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  • Acry

    by Published on May 10th, 2012 05:11 PM

    With the rise of the dupes across many servers, and the numerous threads that keep popping up I figure it would be best to consolidate some info about it all into one post for the community's viewing pleasure, and keep the discussion contained to one thread so everyone can see what is going on.

    How exploits work
    1. Simply, exploit is just another word for bug; except, it is abused in a malicious way, or in an unintended way. They are methods that allow you to trick the server into doing something it is not supposed to. These are usually fixed by monitoring how they are done, and then adding checks against these.
    2. Exploits can occur from the simplest things. Sometimes, the smallest bug you find can be used in another method to cause a huge exploit.
    3. Exploits do not require server side access. This is a common misconception.
    4. Sometimes, they just can't be fixed unless someone is observed during the process or it is leaked.

    Dupe Information
    1. Dupes are currently hitting servers in "waves". There doesn't seem to be any indication of where they are specifically coming from, but they're more than likely gold selling companies that have purchased an exploit on how to do them. There was an exploit leaked a couple weeks ago that was fixed immediately. It seems that there is more though as the waves keep happening, and in more volume than they were ever before.
    2. Exploits for dupes can work for various items, or only certain types such as: Stackables only (Queen's Garnet) Single use items only (Mounts, etc)

    Blizzard's stance at this time that has been observed

    Blizzard has seem to of gone with the "If you know it's too good to be true, don't do it. You won't get anything back if we see that you knew that." when they remove them from your inventory you will be SOL with no gold returned. This means..
    1. If you are falling under that category DO NOT BUY VIA TRADES You have no claim to ignorance if some level 1 just handed you several [Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger]. and 200x [Queen's Garnet].
    2. Buy only VIA AH. You have 100% claim to ignorance if you buy a batch off when they remove them from your inventory. They will more than likely refund any gold you spent on them if they remove them
    3. They don't seem to be acknowledging that these dupes exist. Anyone with TUJ, and common sense can tell that they are happening.

    Honestly, it is suggested that you avoid these, and report them. It is really not worth the hassle, and it is hurting the economy. If you do indulge in these dupe waves keep in mind that Blizzard can at anytime change their stance on this, and start punishing the players that buy this stuff in mass.
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    Garrison Leveling - A Shorter, Smarter Guide

    Thread Starter: Nunc

    Revising several previous guides and my own experiences in the start of WoD, in hindsight there was a considerable amount of information and optimal paths missing (sometimes even unclear and outdated information was included). If it's not too late for you, I am now decisively following a path that I consider most worthwhile!

    So, after you've checked leveling guides and garrison guides (like the excellent Guide to Garrisons for the Goblin or the most recent and finally complete Wowhead guide for the full list of quests: Quests to Unlock a Level 1 and Level 2 Garrison), how do you actually plan the path you will take while leveling your own characters? What is your optimal garrison efficiency at each character level? You can't do everything at once and it can be overwhelming!

    I needed a guide that was clear and straight to the point and couldn't find one, so I thought and experimented and reached my own conclusions. They seem fairly optimal that they can be recommended for everyone. Going forward, you can use most or all of the suggestions here, and I'd like to put it up for discussion, so share things you've done differently or better!

    It focuses on Garrison and Follower leveling, as well as professions buildings, and on telling you "what to do right now" rather than presenting yet another generic "how the system works", which is hopefully more useful to you. I'm mostly presenting the Alliance version of the quests but starting to add Horde now (could use your help since I don't have that high Horde characters).


    • Focuses on maximizing Work Orders from buildings at the Garrison, as well as the followers and Garrison Resources required;
    • Fully up-to-date guide, consolidating information from previous ones;
    • Answers some puzzling questions: "I have several characters to level and many things to do but what's the best I can get out of them at their current level?"; "Have I done all I could on this character at this level?"; "What's the best next step, and what to expect after that?";
    • Get to the next "threshold" as quick as possible according to what is actually viable for you to get done, offering you a quick checklist;
    • Clearly shows how to get upgraded buildings as early as possible and what to do with them (such as skipping level 98 requirements for a Medium building, getting it at 94);
    • Assumes you have some background knowledge or know where to go from here and doesn't flood the screen with every minor detail.


    90 = Intro Quests (Dark Portal/Tanaan Jungle & Garrison). [<60 mins]
    • Unlock Level 1 Garrison (start passive Garrison Resources generation);
    • Optionally, do the first follower quest and mission, especially if you are going to have an Alchemy building on this character (that's the trait you get to start with, so you can level it straight away). Can also do some more early missions to check how the traits rolled on your starting followers (if particularly lucky, that may help shape your next decisions).

