• Selling green armor for Transmog

    Transmog is certainly one of the more baffeling markets we can attempt. Unlike selling gems or armor, how much to charge and what to sell is extremely server dependant. Those playing on servers with higher populations or a RP focus will likely do quite well with some effort, whereas those on small servers will struggle to turn a decent profit.

    I've been selling transmog for about a year and a half now on both factions of my server, one very large and one very small. Both turn a profit, though the larger faction much more. However, even on the small pop side, for 5 minutes every other day, I typically make 1-3k gold a day, which is pretty good for the time I spend.

    I'm going to share some of my experiences and suggestions with you all about what to list and how to figure out what to charge.

    First, you're going to need storage space. If you plan to go all out in selling transmog you're going to need the space of a bank guild. Very quickly your characters own bank will not be enough. I have a guild bank with six tabs, and a personal bank, and even that isn't enough at times.

    Second, an enchanter is beneficial. You'll find that at times you simply have too much of an item. The Scouting Leather set sells very well, but it's also fairly common, and do you really need 10 Scouting Boots? I limit myself to three of an item in most cases, and either move my surplus to the other faction to sell (and as added storage) or disenchant it. How much you want to keep really depends on you. How fast does it sell, how much extra space do you have? Even if you don't need an item for your own stock that you find on the AH, often it'll be so cheap that you should buy it in order to control the price and to keep it out of the hands of your competitors.

    Now the question is what do you pick up and how do you find these deals? TUJ and Wowuction's deal pages are one good resource. Don't be afraid to add particularly valuable items to your TUJ notifications. For the most part, however, you'll find what you want by looking through the AH.

    On smaller AH's you can simply skim through everything. I do a search, using the default interface, for level 70 and lower items of at least Uncommon quality. Once Lich King hit Blizzard was recycling their models like crazy, and I've yet to see a green dropped set from WotLK or Cataclysm that were worth selling for mogging purposes. When starting out and you arent as familiar with the item sets, it'd be helpful to have a printout of the sets you want. Over time that won't be necessary.

    On higher pop servers I like using Auctionator's Shopping List feature. This allows me to see how much of an item is available, and what my competition is charging for it.

    When buying items it's up to you how much you want to spend on them. Take into account how many of an item you have, it's rarity, how it sells and how much. Often I will purchase items that I know I will disenchant just to keep them away from my competition if it's cheap enough. When searching for items I deal in I will always buy items I find at 50g and below, and will pay much more for something valuable that I can resell at a reasonable profit. Learning how much to pay is something of a personal experience that will be based on your own server. When listing your auctions you either have to buy out the others, overcut, undercut, or just sit on your items. Typically I will either buy out the other or undercut, even if it's below my threshhold. In the case of transmog I use the threshold feature to just let me know that items are listed more cheaply then is usual, and I have to decide how to proceed from there, based on my previous sales and current stock.

    Also worth considering is what item slot an item is, not just the set. Bracers often do not show up on transmog at all, and belts are pretty subtle. For that reason many transmog sellers ignore those pieces completely. The bracers that are a slim band and do not show are certainly not worth buying. When in doubt look at it on the model viewer. With shoulders and helms, Blizzard was pretty uninspired in Vanilla and BC. Most are pretty ugly and often a number of them have the same model. Something to certainly be wary of in the more common sets. Some pieces, the full helm with horns for example, I do not ever purchase. With cloth, most casters wear robes, and this covers up the pants and obscures the gloves and boots. As such, cloth pants are a hard sell for some sets.

    In this example we have Hyperion Legplates. You can see that what it's listed at and the TUJ data are pretty well in line with each other, and there are always a few listed. In addition in my sales history you can see that the price I get follows suit, so nothing to buy here, but the price looks about right.

    Here we have Battleforge Legguards. One is listed at 25g, another at 300g, and the others much higher. TUJ shows a normal price of about 400g and no shortage of availability. That one for 25g is certainly worth buying, but not the one at 300g. Small price fluctuations like this are pretty normal.

    Finally, a very rare item. Glorious Legplates. Seven months ago one was listed and sold for 40k (this was mine and it sold in about an hour). Recently somebody came across one and has been trying to sell it for a few days, and began asking 100k, and that price has been dropping. That's about how to do it. This item is super rare, so when starting out aim high. If it doesn't sell, try getting a bit less. Remember if it sells too fast you asked too little, and if it doesn't sell at all you asked too much. With rare items like this barking in trade can also draw attention to it.

