• Which Small Building is Most Profitable?

    Like many of you, I've been trying to figure out the optimal Garrison building configuration for passive gold income. Running full Garrisons is tedious, so I've been switching to more passive Garrison setups. These setups are far more time-efficient and only require you to log in every few days to collect orders. Briefly, the alt configuration I'm favoring at the moment is as such;

    • Barracks
    • Trading Post
    • Inn
    • Storehouse
    • Small building #1
    • Small building #2

    The idea is to run mostly passive Garrisons on most alts and let the revenue stream in via Work Orders. Not all small buildings are created equal, however, some of which barely generate any revenue via Work orders at all.

    Do some quick math on and you'll see what I mean. Each Gearspring Part is worth about 5g in profits on a good day.

    So I set out to figure out exactly which small buildings should fill slots #1 and #2 above.

    My starting point was Stede's WoD sandbox spreadsheet which contained almost everything I needed right off the bat. I did some crude modifications to the spreadsheet to calculate the cost of each Work Order, and the revenue generated by each shipment with adjustments for follower assignment yield.

    Here are the results, in order of high to low potential:

    1. Scribe's Quarters: ~500g/day. Without a doubt #1 in terms of daily passive gold generation. The revenue is based strictly on the value of Darkmoon Cards. These don't even require your character to have inscription either. As an added bonus, you can also craft Merchant Orders (daily cooldown) for added revenue. This requires you to log in however, which defeats the purpose of building a passive garrison to begin with.
    2. Tannery, Tailoring Emporium, Forge: The profit per day for these professions is in the 300g range +/-100g. I based my calculations on the value of various crafted epic items and upgrade tokens. Tailoring is particularly attractive due to .
    3. Gem Boutique: 180g/day. As a passive revenue generator the Gem Boutique is okay. The value of Crystals was derived from the market value of Greater Gems. I like the fact that gems sell almost immediately upon listing, so you don't need to worry about reposting your crafts. Your assigned follower will also give you a daily quest that rewards up to 300g.
    4. Enchanter's Study: 120g/day. The value here was derived from Temporal Crystal. This building generates a bit less than the Gem Boutique and allows you to disenchant WoD items. This is huge if your play style involves logging in and refreshing missions frequently. It's hard to assign a gold/day value to disenchanting, as it depends on the number of missions completed per day and the value of the dust/shards/crystals produced.
    5. Engineering Works, Alchemy Lab: 50g or less per day. Absolutely terrible revenue here. are in low demand due to the nature of the finished goods. s are often produced at a loss and can be purchased at the Auction House. Forget these buildings.

    You can download the spreadsheet upon which I based my calculations here. Again, it's a crudely modified version of Stede's Sandbox Spreadsheet. To generate numbers for your server, go to the Home tab, enter your server, wowuction token, and hit Get Data. This should populate all the required information in the Work Order Value tab. Alchemy is empty because Alchemical Catalyst isn't being reported by the Blizzard API.

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