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    by Published on November 10th, 2014 01:50 PM
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    Guide to Garrisons for the Goblin

    This guide is designed to give the inner goblin everything you ever wanted to know about garrisons in WoD to help you in your gold-making adventures (ok maybe not everything, but a lot). The goal is that when you have a “How do I…” or a “Where do I get…” question, you can refer to this guide and easily have your answer or at least get you started in the right direction rather than searching through countless pages and comments on Wowhead or the many blogs/forums across the internet. I’ve done the homework for you. Please be aware that this body of work is NOT my own. The information here is simply a collection gathered from a number of websites and threads both here and across the internet all brought together to one easy resource.

    The Basics

    Your New BFF
    Let me introduce you to your new gold-making BFF, the garrison. Learn it, love it, make sweet magical treasure goblin babies in it, because if you are a profession junkie like me, it will be the key to your gold-making adventures in WoD.

    Garrison Buildings
    The basic structure of a garrison is simple. You establish a base, then grow and develop it into a fortress. Once fully developed, every garrison will be capable of building a mine, an herb garden, a fishing shack and a pet menagerie. In addition to these, each garrison will be capable of building an additional three small buildings, two medium buildings and two large buildings based on player preferences.

    Small Buildings – Profession Buildings (Alchemy Lab, Enchanter’s Study, Engineering Works, Gem Boutique, Scribe’s Quarters, Tailoring Emporium, The Forge, The Tannery), Salvage Yard, Storehouse

    Medium Buildings – Barn, Gladiator’s Sanctum, Lumber Mill, Lunarfall Inn (A)/Frostwall Tavern (H), Trading Post

    Large Buildings – Barracks, Dwarven Bunker (A) / War Mill (H), Gnomish Gearworks, Mage Tower, Stables

    Work Orders
    Many, but not all, of your garrison buildings will have the option for Work Orders. A work order is essentially a task given to an NPC in your garrison building to convert one material into another. A single work order takes 4 hours to complete, but they can be queued so one will start as soon as the previous is completed. How many you can queue varies depending on the level of the building, whether or not you have a Storehouse and if so, the level of the Storehouse. Once a work order is complete, a crate will appear in your garrison building which you can open to collect your new materials. Take note that adding a follower with the appropriate trait to a building with available work orders will increase (usually double) the yield from the work order (more details below).

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    by Published on November 8th, 2013 06:41 PM
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    Blizzard has released a few details of the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor. One of the newly announced features of the expansion will be the ability to create a "Garrison: your own personal fortress that you build, staff and manage."

    The blog post dedicated to describing Garrisons had one section that describes Followers, who are "NPCs that you recruit to join your Garrison."

    But there were a couple of lines about Garrisons that really caught my eye as they have the potential to drastically change how we may acquire resources in the new expansion:

    "You can also allocate [Followers] to complete tasks - things like crafting or gathering resources, which they'll do whether you're online or offline." (emphasis added)

    "Followers have a character level, an item level, and traits that affect missions and tasks. For example, if they have the Mining trait, you'll be able to assign them to a Mine in your Garrison to gather resources for you." (emphasis added)

    WHOA!!! It's sounds like a Tiller's farm, but your little personal Garrison NPCs do all the work for you! Plus, with the various traits, who knows what they may be able to gather for you (Herbalism trait, Skinning trait, etc.).

    So how do you get Followers? By recruiting them, upgrading the various buildings in your Garrison, or my personal favorite "coughing up the right sum of gold to hire mercenaries."

    Let the speculation begin!!!