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    by Published on November 8th, 2013 06:41 PM
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    Blizzard has released a few details of the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor. One of the newly announced features of the expansion will be the ability to create a "Garrison: your own personal fortress that you build, staff and manage."

    The blog post dedicated to describing Garrisons had one section that describes Followers, who are "NPCs that you recruit to join your Garrison."

    But there were a couple of lines about Garrisons that really caught my eye as they have the potential to drastically change how we may acquire resources in the new expansion:

    "You can also allocate [Followers] to complete tasks - things like crafting or gathering resources, which they'll do whether you're online or offline." (emphasis added)

    "Followers have a character level, an item level, and traits that affect missions and tasks. For example, if they have the Mining trait, you'll be able to assign them to a Mine in your Garrison to gather resources for you." (emphasis added)

    WHOA!!! It's sounds like a Tiller's farm, but your little personal Garrison NPCs do all the work for you! Plus, with the various traits, who knows what they may be able to gather for you (Herbalism trait, Skinning trait, etc.).

    So how do you get Followers? By recruiting them, upgrading the various buildings in your Garrison, or my personal favorite "coughing up the right sum of gold to hire mercenaries."

    Let the speculation begin!!!
    by Published on October 28th, 2013 06:00 PM
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    It's that time of year again folks, the third annual World of Warcraft Gold Survey is now live!

    For those who don't know what the World of Warcraft Gold Survey is, it is an annual survey that takes place around the last week of October and the first week of November that aims to try and figure out how much gold the average player has, and some other interesting statistics and demographics (such as how many players raid, what sites they use for their gold making, etc.). This is the only survey/project of its kind in the WoW community, and last year saw 11,344 people participants!

    This year contains only a few minor changes from last year:
    • New name (changed from Wealth to Gold)
    • A new question asking if you’ve taken this survey in previous years
    • A new question asking what region you play in
    • Added /r/WoWGoldMaking, /r/WoWEconomy, paid gold guides, the World of Warcraft Gold Making community on Google+, “Streams”, “Podcasts”, and “Twitter” to the list of resources used for gold making
    • New question asking what add-ons or services you use
    • Now asks about solo content (outside of a means to an ends) and levelling in addition to the question about Raiding, PvP, etc.

    This year will be the first time we'll have two data points available in the same expansion, and since it's happening around the same time in Mists of Pandaria as the first survey did in Cataclysm (or closer too it at least) this year should be particularly interesting.

    The survey still only takes a few minutes to complete, and is completely anonymous, so I hope everyone can help contribute!

    You can find the survey at

    You can find more information about this year's survey and the survey project in general:

    This year there won't be quite as fast a turn around since I'm much busier than I was last year, and this year's report is going to be much more complicated (it will likely take the form of a multi-page pdf this year).

    Thanks to everyone who takes the time to participate.
    by Published on October 22nd, 2013 08:25 PM
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    Do you love TSM? Do you know PHP like the back of your hand? Do you want to work on an large-scale, community-driven project?

    Great! The TSM team is searching for another developer to help us tackle some exciting new projects. Neither Bart39 nor I have the skills necessary (or time to learn them) for this project on-top of maintaining the addon and application, but would LOVE to see it happen, so are looking to add one (or more than one!) new developer to the team. While we are always open to more addon developers, we are primarily in search of somebody to develop some web-based applications which we feel will strongly compliment the addon, and greatly benefit the larger community. Most of the details are still under wraps (for good reasons), but here are a few general details on the project(s):
    • There will be a great deal of user-facing features. This isn't a service that will run completely in the background (although significant back-end work will be required).
    • It will interact with the addon (probably through the TSM application) as well as Blizzard's online APIs.
    • It will need to integrate with our current website eventually, but can be developed independently at first.
    • We are flexible on how its implemented, and are willing and able to provide any necessary resources to make it happen.

