• [TSM2] Smelting Mastery Guide

    Moved from premium, enjoy!

    This will be the fourth installment of my Mastery Guides series. Make sure to check my signature for a full list of guides!

    Standard disclaimer: My intention was to make this guide as newbie-friendly as possible, so the steps below are fairly detailed. You should nonetheless be familiar with the very basics of TSM. For this I always recommend @PhatLewts TSM video series. Make sure to check out his blog and drop him some rep while you're at it.

    The Mastery series has been about scrutinizing and re-inventing the way in which we make gold with professions or with certain addons. When I initially set out to produce the Jewelcrafting and Enchanting mastery guides, I expected to refine my strategies. Rather, I found myself patching up gaping holes in my strategies and filling markets I didn't even know existed.

    Mining was no different. The inconspicuous profession, in my opinion, is criminally overlooked by gold-makers everywhere. This screenshot should give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

    In the right environment, I would say it's reasonable to expect 4000g in daily profits. You should expect lower profits on smaller realms (~2k), but higher margins and less volume. By the way, this is done as a casual player, so these strategies won't necessitate inordinate amounts of play time on your part (see my TUJ profile). You can pull in far more if you have the luxury of re-posting often (I don't).

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