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    How to Link Items in Macros (Without Addons)

    I have yet to see one of these threads on the Consortium, and incase you're wondering how you can insert an item link into a macro, here it is...

    Get ready to spam trade chat with LIGHTNING SPEED

    1. Copy this message:
    /script MacroFrameText:Insert("")
    2. Open up your macro screen, and choose a new Icon for your macro. Name it anything you would like.

    3. Now press the escape button on your keyboard to lose focus on the macro screen. Press enter as if you were going to type a message. Now paste the message from step 1 into the chat bar. (press ctrl+v to paste)

    4.Between the two apostrophies, shift click your item to link it between them. It should look something like this...
    /script MacroFrameText:Insert("")
    5. If you've done everything correctly so far, put your cursor over the macro screen, and then press enter to submit the message you typed down in the chat bar. It should have linked the item from that message into the macro screen.

    6. Type any text needed around the item you linked in the macro screen to make your cheesy little advertisement. Put it on your action bar, and start spamming away!

    Note: You can only link up to 3 items in a macro at a time, depending on how much other text you put into it.

    Inserting item links into macros makes it SO much easier to advertise items like Mysterious Fortune Cards. Incase you're wondering how you add an item that you don't have into your macro, here's my quick little instructions...

    7. Go to and search the item you want to link that you don't have.

    8. Click the link button on the item's page and get the link for the item.

    9. Paste the link into the chat bar, and it should produce the item in your chat window.

    10. Shift click the item into step 4, and go from there.

    So with both of these parts, you should now be able to link any item into any macro and advertise your goods through trade chat without having to type it all up.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks for this I always just hit enter, then alt+Up arrow till i see my previous line and use it again
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    I've been doing this for quite some time, it works great. Also, if you want to link your profession in /2:

    /run local c=GetChannelName("Trade - City")if c~=0 then SendChatMessage("__message__",GetSpellLink("__profession_name__")),"CHANNEL",nil,c) else DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Not In Trade!",1,0,0) end
    Just replace the "profession_name" by yours, and you're golden
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    I swear, I need to write this down somewhere in case it ever disappears. I rely on bookmark to this page for over a year now and it'd suck if it went away.



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