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    Looking for a Mote of Harmony farming spot.

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking to do some Mote of Harmony farming, all the spots I find online are patched though. Was hoping to get some feedback on what spots you guys farm, and which yield the most PH. Thanks!

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    Guo lai halls/ruins in the vale of eternal blossoms was a good place last time I checked. You can gather the keys that open chests that will give you a ton of motes/spirits. I'd also definitely recommend using a potion of luck. Chances are they're dirt cheap right now, and these will give you additional motes while farming.

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    Alright, thank you. Will give this a go later.

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    Funny how I managed to miss this request but I've made a thread in relation to a great farming spot for not just Spirits of Harmony, but also cloth and Pandaria Treasure Chests

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    What about the mantid at Sra'vess?
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    I still suspect this thing has a weird algorithm to govern its drop rate. I had a feral druid with a cloak which was quite a bursty dps so I was testing it quite a lot for days over at the mantid areas. Well, there seems to be a combined effect of both drop amount but also time spent, so while more motes would drop the more you farmed, it seemed that if you farmed for the same amount of time, but the kills were considerably lower, the motes might not necessarily follow a directly analogous drop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mellefresh View Post
    What about the mantid at Sra'vess?
    Unless you're farming with potions of luck (Like you should be IMO), it's not the best spot. It is extremely well off for plundered treasure with the potion, however. However I just ran into a post here:

    I am going to try this spot out today and see how it is. There was a small guide on youtube about this spot but this post expands it even more.

    However you do have to remember it is a world drop, so the rates at which it drops varies, you just have to have a good spot with fast spawning mobs.

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    Get your arse on an enchanter, stock up on Potion of Luck and join one of them Frog farms at Timeless Isle. Sha Crystals,Motes and other random stuff. Not to mention after that you can join some SoO runs that are ridiculously fast nowdays and just roll away for more Sha and Spirit of War.



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