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    Quote Originally Posted by calianna View Post
    There are ways around this, however. For example, what if it was similar to the way you can now "champion" a faction. In other words, you select which two professions you want to utilize. Another option would be to remove these types of bonuses.

    In the end, however, it wouldn't change the fact that if there was something to be gained from having more than 2 professions, people would do it. The important thing to remember is that EVERYTHING in life is optional. Except dying.
    Lol, Euripides had a very similar idea when we went through this while recording tonight. Good idea!
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    Oh wow, you all went all the way with this!

    I'm glad I sparked something. I appreciate @Sinshroud for taking my Call to Blue idea to another level. I think we should do something like this once every year, as well as follow up every few months about some of the smaller issues, one at a time.

    Keeping engaged with Blizzard will certainly let them know we care about these features, and it gives our whole community the answers they have been waiting for.
    Blizzard sees comments and complaints ALL the time about things like class features, raids and pvp, but I bet they don't see a lot of interest for economy related features, unless there is an item that is just way too expensive (the Jeweled Panther and the Yak back when they were announced to be half a million).

    I had a feeling they were going to do the professions like they did BS and cooking. It doesn't surprise me that it's happening. I been looking at it from a casual player's standpoint. It really is tedious to switch professions, or to catch up once you level a character to 85, given how fast leveling is. This will certainly stir up some talk.

    Good job guys! This deserves rep for sure. Did you manage to get one of them to join our community here while you were at it? Kidding!
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    I really disagree with Blizzard and some of the above posters on high ticket items vs "commodities" for buy orders/longer sales.

    Buy orders: But what is Blizzard trying to reward? what is the interesting game play? Without buy orders, it rewards Bots and people who camp the AH. Is it really the game design that someone who checks the AH 8 times a day is going to make that much more than one who does it 4 times? If I put up the gold that I would buy 100 stacks @ 30g/stack, then the casual gatherer can see what is profitable to sell in the quantity they will gather. Just because when they check the AH, there is one adamantite ore up for 1000g/stack does not mean you can sell any at that price. Whereas buy orders are committed orders. Is the game design to reward people who understand the supply chain and demand? Or to reward those that scan the AH more often?

    It is similar to a "market maker" @ NYSE: say flask usually go for 50-70g on your server over the week. There is real value to me being able to put up some at a week buyout for 75 or 70. The market maker is paid for ensuring there is always supply available. The casual player always has a flask available. A market maker could even have a standing order up to buy @ 40 and sell @ 60. Investing capital and risk to be rewarded from the players who want convenience & time savings.

    While we will never get EVE's contract system, buy orders provide a solution to your mass processing. Mavens with high GPH opportunity costs could place an order for ink and low GPH players could buy the herbs and sell them the ink. Although single item buy orders won't do that much: i.e. a buy order for 100 IoD and 10 SI would be more useful since it would allow the beginner to more easily get paid for processing.

    Personally, I don't see how the really rare items are that big (or to me interesting) part of the economy.

    tl;dr: Blizzard is unlikely to make changes and if they do they will be for some irrelevant niche.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimB View Post
    unless there is an item that is just way too expensive (the Jeweled Panther and the Yak back when they were announced to be half a million)
    I wish they had kept them at 500k!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Namssob View Post
    I wish they had kept them at 500k!
    A part of me did, too.

    It would have been bad for those who wanted to make gold off of them, because no one would have ever bought them. So, I understand why. People still think 100k is a lot. I mean, yea, it is, but they act like it's impossible. I think the average 'good player' should have 100k.

    @hag, I agree about the buy orders. Imagine if I had a permanent buy order for ore to shuffle. Bots would eat that up and never have a reason to leave.
    I guess it would be no different than how it is today, however. Really, for the servers where there are 5-10+ people asking in trade for 'BULK ORE!', making buy orders wouldn't change a thing. It just cuts out the middle man (trade barking).

