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    Farming in classic!

    Hey guys!

    With classic going live in the future. What is your best grinding spots?

    A grinding spot I had success with on Nostalrius, was in Shimmering flats. The turtles/basilisk drops alot of valuable grey items that vendors for alot.

    On my hunter (at lvl 35), I had around 6-7g/hour only from vendoring greys. Any green/blue item will boost your g/h.

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    Back in Pre-BC I spent my days mostly farming essence of water from the elementals in Felwood at the Northern Irontree Woods pools.

    When I had better raid gear I then spent a lot of time warming in Silithus for the set items and humanoid cloth drops.

    But honestly, doing the leg work for vendor items and flipping lowly priced items was by far the best. Took a lot more work and manual spreadsheets etc without addons, but it was by far your best use of time.
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    Nothing can ever beat AH flipping. Too bad it's so darn boring, for me at least. I know people who enjoy the heck out of it though. I can't wait for the official vanilla servers. Looking forward to essence grinding for sure.

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    Did I... was that... Could he... Have I just seen @Sinshroud posting? It was the end of the year though, might have been just a mirage.

    I've tried out some unofficial classic realms. Here's what little information I can give you about it: There's a very big active community of addon developers with more skill and knowledge than 14 years ago, that are developing auction house and recipe addons, so it's definitely easier to flip things than it was in the early days of WoW.

    As for some tricks, I played Nostalrius too, and what worked best for me was selling faction specific/easy recipes. comes to mind on horde since they were easier to farm for them. I'd go on Orgrimmar AH, buy them for 3-5g each, move them over to the Alliance, and re-sell for 15g. I had next to 400g by level 30 (joined the realm late).
    There are also other patterns/recipes such as faction specific enchanting formulas that can be bought on Alliance/Horde side from vendors, but are only obtainable by drops from the other faction. An example that comes to mind was only sold in Orgrimmar and Silverpine, or , sold in Thunder Bluff or in Hillsbrad from a neutral NPC on limited stock (but since it's far, not many alliance characters go to farm it).
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