• TradeSkillMaster v3 Released!

    After a ton of development effort, testing, and feedback, we're excited to announce that version 3 of the TradeSkillMaster addon has been released!

    There are too many changes to mention in this post, but you can read the full changelog here:

    Things to Know

    The following data will get reset with TSM3:
    • Tooltip options
    • Inventory data - open the bags/bank/etc of all your alts to repolulate this after installing
    • Multi-account syncing
    • The crafting queue and some profession data - re-open your professions to populate crafting costs after installing

    Some button names (especially for TSM_Shopping) will have changed so be sure to update your macros
    • You can do this easily by going to the "Macro Setup" tab in the main TSM window

    TSM_ItemTracker and TSM_Additions were combined into the core addon in TSM3 and will be automatically removed by the app (and should not be installed).

    Unofficial modules will not work with TSM3 until they are updated

    Of course, let us know if you're having any issues by creating a post in the TSM Addon Forum (not the one this thread is in) or by joining our IRC channel!
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