• TradeSkillMaster Spotlight: Notifications, Website, and More!

    While you’ve been busy enjoying weekend BBQs under the hot summer sun, Sapu and company have been hard at work on our favorite project; TradeSkillMaster. Over the past year TSM has evolved into a comprehensive suite of tools including website, application, and of course, the in-game addon. Yet, these tools remain under-utilized by a majority of gold makers. Gold makers, by nature, like to settle into 'grooves' and often forget to sit back and re-evaluate their methods. With the closing of The Undermine Journal, many goblins were forced to explore alternative resources, myself included. One such resource was the TradeSkillMaster website, a relatively new player in the web-based WoW AH statistics space.

    The purpose of this article is to briefly spotlight the latest and greatest tools the TSM team has brought us. Most of these tools were made possible by leveraging the addon-application-website synergy, or as Sapu likes to call it, "the stack". The stack gives TSM access to data that would otherwise be unavailable, which puts them ahead of the pack in several capacities. In a sense, what we have so far is the tip of the iceberg. Expect to see a lot of unique and impressive features coming out of TSM in months ahead - like in-game Great Deals searches sourced directly from the website via the TSM application.

    By the way, before moving on, check out the nifty little contest Sapu is running here.

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