• Blizzard AH API is down at the moment (EU)

    Edit: It seems that the situation has now improved and all is back to normal again.

    A bit of a service announcement, Blizzard's Auction House API for EU realms has been down for a considerable while now (over a week now I believe). Some servers have come up and then down again, some have managed to stay up, but it seems that most are still experiencing problems.

    Blizzard have been pretty good about keeping in touch about the situation, even if it is just a "we have no updates for you at the moment". The most recent update I have for you all is from 20 minutes ago:

    Some of the effects of this include:
    • The Undermine Journal data not being updated.
    • WoWuction data not being updated.
    • Trade Skill Master Desktop Application AuctionDB auto-updater not being updated.
    • Remote Auction House being unavailable.

    When progress has been made on Blizzard's side I will do my best to inform you all. I'm sure @Bart39 will also release an update in his own thread if the situation improves.