch came out. At the time, I only had the two 70s (I was 1st and 8th to lvl 70 in my guild), but as other toons did the 60-70 trek, that seemed a little higher than normal but not outrageously so.

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    I have lost inventory a couple times in my wow career. Now I refer to that as spring cleaning. Real Life gets in the way sometimes but goblins always bounce back.

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    I "lost" it two times in the last couple of months. Luckily not completely as I reached good GMs who still restored it even when the mailbox loss was 3+ weeks away. But last time they told me they will not do it again and the nether will eat it if it happens one more time

    Now I am more careful on this because there a really some very valuable items in there collected from Vanilla/BC etc. Maybe shifting it out to a few G-Bank when i feel i might be away longer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy View Post
    Maybe shifting it out to a few G-Bank when i feel i might be away longer
    Not relying on mailbox loops just means you have to find more creative ways to lose your gold. I've misplaced entire guild banks in the past, and I know I'm missing a substantial pile of gold somewhere. (I did find a couple missing guilds locked away on some forgotten RAF accounts, but I'm not sure I want to pay a sub for them to peek inside.)
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    FYI, if it hasn't been too long, you can open a ticket. I've had mailbox items restored before, even after I was honest and said I simply forgot about it. Maybe they felt bad because it was high ticket items (epic mounts, etc). It's no guarantee though.
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    return man 3 unblocked I have the same feeling.
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