First, you need to create a thread in the GDKP forum. Use the following formatting in your thread title:




General GDKP rules are already stickied here. I recommend you link that particular post, rather than elaborating needlessly in your own thread. You should, however, state rules that are specific to your run. See this example.

Once you've written up your post, you can then proceed to creating the sign-up form for your run. You can simply use the demo form seen here, or make your own. When users fill out the form and hit the submit button, the information can be passed on to various sources, as per your specifications. Your options are:
  • Your PM inbox.
  • Your thread. If you want to use this, write down your thread number (see address bar, this thread's number is 52).
  • Your email.
  • The server's database (this is highly recommended).
  • A combination of any of the above.

Forms can also create a thread whenever submitted, but this would make a mess of the forums (use this and I'll beat you up).

Procedure - Creating Your Own GDKP Sign-up Form

OPTION A - Use Sterling's Pre-existing Template

If you don't want to create your own form, you can use mine. Let's link it again for good measure. The easiest way to go about this is to use the copy form function. Unfortunately this feature is broken (and I almost blew up the server trying to fix it). Anyway.

You'll have to download this XML file and upload it back. Right click -> Save Link As. Under My GDKP Forms hit the browse button just under Import Form. Hit Import to upload the form. This will take you directly to the form's configuration UI. There are a few things here you need to edit:
  • Title and description.
  • Check Post In Thread and Save To Database. Enter your thread number next to Post In Thread.
  • Clear the Form Output Top BB code field.
  • Fill out Form Submit Message. This is the message users will see upon submitting your sign-up form.

And that's it, you're done!

OPTION B - Make Your Own Customized Form
STEP 1 - Create Form

To get started, click on Create New Form under My GDKP Forms or click here. Give your form a title (eg: Nuggets' 25 ICC GDKP Run!) and a description (optional). Hit submit. You can now configure your form as needed.

STEP 2 - Configure Form
Edit Form: This should be left as-is (unless you know what you're doing).
Form Actions: This determines where the sign-up information is sent. I recommend Post In Thread and Save To Database. Hit save, and enter your thread number in the textbox that appears next to "Post In Thread".
Form BB code and Custom Output:
  • Form Output Top BB code: I recommend clearing this, as it creates clutter.
  • The rest of this section can be left as-is. Otherwise, these options can be used to heavily customize how sign-up results are displayed.

Form Permissions: Leave these options as-is.
Form Hooks: Leave these options as-is.
After Form is Submitted:
[list][*]Form Submit Message: This is the message users will see after filling out and submitting a sign-up form. You should thank the user, and let them know if/how they will be contacted later.
Edit Questions: This section allows you to modify questions you add to the form.
Add Question: This part is relatively straightforward. I could rant on and explain all of this, but we'd probably exceed the site's bandwidth from this post alone. If you need help with this step, just ask.