• Wind Trader Application Process Update

    So, you think you got what it takes to be a leader in innovation and gold making eh? Well, the Wind Traders are a proud and exclusive group of individuals keen on sharing ideas and discussing the finer points of gold-making.

    Keeping up with the times, we have just revised the Wind Trader application system, adding in some new interesting questions designed to test both the applicant's knowledge and creative thinking skills.

    Right now we are in the midst of a rather interesting stage for gold-making in World of Warcraft, and are looking for some new individuals to come and join us in cutting-edge theorycrafting and making the most of it all. True Wind Traders shine in the face of adverse conditions, whether it is a general content "lull" and lack of motivation in-game, or exciting upcoming changes which could completely revolutionize the way we make gold. Join us to take advantage of all the new possibilities, while keeping your sensitive speculation and crazy ideas locked behind our Stormspire doors. Contribute some of your own, and gain back plenty of valuable feedback in return from the rest of the Wind Trader team, we are all here both to teach and learn.

    Become a well-recognized leader in the gold-making community and help mould it for a better future (slash end corny speech).

    Think virtual realms, fused auction houses, cross-server goblineering cartels, market scaling analysis, vertical monopolies, supply manipulation, spreadsheet development, addon beta testing, wow stock market speculation, and funky new avatars with plenty of cake on the side. If this sound like something that interests you, and something that you believe you could hold your own weight, then read through the process of becoming a Wind Trader here.