    With that being said, here's a few things to note about the TSM team and the project in general. Nobody expects you to make TSM your full-time job. I've gone weeks without touching TSM (last week for example), and I've gone weeks where TSM is all I think about (right before TSM2.0 came out). What's most important is that you enjoy working on it as a hobby. Nothing more, nothing less. Nobody's job is to work on TSM; we are all volunteers. However, frequent contact with the other developers (via IRC preferably) is required so that we are all on the same page as much as possible.

    TSM is a fairly big project in terms of its scope and number of users. I personally love working on it, and get a lot out of it both personally and professionally. This is something that takes a non-trivial portion of my time to work on, but I find it to be WELL worth it. If you'd like to join in on all the fun and glory (...well...maybe just fun), please find me in IRC ( or, if I'm not on IRC, send me an email ( Thanks!
    by Published on September 6th, 2013 01:33 PM     Number of Views: 14257 

    Wrote this up for my blog, but figured you all could benefit from it as well. It's a basic summary of the profession changes as well as some thoughts from me, including things I encountered on the PTR. If you have any questions, or want to correct me, don't hesitate!


    I decided to group these three together because they're all getting (relatively) the same change.

    New Daily Cooldowns (CDs)

    • The three new corresponding CDs for these professions are Celestial Cloth, Hardened Magnificent Hide, and Balanced Trillium Ingot. These can be found off all mobs in MoP.
      • The CDs work like the previous ones, each day you will learn a new random ilvl 476 PvP recipe or 553 PvE recipe.
        • The 553 PvE pieces require 21 CDs for a belt, and 28 for pants.

      • The daily cooldown can be bypassed using Spirit of War, which is a bit of a change from last tier. Instead of the new PvE gear REQUIRING it as a reagent, it helps you make it faster. Like the previous raid tier, these are found my DEing raid quality items from the Siege of Orgrimmar raid.
        • The CDs still require the same amount of base mats PLUS the Spirit of War to bypass the cooldown.

    The only major change coming to Enchanting is scaling enchantments. You can now use any enchant on any ilevel item, and the enchantment will scale to a level appropriate enchantment. This potentially kills some profit on BoA enchants, as people can just use MoP enchants, enchant once, and be done with it, while more hardcore twinks might use them as they optimize DPS in certain level ranges. This will be an interesting change to keep track of in regard to old as well as current enchant sales.

    5.4 will also introduce Sha Crystal Shards, which 3 of will make into a Sha Crystal. Currently only older tier gear will DE into this stuff, so it's honestly not too exciting unless they decided to make the crafted PvP gear DE to these again before 5.4 drops.

    Engineering is getting 5 new recipes, one of which, Jard's Peculiar Energy Source, is the new daily cooldown, found off any MoP mob, and a necessary mat (along with the equivalent amount of Living Steel). Below are the new items that you can craft with this cooldown:

    • 5 CDs/LS: Advanced Refrigeration Unit: New 36 slot cooking bag
    • 15 CDs/LS: Pierre and Rascal-Bot: 2 New pets, one can be used as a campfire, the other a tribute to Bad Robot Productions.
    • 30 CDs/LS: Sky Golem: New badass epic mount. Most likely the best investment out of all of the CDs, especially during the first few months.

    Inscription is getting about 40 new glyphs, mostly cosmetic minor glyphs, but they will be in demand as a lot of them are more interesting than current minor glyphs. Some techniques can be found in MoP, while others can only be found on the Timeless Isle.

    From what I've seen on the PTR, there are 2 types of techniques, common ones, which drop from any MoP mobs, and uncommon, which drop on the Timeless Isle and are BoE this is good news for any non-90 scribes, as well as scribes looking to complete their collection without farming mobs for days on end. I was able to get the common patterns very quickly, but the uncommons may take a while to grind out.

    Scribes will also be getting a recipe for a PvP trinket: Crafted Malevolent Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity (Thanks to @ShaddamV for pointing this out).

    Alchemy and JC aren't getting much love this patch, but gems and living steel will continue to sell well. The usual.

    I'm not going to cover cooking in depth, but there will be new 300 stat recipes added as well as noodle carts. Compared to these other things, they're looking like small fish right now, but I'm still going to grind it out on my Cook who has Master of the Ways, expecting these other professions to have a much higher return.

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