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    Tokens for Balance LIVE!

    The highlights, token = $15 balance, pretty much what was expected. And there's a maximum to the amount of balance you can have at a time, that maximum is higher if you have an authenticator. You can buy digital game codes and gift them, but you can't buy physical items with balance on the Blizz store.

    token price is 62k as of release of the new system.

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    I'm curious to see if this will carry over to the next pet/mount sale. (If they ever have another sale.)

    The 240K character boost is intriguing. Another garrison and another farm means I can get it back that much faster.

    Up to 69K and no tokens for sale. Oh, well.
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    Can you speculate tokens? Don't know cause never bought them for gold. IOW, can I buy a token now and auction it later when the price goes up? It's at 70k now, thoughts on top end?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kipperflip View Post
    Can you speculate tokens? Don't know cause never bought them for gold. IOW, can I buy a token now and auction it later when the price goes up? It's at 70k now, thoughts on top end?
    No, you can't. Buying and selling are totally separate things.

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    That doesn't make sense. If I buy a token for gold and the same thing happens that just happened when I bought one for money, then you can. I have it in my inventory now and I can auction it whenever I feel like it. Today for 70k or tomorrow for 100k.

    If they are totally separate things, that makes what I want to do work...

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    NVM, I just figured out that the tokens you buy for gold are NOT the same as the ones you buy for money. The ones you buy for gold can only "buy" game time or account balance. The ones you buy for money can (only?) be used to auction. So you can speculate a bit with the ones for money, but not the ones for gold.

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    Wow, I think I just learned that you ONLY get the amount of gold that was the going price when you bought the token, no matter if the "going price" goes up or down... that's no fun at all...

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    Wait, if that's true, Blizz is devaluing our currency as we speak. Yesterday you could buy 60k gold for $20, tomorrow you'll get 100k for that same $20...

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    It follows a supply and demand algorithm. Whereas before people might have been buying 1 token per month, right now everyone with gold lying around is trying to dump it into tokens. This is sending demand through the roof.

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    It's not live yet in EU, but I went ahead and bought 5 tokens. I've been playing WoW a lot less lately, but still have loads of gold on my account. This will be a nice way to buy Overwatch or spend some money on hearthstone.

    Prices are skyrocketing on EU, when I bought my tokens they were around 110k, atm they are nearing 160k and I don't think the price will go down anytime soon.

    Also, this macro might come in handy if you keep getting the 'No tokens are available etc' ;

    /script C_WowTokenPublic.BuyToken()



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