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    Gatherers: 10% Movement Speed Increase in Dread Wastes

    [Swarmkeeper's Medallion] is a Treasure of Pandaria (i.e. it eventually spawns on the ground and anyone who hasn't looted it before can pick it up- first come first served). Found here:

    /way Dread Wastes 54.2 56.4 Swarmkeeper's Medallion

    I've heard suggestions it can be hard to see and to turn down your video settings except ground clutter, but I spotted it right away. Cheers!

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    US-Arthas(H), US-Lightbringer(A)
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    Apparently it stacks with movespeed abilities like Pursuit of Justice and Pandaren's Step. Too bad it can't be doubled up (because it's BoP and you can only loot this once per character) but it would work well with something like [Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm].

    Quote Originally Posted by Koko View Post
    The other one appears to not increase movespeed, unless it says otherwise in game?

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    Yeah, it says in-game

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    US-Saurfang (A)
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    The Sha Touched weapons, sure. But can anyone really expect to be carrying that medallion or be bothered to switch to it when it Dread Wastes?

    Seems like a completely pointless item buff for my mind.



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