• [TSM] Sniper Mastery Guide

    When people ask what Santa got me for Christmas, I tell them about the sweet Sniper functionality Sapu94 built into TSM_Shopping.

    For me, sniping was the one feature missing from TSM 2.0. At the moment its potential is massively under-appreciated - hopefully this article changes that. Back in 2010-2011, sniping was one of my major source of income. Sniping is a lost art in goldmaking, one that died alongside Auctioneer when TradeSkillMaster was borne unto this world. Earlier this year, some attempts were made at developing a Sniper module for TSM, but the addon wasn't very functional the the project eventually died. Last week, in blazing and glorious fashion, Sapu stepped in and wrote Sniper functionality into TSM_Shopping. You can view the original thread here.

    What is sniping? Sniping is a strategy where you look to pick off cheap items from the Auction House moments after they're posted, or just before they expire (bid sniping). It's effective because it allows you to get the best possible deals. TUJ's Great Deals page and WoWuction's Bargain Hunter are awesome, but the deals shown on these pages can be several minutes old. True deals sit at the Auction House for mere seconds - these are the deals you're after with Sniper.

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