• TSM3 - WoD Bonus ID's

    In TSM 3 it is possible to import items using bonus id's. This will give us the option to split items by stage and or variations. However, I've only split the items by stage 1 trough 6. The reason why i decided to not use any variations is because I had a discussion with @MuffinPvEHero, if the variations would be included the list would be immense.

    To give you an idea on how to import items with the use of bonus id's I will give a few examples.
    First of all to add a item with a bonus id use the following i:itemid:0:amountofbonusids:bonusid

    Now lets make an import string of an item with one or more bonus id(s) in the example i will use the following item
    The base id of the item is 124288 so the first part of the string would look like i:1242888. Now we will add the heroic version to the item (You can select the heroic version on wowhead and see the bonus id on the address bar of your web browser). The heroic bonus id is 566 so the import string would now become i:124288:0:1:566, now if we want to add something like warforged, socket, tertiary stat or even all the import string would become i:124288:0:4:40:561:564:566. In the last example we added warforged, tertiarty stat, socket and heroic bonus id's to the item.

    For any item that has bonus id's you can use the example above.

    If you find any error in the import string please let me know

    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 1:
    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 2:
    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 3:
    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 4:
    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 5:
    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 6:
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