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    by Published on February 14th, 2014 08:53 AM
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    Moved from premium, enjoy!

    This will be the second installment of my Mastery Guides series. Make sure to check my signature for a full list of guides!

    In a recent poll, Enchanting ranked first as the most popular profession amongst goblins. It is a profession every goblin should have, no matter how ambitious his or her goals. Indeed, as a standalone profession, Enchanting offers great perks such as disenchanting and a handful of profitable crafts. For the ambitious, the full potential of Enchanting can be unlocked through tremendous investments in both time and gold. Though it may be intimidating to most, these "gated" profits are what make Enchanting so lucrative.

    As with my sniping mastery guide, you will find the instructions here to be quite detailed. My goal was to make the guide thorough enough for beginners, and complex enough for experienced goblins alike. Whether you plan to use Enchanting on a lowbie alt or on your main, this guide will show you how to master the profession and make oodles of gold while you're at it. Onward!

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    by Published on January 2nd, 2014 02:10 PM
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    When people ask what Santa got me for Christmas, I tell them about the sweet Sniper functionality Sapu94 built into TSM_Shopping.

    For me, sniping was the one feature missing from TSM 2.0. At the moment its potential is massively under-appreciated - hopefully this article changes that. Back in 2010-2011, sniping was one of my major source of income. Sniping is a lost art in goldmaking, one that died alongside Auctioneer when TradeSkillMaster was borne unto this world. Earlier this year, some attempts were made at developing a Sniper module for TSM, but the addon wasn't very functional the the project eventually died. Last week, in blazing and glorious fashion, Sapu stepped in and wrote Sniper functionality into TSM_Shopping. You can view the original thread here.

    What is sniping? Sniping is a strategy where you look to pick off cheap items from the Auction House moments after they're posted, or just before they expire (bid sniping). It's effective because it allows you to get the best possible deals. TUJ's Great Deals page and WoWuction's Bargain Hunter are awesome, but the deals shown on these pages can be several minutes old. True deals sit at the Auction House for mere seconds - these are the deals you're after with Sniper.

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    by Published on December 26th, 2013 11:43 AM
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    On behalf of the Consortium staff, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    May your holidays be filled with joy, laughter, big sales and purple loots! Remember, it's not about what's under your tree, its who's around it!

    Travel safe, and enjoy every minute you get to spend with your family.
    by Published on December 19th, 2013 10:09 AM
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    Gold making tricks and tips specific to roleplay realms.

    Why try goldmaking on an RP realm?

    A key difference between RP realms and regular PvE/PvP servers is that many items that hold little to no value elsewhere can be used for roleplay, hence increasing demand. Folks use different sets of gear beyond their usual transmog for various roleplay situations. Guild oufits, casual outfits, formal attire, work clothes, fighting gear, etc. Fun items and gear that might be worthless or only bought by the occasional bank toon elsewhere are not only used, but can often be sold for far more on an RP server. Even if you choose not to participate in roleplay, seeing others around you interact can make the game world feel more dynamic and provide entertainment for those long stretches of prospecting ore.

    1. Starter Funds: Beginning at Low Level

    Strip down (and not for Goldshire)

    Roll a fresh alt and take a look at what you're wearing right out of the box. Starter gear (robes in particular) is a nice way to build some coin to use for flipping. Kill a few mobs, do a little questing, or bark a battlepet to get enough change for the posting fees and sell off your starting gear. Some pieces sell 50-100g easily, others you might just vendor. Use TUJ/WoWuction and your best judgement. With BoA's now cross-realm, most of you will not have to worry about leaving your new banker nekkid.

    Lowbie vendor clothing

    Common shirts, dresses, and gear pieces from starting zone/city vendors can often be sold for huge mark-ups. Some tend to have higher demand then others, so when in doubt go by the old standard "Is it hot on a female toon and/or Blood Elf male?" Set the minimum sell price on your TSM addon to be based on vendor buy price. If you are unsure how to do that, take a look at Scroll down to the section labeled "Vendor cost + % of vendor cost."
    A few of the vendors to visit:

    2. Pick Your Professions

    I'm not going to get into basic profession guides as those can be found elsewhere on the site. Instead we'll be looking at clothing, transmog, and consumable items that can be crafted for roleplay. If I've missed something you feel should be on the list, post a comment.


    Craftable RP wear:
    , , , , , , , , , , . Winter Veil outfits. Shirts of all kinds.