    90-91 = Unlock first profession Small Building + Learn Draenor (crafting) profession recipes for CDs and 700 cap. [<15 mins]

    90-91 = Unlock Level 2 Garrison (Tier 2 Town Hall). [<30 mins]

    91-92 = Get any followers easily found in the Garrison starting zone, especially those that match your professions.
    • Specifically, in Shadowmoon Valley / Frostfire Ridge you can always find (check other guides for how-tos): Alchemy (A / H), Jewelcrafting (A: event, just attack any wolves coming up or talk to the NPC first / H), Blacksmithing (A / H), Leatherworking (A / H), Herbalism (A / H); Engineering (Alliance only: chosen from among 3, the others aren't particularly good);
    • Start leveling them up through missions as you level to 92 - it's always hard to juggle the time spent relogging to do missions and level up followers (check links at the end for addons to manage this faster);
    • The herbalist is useful in order to choose to get 100% Frostweed from the Herb Garden (only for characters that are going to 96 later).

    92 = Unlock Mine (Lunarfall Excavation / Frostwolf Mines) and upgrade it to Level 2.
    • Start farming Primal Spirits, Apexis Shards and ore daily, as soon as possible;
    • This unlocks not when you reach Level 2 Garrison, but when your character hits 92, and you can instantly upgrade it. However, be sure to mine the Level 1 first before the upgrade since it will make the nodes respawn (it takes 1h so don't do it too close to daily reset time). This also applies to the Herb Garden and to the upgrades from Level 2 to Level 3;
    • The blueprint is available at the last page of the vendor. Currently, you get all the benefits you supposedly should have only with a Mining follower, so it's very effective.

    => Check this link for full Outpost questlines (different questline per Outpost and per faction) <=

    92 = Gorgrond Outpost. [<40 mins]
    • Recommended: optional (you can even get Garrison Resources from both vines and stones if you group up with someone who picked the other Outpost), but I tend to pick Lumber Yard since the shredder gives immunity and the flames ability does a lot of damage. It's a considerably long questline either way since you have to do the Iron Docks scenario at the end (the shredder helps speed it up);
    • Unlock a Level 2 Medium/Small Building (Outpost Building Assembly Notes);
    • The best use I've found is to use it on the Inn/Tavern to pick the Trait you are lacking the most. This will pay off big time! Most often that would be Scavenger for Garrison Resources if you'll be upgrading the Garrison and/or keep doing missions; Burst of Power and Epic Mount are the other most important Traits you really should try having and stacking; Inscription if it's an alt with Scribe's Quarters that you play as little as possible and won't get to 96; or Engineering if you're Horde, for the same reason. Can also go with Skinning, if you intend on using the Barn before 96 (can level it up and start using it at 94, after Talador). Mining is an option since that follower is only available near max level, although that's hardly of any benefit.
    • Barn alternative: if you need to get Work Orders done at the Barn (to unlock Level 3) and if you're not replacing it soon on that character, you may as well upgrade it and get more out of it, such as meats for food buffs (may be more important for you as they are hard to find, especially if you do a lot of PvE);
    • Bonus Tip: Feel free to tear down the Inn/Tavern after the first follower (especially if you got Scavenger in order to keep up with the costs of rebuilding). You can rebuild once every 2 weeks and get 2 new followers, by doing it just the night before weekly maintenance and then switching back again in the morning. Note that you may not even want new followers, or be unlucky with the new ones, but it's always helpful if you want to level previous low level ones you still have, since a higher ratio of active low level followers will force more low level missions to become available for you to use on the ones you really need. Note: you will not get a quest at the Headhunter when it resets, because the quest was just introductory, but it will reset on weekly maintenance day and you just need to remember to click on her;
    • If you're not leveling the character past 92, you can instead pick a Level 2 upgrade for a Small Building, but you're hindering progress on that character, so make sure you're fine with just one Level 2 profession building on it for a while.

    92-94 = Leveling to 94 can be covered mostly by questing and getting the followers you need in the Garrison starting zone.
    • Some additional treasures and bonus objectives in both the starting zone and Gorgrond, and you'll quickly be at 94;
    • If you have an Inn/Tavern, you can also run a couple dungeons for the dailies;
    • If you don't want to use too many Garrison Resources on for the 20% increased XP, you'll benefit the most from it at 2 points, preferably with rested XP when you return to the character after you level up the others, at levels:

    • 92 (to push 94; can start at 91 too)
    • 94-95 (to push 96)

    94 = Unlock for the Fishing Shack available.
    • I'd suggest not bothering unlocking it on alts at all. The dailies have no great rewards at the moment, so it's not really worth your time although you can just buy the fish containers and open them on your alts without really having to fish every day (can also mail them the quest items); I'd start doing it only for the purpose of a Level 3 Garrison, because otherwise there's just dailies.

