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    by Published on June 27th, 2016 03:54 PM
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    After a ton of development effort, testing, and feedback, we're excited to announce that version 3 of the TradeSkillMaster addon has been released!

    There are too many changes to mention in this post, but you can read the full changelog here:

    Things to Know

    The following data will get reset with TSM3:
    • Tooltip options
    • Inventory data - open the bags/bank/etc of all your alts to repolulate this after installing
    • Multi-account syncing
    • The crafting queue and some profession data - re-open your professions to populate crafting costs after installing

    Some button names (especially for TSM_Shopping) will have changed so be sure to update your macros
    • You can do this easily by going to the "Macro Setup" tab in the main TSM window

    TSM_ItemTracker and TSM_Additions were combined into the core addon in TSM3 and will be automatically removed by the app (and should not be installed).

    Unofficial modules will not work with TSM3 until they are updated

    Of course, let us know if you're having any issues by creating a post in the TSM Addon Forum (not the one this thread is in) or by joining our IRC channel!
    by Published on March 13th, 2014 11:22 PM

    We have been working very hard over the past few months on a major upgrade for the TradeSkillMaster Application, and we're finally ready to invite more people to try it out. So, we're planning on starting a closed beta phase for the new application within a matter of days (pending catastrophic issues). What's new? As you may know, the TSM app has recently had issues getting data from Blizzard. This new application fixes that and provides exciting new data to TSM_AuctionDB.

    New Global Prices for AuctionDB

    In addition to updating AuctionDB's market value and min buyout prices for the realms you have selected, the application will update AuctionDB with a handful of new global market prices. These are based on horde and alliance across US and EU combined.

    New "Global Sale Price"

    This tells you exactly what people are paying for a given item. The way we are determining this is unique to TSM, and extremely accurate compared to TUJ and similar websites. More details about this will come in the near future (once we're convinced it'll work at scale), but suffice it to say: we don't make this claim lightly.

    How to sign up?
    There are a few limitations of the beta version of this new application:
    • Does not yet do any deal notifications.
    • Currently, only Windows is supported (no mac version).

    We hope to fix these limitations ASAP, but if they don't bother you, and you'd like to sign up for the beta, you can do so by signing into your account at, clicking on the "My Account" link in the top-right, going to the "TSM Apps Auth" page, and clicking on the link there.

    Future Plans
    There are many other things which are still in the works, and there's still lots to do to ensure the stability of the new features we've already implemented. The new application obviously can't get all of this data directly from Blizzard, so the app now goes data through a new TSM server we have setup to process the data from Blizzard and provide it to our users. This new server is expensive (10x our previous server costs), so if you enjoy TSM, and want to help ensure our continued progress on new features such as this, please consider supporting us financially.

    Feedback / Comments / Lack of NDA
    Please use this thread for any feedback, comments, or questions regarding this new version of the TSM Application. There is no NDA here. You're free to share any information / screenshots / etc you want if you're invited to the beta.
    by Published on October 22nd, 2013 08:25 PM
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    Do you love TSM? Do you know PHP like the back of your hand? Do you want to work on an large-scale, community-driven project?

    Great! The TSM team is searching for another developer to help us tackle some exciting new projects. Neither Bart39 nor I have the skills necessary (or time to learn them) for this project on-top of maintaining the addon and application, but would LOVE to see it happen, so are looking to add one (or more than one!) new developer to the team. While we are always open to more addon developers, we are primarily in search of somebody to develop some web-based applications which we feel will strongly compliment the addon, and greatly benefit the larger community. Most of the details are still under wraps (for good reasons), but here are a few general details on the project(s):
    • There will be a great deal of user-facing features. This isn't a service that will run completely in the background (although significant back-end work will be required).
    • It will interact with the addon (probably through the TSM application) as well as Blizzard's online APIs.
    • It will need to integrate with our current website eventually, but can be developed independently at first.
    • We are flexible on how its implemented, and are willing and able to provide any necessary resources to make it happen.

    With that being said, here's a few things to note about the TSM team and the project in general. Nobody expects you to make TSM your full-time job. I've gone weeks without touching TSM (last week for example), and I've gone weeks where TSM is all I think about (right before TSM2.0 came out). What's most important is that you enjoy working on it as a hobby. Nothing more, nothing less. Nobody's job is to work on TSM; we are all volunteers. However, frequent contact with the other developers (via IRC preferably) is required so that we are all on the same page as much as possible.

    TSM is a fairly big project in terms of its scope and number of users. I personally love working on it, and get a lot out of it both personally and professionally. This is something that takes a non-trivial portion of my time to work on, but I find it to be WELL worth it. If you'd like to join in on all the fun and glory (...well...maybe just fun), please find me in IRC ( or, if I'm not on IRC, send me an email ( Thanks!
    by Published on August 12th, 2013 08:59 PM

    It's now live on curse. Go and get it!

    TradeSkillMaster 2.0 represents a massive overhaul of every aspect of TradeSkillMaster. Many aspects will be instantly familiar, but many more have been redesigned from the ground up. One of the core changes is the new group and operation system. In the past, many TSM modules had their own version of groups. Auctioning had its groups and categories, Crafting had enabled/disabled crafts and restock queue settings. Mailing organized items by target player, Shopping had shopping/dealfinding lists. Warehousing had its own groups. All those separate groups/lists caused a lot of redundancy and unnecessary complexity. With TSM 2.0, groups have become global, and modules get operations which can act on groups. Now, a group is nothing more than a collection of items, and the operations are what define the settings you wish to apply to those items for a given module. The feedback on this change has been very positive so far and we hope you'll appreciate the new simplicity of it. That's certainly not all that's changed. @PhatLewts did a nice teaser post here which covers some of the highlights. Remember that some things have chanced since that post thanks to all the great feedback we've gotten from beta testers.

    There is a TON of information in our new sticky post on the forums (the one you're supposed to read before posting) including guides, where to suggestion features, and how to ask question. Go read it!

    You will need to manually update your app from for it to work with 2.0 (specifically, the dealfinding notifications). Make sure to force an update for WoWuction every time you update your TSM_WoWuction addon!

    FAIR WARNING: Due to the drastic difference between TSM groups and operations in 2.0 from Auctioning categories/groups in 1.x, they will not be imported. We found in testing that everybody who did have their Auctioning categories/groups imported deleted them and started from scratch after a short while anyways since 2.0's system is far superior and more powerful overall.

    1. Read through the sticky. Seriously, it won't take longer than it will for me to delete your post if you have obviously not read it.
    2. Did you actually go and read it? If not, do that.

    Transition issues:
    • Make sure your AuctionDB and WoWuction get updated. Curse client will show them as modified and may not update them automatically.
    • After you update WoWuction, make sure to force an update in the TSM app if you're using it.
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