    Noteworthy mog items:
    Cindercloth set: , , . Patterns can be hard to obtain, but these items are a consistent seller for me. Red/gold/black version of the ever popular Black Mageweve set. . , , , . Mageweave cloth tends to be cheap and plentiful. Some of the items I regularly craft and sell from mageweave include: , , , , ,


    Craftable RP wear:

    Noteworthy mog items:, ,, (or any of the similar craftable hats), ,


    Noteworthy mog items: can be marketed to those looking for "Blood Knight" themed sets. Be aware the chest for that set is soulbound, but there is a BoE drop version. for Stormwind guard sets. If you have the old patterns for and , they seem to sell around 2-5k a piece. can be advertised as a nice item to match Enchanted Thorium or some of the pieces from is usually cheap to craft and sells at a nice mark-up. . Various weapons like .


    Cosmetic glyphs
    Any glyph that gives your character a cool visual effect or a spell that might be used in roleplay.

    Staves and off-hands
    , how I love thee. I'm still trying to use up the massive amount of Inferno Ink leftover from the Cata fortune card enterprise. Picking up volatiles when they are cheap and crafting the key is a low cost move with nice returns. has a nice look as well, but costs more to make and seems to move a bit slower. Any of the BoE staves added with MoP are decent for transmog, and material costs are typically low.

    : 4 different colors of wolf are possible, but the color you proc when crafting is random. I've had good luck in the past barking these in trade, with the black wolf version being the most in-demand, but may have devalued them a bit. I will test the market on this again soon and post my results.

    Various consumable "pets" and items can be made, such as and

    Tarot Cards
    Tarot card decks can be turned in for gear to sell. and from the Swords deck do very well on the auction house.


    Fun potions, elixirs, and oils
    , , , , , , , .


    Goggles and clothing
    Most goggles are soulbound or require engineering to use but have no level requirement and are great for profession based outfits. is fun, but does require 185 engineering to equip. Guns can made for transmog. Items like are amusing, but might be hard to turn a good profit on with the expense to craft and engineering requirement.

    , unlike many engineered items, does not require engineering to equip. The on use effect is a beam of light at a targeted area, similar to the elder's moonstone. There are other trinkets with interesting effects, but engineering is a requirement to use them. could potentially be used for RP, but I haven't personally tested the market on such items.

    Fireworks and Flares
    My mileage on fireworks has been pretty iffy, but flares are often cheap to make.


    Head pieces
    , , . Designs are difficult to obtain, but the monocles are a good profit if you can get decent prices on the materials. Crowns like are not unique in appearance, but can still be sold as transmog items when leveling the profession or mats are cheap to obtain.

    Focusing lenses like are usually only worth making if mats are cheap. Stardust is soulbound.


    Enchants are often used on RP weapons purely for the glow/effect, regardless of stats. This guide on Wowhead shows all the visual effects, sorted by color.

    Secondary and Gathering Professions
    Not a lot worth mentioning here. Low level Horde herbalists can pick Bloodthistle to sell to Blood Elf addicts. Deviate fish can be eaten or cooked into . Cheap to make feasts can be dropped for visual effect.

    3.Transmog Drops and Items to Flip

    What to flip?

    Any unobtainable or hard to find gear, even if it isn't transmogrify-able, can sell quite well on RP servers. Also keep an eye out for items that are unique in appearance and have a limited supply of materials still in circulation, such as . Popular sets on RP servers include the "usual" skimpy plate sets, but there are also plenty of buyers for themed sets like city guards or magi.

    4. Advertising

    Play to your audience
    When posting in trade chat, mentioning how the item may be used/useful in roleplay can help boost sales. Drop a line about how awesome the visual effect for is, how can be used again and again unlike , or why will make you the envy of dress collectors.

    Utilize RP profiles to your advantage
    I've made sales and found some suppliers by incorporating my AH business into my RP profile. Using your "currently" section on the MRP or TRP2 addons (more on that below) can be a fun and unique way to alert folks around you that you are looking for deals or selling items. Example: "She appears to be browsing for uncut gemstones, making inquiries to the nearby vendors. ((buying in bulk, pst))*"

    Realm forums
    Realm forums for the high pop RP realms are quite active, and can be a great place to buy or sell rare gear.

    5. RP Realm Etiquette

    While not always strictly enforced, Blizzard has a policy that names on a roleplay realm should sound like actual names and not things like "lolbankeralt". Non-roleplay names could be reported and forced to change. Griefing RP'ers by intentionally disrupting their roleplay is also considered reportable. Not that I expect that kind of behavior from folks here, but give these guidelines a glance to avoid alienating potential costumers.

    If you would like to have a bit of background, there are addons like MRP and TRP2 that let you make a profile for your character. They also allow you to flag yourself IC or OOC (in character/out of character) to let others know whether or not you might be approached for roleplay. When players with either of those addons mouse over you, it will show information like full name, nickname, IC titles and perhaps a little blurb about what your character is up to if you've filled out those fields. Clicking the MRP/TRP2 icon will bring up a pane with character description and history that you can have as detailed or empty as you would like.,

    *Double brackets around your text (( )) indicates that you are speaking "out of character."

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