    Setting initial prices is pretty tricky. To begin, it's a good idea to follow the lead of your competitors, and if they don't have what you do, use TUJ as your guide. See if any have been seen on your realm and what they went for. This will let you know where to start.

    When setting up TSM, very important is the "ignore random enchants" box. If you don't check it your Glorious Breastplate of the Tiger will not properly undercut your competitors Glorious Breastplate of the Whale. I have two competitors on my server who do not appear to take this into account, and I don't think they're making sales despite having desireable items. I only list one of an item at a time since they only sell so fast, and listing more is costing you more gold. How long you list for depends on you and your server. If you have no competitors, listing for 48 hours is an easy solution. It takes less of your time and you won't be undercut often. On servers where you have competitors, you may want to list for 24 hours so you can keep your auctions the cheapest. Just keep in mind that the time your auctions sit in your mailbox is time you won't make gold with them. If you don't have time to relist them, list for longer so you have a shot. The screenshot also shows my pricing tiers. Some may want to divide up prices even more or less.

    When buying items you don't only want to consider the set it's from, but also the item slot. Bracers and belts tend to sell less than other pieces. In a number of cases, bracers do not show up on transmog at all. As such, many sellers do not deal in them. During Vanilla and BC Blizzard was pretty uninspired with shoulders and helms. These are iffy, since so many share models, and some are pretty ugly. The full helm with horns, for example, I never touch. Shoulder supply tends to outweigh demand, so those are also a little risky in the more common sets. In the case of cloth, most clothies wear robes, so the pants item will not be visable at all, and gloves and boots are obscured.

    Once you've been making sales for awhile, you'll need to fine tune those prices. Again, a constant process but one that helps sales. The best way to go is to take the sales data and put them into a spreadsheet. Stede wrote a fantastic guide on this topic ( Look at what you've sold and for how much. If an item is selling regularly at your failback price, try raising it and see if it still sells. If an item is not selling, try dropping your price and see if that helps. In some cases, no matter how cheap an item is, it just doesn't want to sell. In that case pull your stock, let your enchanter have it, and stop looking for them. Take into account that transmog is not like gems. Even my hot selling items might sell only once a week, and very expensive items every month or two. That's ok. Often with transmog you are making gold by selling many items that sell in the 300-500g range, not selling a single item for 10k.

    Below is the complete list of the green armor sets I look for with some notes about my experiences with them. Following this post I will give the same list in copy/paste format so you can add them to your own shopping lists, and select which items you want to attempt selling. Remember that you *will* have an experience different than mine, my notes here are just an example of how it can go on a highly populated server.


    Armor/cloth/abjurer; From this set I only list the Robes, Tunic, and Hood. A very commonly found set.
    Armor/cloth/aboriginal; The whole set sells pretty well, though the Vest and Robe appear to be the most common. Well worth listing.
    Armor/cloth/ancestral; Only three pieces to this set. Fairly uncommon, and the Woolies sell the best. The others are still worth picking up.
    Armor/cloth/arachnidian; Very rare. I hardly ever come across pieces to this set, and the Robes can get you a few thousand. Definately sell this.
    Armor/cloth/astralaan robe; The robe appears to be the only worthwhile piece to this set. Not a big seller.
    Armor/cloth/aurora; The robe is particularly nice for this set. I only seek out that and the hood.
    Armor/cloth/barbaric cloth; Only four pieces to this set, and I don't find them often. All worth selling.
    Armor/cloth/beaded; Low priority set. Fairly common and doesn't sell for a ton.
    Armor/cloth/bloodwoven; A steady seller and not terribly common. Why is beyond me, I think it's ugly.
    Armor/cloth/buccaneer; Moves well but too common to command high prices. Bracers and Belts don't really sell.
    Armor/cloth/celestial; Shoulders, Kilt and Robes are worth listing, but don't command high prices. Pretty common set.
    Armor/cloth/darkmist; Wraps and Wizard Hat are the pieces to look for here. The hat has a "black mage" look to it and is sought after.
    Armor/cloth/embersilk; One of my better sellers. Not too common.
    Armor/cloth/eternal; The robes are extremely rare but the rest of the set is pretty easy to get. Sell the robes but the rest can be skipped.
    Armor/cloth/fireheart skullcap; Extremely common but has a nice look, and sells steadily. The rest of the set isn't worth selling.
    Armor/cloth/First Mate Hat; very valuable and rare, definately sell this one.
    Armor/cloth/gossamer; Nice robe that sells well. Bracers are not visable, and the rest of the set does not sell well.
    Armor/cloth/hibernal; Reasonable seller but not too rare. The robes command a premium. Shares a color and model with other sets.
    Armor/cloth/highborne; Very rare, and they sell quick as I find them.
    Armor/cloth/imperial red; very common and slow seller. On more populous realms this may not be worth it.
    Armor/cloth/laughing skull cap; same as the fireheart skullcap. Very common and sells steadily.
    Armor/cloth/master's; steady seller but fairly common. The hat for this piece has a nice graphic.
    Armor/cloth/mistscape; I only sell the robe and wizard hat. Moves fairly well and for a good price.
    Armor/cloth/mystic's robe; Pretty uncommon, and it sells. Sexy robe.
    Armor/cloth/mystical robe; Slow seller and common model. Not that common.
    Armor/cloth/outlander's facewrap; Great piece that isn't common and is highly desired. Red bandit mask.
    Armor/cloth/raincaller; Slow mover but not too common. Avoid the pants and bracers.
    Armor/cloth/regal; Common model and common drops. The Hat looks nice, however.
    Armor/cloth/resplendent; Very low priority. Slow mover and common set.
    Armor/cloth/royal gown; Slow mover, but nice looking robe, and not all that common.
    Armor/cloth/sage's cloth; The only piece of this set I've found worth selling. It's often found but sells steadily.
    Armor/cloth/silver-thread; My best selling cloth set. Even the bracers are worth picking up. Robes sell for an especially good price.
    Armor/cloth/sorcerer hat; Another "black mage" style hat. Sells steadily, but is common.
    Armor/cloth/venomshroud mask; Very rare and sells for a bunch. Green bandit mask model.
    Armor/cloth/venomshroud silk robes; As with above, very rare and sells for a bunch.
    Armor/cloth/watcher's; The robes and cap are very rare and very valuable. The cap is a green wizard hat. The rest I do not sell.
    Armor/cloth/scholarly robes; Common but unique. A steady seller for me.