    Runescape had a trade house system that I enjoyed. It had a buy order type system.
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    So I just caught the show, glad you expanded and responded to the Q&A. Loved it. I have the issue solved. Engineering should be moved to a secondary prof and otherwise left TOTALLY alone, but the stat buffs (not the cds, cause the effort should still be rewarding, it's not easy.) should go, so it's like a hybrid....a 1.5 prof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinshroud View Post
    I agree 100% on this. I would LOVE to see the official statistics of:
    1. The amount of items put up for bid only versus the amount of auctions put up for buyout.
    2. The amount of items put up for buyout that are actually purchased via bid.
    3. The amount of items put up for bid only that actually get sold.

    If Blizzard wants to put more focus on the bidding AH environment, then they should adjust the bid to buyout % ratio.

    For example, set the highest possible bid amount set by the seller as = Buyout Price - 30%. If a player puts an item up for 1,000 gold then the maximum bid amount they can set would be 700 gold. The seller can decrease the bid further to say 600 or 500 gold, but never increase it.

    Because lets face it, hardly any seller in their right mind sets their bid amount significantly lower than their buyout amount unless they are trying to manipulate the item rankings on the page (which I don't think is possible anymore anyways). Everyone just sets their bid price to as close to buyout as possible, or has their addon configured to make it 1% below.

    Again, as you said, players want their items NOW. World of Warcraft is not a game for the patient and Blizzard has make statements agreeing on that fact, and further acting on it by making reward easier to get and and events more closer together. By trying to apply the OPPOSITE ideology to the Auction House just shows how little they seem to understand of it.

    I agree, I think that a purely bidding based system works wonderfully on a novelty shop such as the BMAH, but not for every day buying and selling.

    Allowing sellers to list their items up for longer periods of time would also increase the amount of gold they spend on deposit fees. This would therefore:
    • Serve as a further gold sink. Consider making the listing times beyond the current 48 hours as a premium feature where players have to pay a significantly higher deposit fee.
    • Slightly discourage undercutting wars. Currently loosing the deposit on a 48 hour listing doesn't mean much. But introduce the longer duration with a higher price and players will think twice before canceling.

    This provides a greater incentive for players to actually bother looking at bid prices
    For example if they make it 30%, then a player who puts an item up for 100g automatically also sets a compulsory 70% bid of 70g. They player has the option to DECREASE the bid even further to 60g or 50g, etc, but never more than Buyout price minus 30%.

    Very very bad. We have WAY too many peole that undercut the lowest bid as their buyout. The economic crash would suck. I really believe that auctions of these sorts of duration should be buyout only or bid only. Personally, I use 12 hour auctions as often as possible because longer listings can result in artificially lowering market value since they expire less frequently.
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    Good info, thx, I heard about it in podcast (haven't finished listening) and looked it up.

    Like some others, "buy orders" lackluster attitude is a biggest downer, I don't think blizz understands the potential. Buy orders would change large volume item markets above all (which is different from big ticket) and frankly buy order have a potential to eliminate a lot of windfall profits from flipping high volume items (GIO, etc). So after all blizz attitude may be a blessing in disguise.

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    and someone mentioned poor imagination about farming potential. Indeed this could be a gold mine for the game and real incentive for gold miners. How about adding few private houses to capital cities, which would be auctioned for big buck and high property tax levied? There goes your gold sink, cant think of a better way to pump gold out of economy. And put a private auctioneer NPC there with fractionally lower auctioning fees (how much would gold goblins pay for that?). And goblins would finally get a real incentive for their gameplay, other then getting mount after mount. wow needs real estate component. And how about those private houses could be attacked by pvp types, there would be interaction between gold miners and pvpers.

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    I highly recommend everyone listen to
    They do a very nice hour on this topic.
    Friday, March 15, 2013
    Episode 48: Blizzard Q&A
    This week they review the answers they received from Blizzard regarding their views on the auction house, professions, and other related topics regarding the WoW economy.

    Namssob mentioned a link in this show regarding Global market data using the "basket" rating:

    Here's the RSS feed for our episodes, and here's the iTunes link. You can also find us on iTunes by searching for "call to auction". To ask a question, simply email!

    They are also now on Youtube. Subscribe to our channel for live shows streamed from Google Hangouts On Air or watch the raw unedited audio from previous shows at

    **Please not I , jimmyolsenblues , have nothing to do with the podcast, I am just a super fan.

    The opening track is called Change



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