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    Legendary Plans worth grabbing?

    With Blizzard talking about working on buffing Legendary items in some future release, I was wondering if it might be viable to pick up Legendary plans before hand?

    Or do you think blizzard will take the approach of the "buffed" legendary items only being new items rather than increasing old plan stats as well?

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    If the price is right, I'd consider it.

    Blizzard obviously intended for the whole crafting system to be somewhat viable, and it clearly isn't ATM. Despite warnings from Beta testers that crafting costs were out of whack, Blizzard implemented an immensely uninspired profession system. Maybe now that they can clearly see what we warned them about, they'll do something to fix it. I expect crafting will be readjusted at some point to ensure it is MORE viable than right now, but I don't know that I'd invest too heavily into it.

    If you can snatch a few for cheap, I'd say go for it. Otherwise, there isn't much point since the items themselves are hardly worth crafting for the foreseeable future.
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