    Armor/leather/bandit; Great selling set but quite common.
    Armor/leather/bard; Like above, great selling set but common.
    Armor/leather/bonechewer; Steady seller, and pretty rare. The skincloak (mask) is very nice.
    Armor/leather/boneshredder; Great seller, and common enough. The helm doesn't move but the rest is worth picking up.
    Armor/leather/cabalist; not a unique look but a good mover
    Armor/leather/ceremonial; Great sell. Sells for a bunch and don't show up with any frequency.
    Armor/leather/chieftain; similar in appearance to Cabalist. Common enough but gets me steady sales.
    Armor/leather/clefthoof; surprisingly, the boots for this set are my biggest seller. The cover also has a full facemask. Common enough and worth listing.
    Armor/leather/cutthroat; I sell these quick as I get them in half the time. Uncommon set.
    Armor/leather/emblazoned hat; Sort of an Indiana Jones hat look. Not uncommon but they sell for a lot.
    Armor/leather/ghostwalker; Identical to boneshredder in appearance and sales.
    Armor/leather/glyphed; the helm is worthless but the rest of the set is semi-uncommon and a steady seller.
    Armor/leather/grand; not common and again, surprisingly the boots are my hot seller. Low priority set.
    Armor/leather/headhunter; Prettypurplearmor. Fairly rare and sells for a good price.
    Armor/leather/heraldic; common, and same look as Cabalist or Chieftain. Still worth looking for.
    Armor/leather/imposing; pretty uncommon but not a hot seller. Don't make this a priority.
    Armor/leather/indomitable; Green version of Cabalist. I don't see many of this set but they do sell.
    Armor/leather/mighty; uninspired looking set. Slow mover and low priority.
    Armor/leather/nightshade; black version of Cabalist. Great seller, and not all that common.
    Armor/leather/praetorian; above average seller and rare.
    Armor/leather/pridelord; yellow version of Cabalist. Pretty rare but doesn't move often.
    Armor/leather/prospector; not at all common and tends to sell for a lot.
    Armor/leather/rageclaw; identical to cabalist. (Bliz sure wasn't imaginitive). Sells ok.
    Armor/leather/ranger hat; only piece of this set I can sell. Uncommon and has a nice look. I can often get over 1k for these.
    Armor/leather/scouting; my best selling leather set but very common. Just the same I make a nice profit off this set.
    Armor/leather/sentinel; rare and a hot seller.
    Armor/leather/serpentskin; green version of cabalist. Same as Indomitable.
    Armor/leather/sunroc mask; gray-ish facemask. I don't see a ton of them, and usually get 2k or so for them. Well worth it.
    Armor/leather/supreme; Another Cabalist lookalike but with a purple tint. This one's pretty rare and definately worth selling.
    Armor/leather/swashbuckler; very common and I make a lot of sales, but it doesn't command much gold.
    Armor/leather/tracker; low priority set. Not common but not desireable either.
    Armor/leather/trickster; Fairly common, doesnt sell fast. Don't make this one a priority.
    Armor/leather/wanderer's hat; Only piece of this set I like. Steady seller for a good price.
    Armor/leather/wolf rider; I keep raising my price and it keeps selling. Uncommon set and in high demand.


