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    here´s one i have been using lately:

    on my transmute alchemist, i create Kings Amber, epic yellow wotlk gem. Blizz removed the option to buy them when they deleted justice/valor points, so the only way to get them is either transmute (which triggers cd) or getting them through the jewelry daily. started doing onyxia runs again for the gem bag, they sell at around 400g uncut on my realm and are better than living steel, savage blood, truegold or whatever.

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    im a casual with an account since day 1. noticed that i had a lot of pets, i have never been a pet collector or tried the pet battle thing.

    caged the ones possible and there were like 25 of them that i could sell. they go for 1-1000gold so that was a plesant surprise.

    i have no idea where they are from. i guess different rewards during the years.

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    I have two tips i'd like to share, not sure if it's ok to combine them.

    1. Profession leveling guides
    Many people read web sites with "max your professions the easy way" etc. Those many times can be market fodder. Having raised almost every profession from 1 to cap in almost every expansion, I could say there are definitely dry/rough spots if you don't gather. Specifically in the BC/Woltk level cap areas. Check and work those markets!

    2. Abundance mindset
    Vs. Scarcity mindset. Many people will balk at getting into a market or trying something new because there are "too many people" doing it already. No one will do it quiet like you, and the challenge exists in the competition. Sure, there are flooded markets, but the real fun and creativity required to become the best lies in solving the puzzle of how to be unique.

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    Starting on a new Server one faces the issue of having Zero Gold. The most common way to Transfer Gold to the new Server is selling caged battle pets which can be time consuming. An alternative is using iron Horde scraps for bying an iron Horde axe (requires 80 scraps). The Axe can be transferred account wide and sells for 50 Gold.

    I had a total of 10000 scraps on several chars which I exchanged to 125 axes and a nice starting Gold amount of over 6000 on the new server.



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