    94 = Talador Outpost. This is the big one! [<20 mins]
    • Recommended: I prefer Arsenal since the quests are quite straightforward and the stun and damage on Artillery Strike lets me do some extra rares very fast along the way;
    • Unlock all Level 2 Small Buildings (except Salvage Yard);
    • Unlock assignment of followers to work in professions buildings for double the amount of reagents. It's 100% chance of getting 2 instead of 1 per Work Order if the follower is level 100 but it starts at 50% chance at 90 - in my experience, it's almost the same though and always very much worth it at any level and as soon as possible. You also get their special daily quest or items while they're at the building;
    • Bonus Tip: When upgrading to Level 2, you should leave your previous Work Orders in the building until you assign a follower to it. You can start queueing more for another day (7 done, but 7 more to go up to 14), so you have time to get one or level a bit more, and still get the full extras. This is because it only matters if the follower is there when you pick them up.
    • Unlock 2 important profession followers in this zone: Enchanting and Tailoring (all of them quick enough, without a quest chain, and you can also get an additional rare one with Bodyguard nearby: Alliance / Horde);
    • Unlock a Level 2 Large Building (Comprehensive Outpost Construction Guide), essentially either Barracks or Dwarven Bunker / War Mill (this upgrade is not as important as the others, it's more about preference):

    • Barracks to keep the extra missions (they don't make much of a difference though) and using Bodyguards - you'll get at least one in Ashran (91 Stormshield/Warspear intro quest) and another in Talador, and if you're going to level to 96 or more you'll be ready to use Leorajh);
    • Dwarven Bunker / War Mill for the upgrades that (now) allow you to disenchant blues for a lot more dust than greens, (epics under ilvl 600 still give ).

    => This point at level 94-95 is already maxing out your Work Order production. It's the best return for your time investment, and you don't get much more than the Herb Garden after this, until you go on to 100 and Level 3 Garrison, with all the buildings. <=

    96 = Level 1 and 2 Herb Garden unlock.
    • More daily Primal Spirits, Apexis Shards (but less than the Mine) and herbs - especially Frostweed.

    96 = Spires of Arak Outpost. [<20 mins]
    • Recommended: Brewery for Skinning follower. You can get Ziri'ak and other items from Smuggler's Den if you change it afterwards, but you'll never get the Skinning follower if you do it the other way around.
    • Unlock your second Level 2 Medium/Small Building free upgrade (this is only useful if you want a different Level 2 Medium Building or if you skipped Gorgrond, as you need Level 3 Garrison to have 2 Medium Buildings active at the same time);
    • Unlock 2 important profession followers:

    • Inscription trait follower (A / H). As Alliance, start right after Spires of Arak Outpost (it's a 20 minute or worse questline with random drops and grinding that can be too time consuming and boring - another reason for getting one from the Inn/Tavern at 92+);
    • Skinning (Barn) trait follower (A / H); available after unlocking Outpost only if you picked the Brewery (inn). As Alliance, start with Befriending the Locals going back to Veil Terokk, then follow those quests until you're back at Southport and find Attempted Murder at the front of the inn. [Work In Progress - As Horde, I'm not sure, but something similar about going to Veil Terokk first probably happens since I've found a Horde version of this quest but not sure about the rest];

    • Unlock Salvage Yard (Small Building completely unavailable until you do this) by questing in Pinchwhistle Gearworks, Spires of Arak (take flight path from Southport after unlocking Outpost);
    • Unlock Engineering trait follower (Alliance or Horde, especially important for Horde since they don't have one at starting zone) at Pinchwhistle Gearworks too;
    • Unlock Leorajh especially if you went for Level 2 Barracks (97 rare with Bodyguard that heals and offers the ability to do missions wherever you are after you leveled it up).

    98 = Nagrand
    • At this point, you probably won't be missing the second free Large Building, the only Mining follower, nor the higher level Skinning one. There's really nothing to add after all that becomes available at 96. You'll need to reach 100 for more.


    For a better experience with Missions, I'm currently using 4 Garrison addons (they are new and there might be some LUA edits necessary to make them work properly, check the support sites):
    • Master Plan = Adds tooltips to the missions list UI, mostly for abilities, and colors their borders giving you an overview of what you can do. Also adds panels showing you the total of each trait and ability you have, and an "Active Missions" tab.
    • Garrison Mission Manager = Lazy mode, adds 3 buttons that automatically place your best available followers according to the best possible: 1) success rate; 2) Garrison Resources; 3) XP. I don't use it that much since I tend to aggressively level followers by discarding any gold or character XP reward mission, giving all the base XP to the follower I really want to level.
    • GarrisonCommander = Expanded mouse-over tooltip showing all the available followers, their level or ilevel and success chance. Also allows you to move the Missions panel.
    • Breeze = Simple addon, instead of Master Plan's single page summary (which you can love if you don't want the details), this one simply skips most animations and opens the rewards from chests without having to click on them.

    Today, 05:45 PM by sync Go to last post

    Should we be stockpiling right now?

    Thread Starter: Rageforce

    Although prices of most things generally deflate over the course of an xpac, given everyone is rushing to level all their alts right now it figures that the tradeable items they acquire

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