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    by Published on September 5th, 2014 01:10 PM
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    While you’ve been busy enjoying weekend BBQs under the hot summer sun, Sapu and company have been hard at work on our favorite project; TradeSkillMaster. Over the past year TSM has evolved into a comprehensive suite of tools including website, application, and of course, the in-game addon. Yet, these tools remain under-utilized by a majority of gold makers. Gold makers, by nature, like to settle into 'grooves' and often forget to sit back and re-evaluate their methods. With the closing of The Undermine Journal, many goblins were forced to explore alternative resources, myself included. One such resource was the TradeSkillMaster website, a relatively new player in the web-based WoW AH statistics space.

    The purpose of this article is to briefly spotlight the latest and greatest tools the TSM team has brought us. Most of these tools were made possible by leveraging the addon-application-website synergy, or as Sapu likes to call it, "the stack". The stack gives TSM access to data that would otherwise be unavailable, which puts them ahead of the pack in several capacities. In a sense, what we have so far is the tip of the iceberg. Expect to see a lot of unique and impressive features coming out of TSM in months ahead - like in-game Great Deals searches sourced directly from the website via the TSM application.

    By the way, before moving on, check out the nifty little contest Sapu is running here.

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    by Published on March 24th, 2013 03:59 PM
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    In 2012 we launched the Mists of Pandaria Guide Contest. The contest wasn't a success by any stretch of the imagination, in fact we had only one qualifying entry amongst several incomplete ones.

    The sole entry, Stede's & Company's MoP Shuffling Spreadsheet, was a home run. We wanted to reward Stede for his work, but felt that a contest result post would be underwhelming, so we came up with something a little different: Member of the Month (MOTM).

    Every so often, we'll shine the spotlight on members that have gone the extra mile to help out the community. Stede is a perfect candidate, having authored several gems such as his spreadsheet and Glyph Optimization Thread. Stede actively maintains a blog hosted here on Venture, LLT.

    For his efforts, he has been awarded the jaw-dropping Kresky figurine!

    We have a huge lineup of members that just can't be thanked enough, so look for more MOTM posts in the months to come!
    by Published on July 10th, 2012 07:35 AM
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    So, in the release version, I added the option to change the color scheme of TSM. For those who haven't realized this, type '/tsm' and under the "Status" button (the default screen), click on the "Options" tab.

    The current default is the dark blue which TSM has always used as it's color scheme. Since I'm not a graphic designer, I could use some help in improving the aesthetics of TSM. I also have some awesome prizes to give away, so I thought I'd make a contest out of it.

    Who's eligible?:
    Anybody who uses TradeSkillMaster.

    The contest will end at 10PM PDT on Monday July 16th (roughly 1 week after the original post). Winners will be chosen, announced, and contacted via PM within 48 hours of the deadline.

    Below are some ground rules for the competition. I'm happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding the rules.
    • The simplest way to enter this contest is to tweak the colors via the in-game options.
    • You are also allowed (but certainly not required) to edit the code. I'm happy to help you locate specific parts of the code via IRC (send me a PM with what you're looking for) or email ( Nearly all the code you'll be interested in will be in the TradeSkillMaster addon in either the "GUI" or "Auction" folders. WARNING: Do NOT edit the AuctionFrame.lua or AuctionUtil.lua files without first talking to me. You may trigger anti-bot code and not like the results. You have been warned.
    • Feel free to use paint/photoshop/etc to create your entry, but how feasible the design is to implement will be highly weighted in the judging. Needless to say, the design should use textures / colors which are already in the game or could easily be added. The TexBrowser addon or this link are good ways for viewing all the various textures which are in-game.

    Submitting your entry:
    To submit your entry, take screenshots of the main TSM window, the TSM auction house tab, and anything else you think is necessary. You can either upload them to imgur and link them in a PM to me on these forums, link them in a reply to this thread, or send them to me via email (
    Quote Originally Posted by Sapu
    Here's an example submission using the current default colors.

    Exact prizes are still TBD but below are some things I have in mind. I'm open to suggestions. Ideally they should be things that don't cost me any money .
    • Free Curse Premium for "life" (as long as TSM is still around).
    • Free premium for X months on Consortium.
    • Be among the first to test out the new TSM application.
    • Pick a feature that you'd like to see implemented in TSM next (within reason obviously).
    • A key to get into the upcoming Guild Wars 2 Beta.

    Here's some general tips to help you out. More will be added based on questions / comments from the replies to this post.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Good luck!
    by Published on February 28th, 2012 12:14 PM
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    Every week or so, I plan on doing a live Q&A for TSM via a stream at TwitchTV. During these streams, I (and any special guests) will be talking about, what else, TSM. I'll be answering viewer's questions, discussing upcoming features, and giving general tips to help you use TSM more efficiently. If you've never used before, all you have to do is go to my channel (link below) to watch when I'm streaming or watch recordings of past streams. I plan on these streams lasting roughly an hour but they may go longer depending on the number of questions people ask.

    I will be constantly updating this thread as new streams are scheduled and recordings of past streams are available. I'll also be posting updates on twitter so be sure to follow me!

    Next live stream: Sunday, March 11th, 2pm PST (GMT-8)

    Previous Live Stream Recordings:
    TSM Q&A Session #1 - February 26th
    TSM Q&A Session #2 Part 1/2 - March 2nd
    TSM Q&A Session #2 Part 2/2 - March 2nd
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