    Armor/mail/ancient; not a strong seller, but not terribly common either.
    Armor/mail/battleforge; Best selling mail armor, and fairly common. Staple of any transmog seller's inventory.
    Armor/mail/blackforge; sells steadily and not all that common
    Armor/mail/blood knight; great set. Fairly common, and sells frequently and usually commands high prices. The helm also has a nice graphic.
    Armor/mail/bloodlust; extremely rare and extremely valuable.
    Armor/mail/bloodspattered; rare-ish and middle of the road seller
    Armor/mail/bonelink; rare-ish, decent seller
    Armor/mail/brigade; steady seller, but too common to command high prices.
    Armor/mail/captain; steady seller, too common to command high prices.
    Armor/mail/champion's helm; only piece worth selling from this set, and it moves well.
    Armor/mail/chief brigadier; very rare, and highly sought after.
    Armor/mail/ebonhold; pretty rare, but sells infrequently
    Armor/mail/engraved; steady sales, not all that rare.
    Armor/mail/formidable; I dont see these often, but they sell ok
    Armor/mail/glimmering; very common but also a decent seller.
    Armor/mail/grunt; low priority set, fairly common and slow sales.
    Armor/mail/gryphon; very rare set that looks nice on druids. Often gets a high price when it sells.
    Armor/mail/hero's; rarer set that I tend to get a nice price on.
    Armor/mail/hulking; fairly common set that sells steadily.
    Armor/mail/impenetrable; rarer set. Slow seller
    Armor/mail/ironhide; very rare and valuable.
    Armor/mail/khan's; common set that sells reasonably well. Belt and bracers don't seem to move at all.
    Armor/mail/magnificent; doesn't move quickly but I do get good prices on it. Uncommon set.
    Armor/mail/masterwork; good seller and gets above average prices.
    Armor/mail/merciless; slow seller and rarer set. Low priority.
    Armor/mail/mercurial; strong seller, not too rare
    Armor/mail/ornate; strong seller and fairly rare
    Armor/mail/outrunner; often overlooked, nice color, and a strong seller
    Armor/mail/protector; very rare, sells for an ok price
    Armor/mail/ravager; fairly common set, occasional sale.
    Armor/mail/sentry; rare set but it moves ok.
    Armor/mail/slayer; rare set but low sales. Low priority.
    Armor/mail/sparkleshell; highly thought of on other lists but i've had little luck with it. Rarer set but slower sales.
    Armor/mail/spiked chain; I get this set soo seldom I cant really judge, but i do seek it out.
    Armor/mail/steadfast; above average mail set.
    Armor/mail/thick scale; not uncommon but steady seller
    Armor/mail/triumphant; rare, sells infrequently, but gets a good price
    Armor/mail/war paint; common but steady seller


    Armor/plate/alabaster; steady seller and not all that common
    Armor/plate/bloodfist; one of my better sellers but extremely common. Difficult to keep prices up.
    Armor/plate/bloodforged; fairly rare, quite valuable, and usually sells without an issue.
    Armor/plate/bloodscale; fairly common, sells for a lot and regularly
    Armor/plate/boulderfist; above average seller and not uncommon.
    Armor/plate/brutish; average seller, fairly common
    Armor/plate/chromite; uncommon set but sells
    Armor/plate/commander's; rarer set, but slow moving.
    Armor/plate/conqueror; my best selling plate set but super common. I may actually stop selling it due to high supply.
    Armor/plate/darkcrest; very common, but a good seller.
    Armor/plate/embossed plate; strong seller, moderate availability
    Armor/plate/emerald; below average seller and common. Low priority set.
    Armor/plate/exalted; Valuable set. Particularly the chest piece. Slow mover but worth it.
    Armor/plate/field plate; sells quick as I can find them. Rarer set.
    Armor/plate/glorious; Hot stuff! The BP is very common so doesnt sell for much, and the Legs are super rare. Great and expensive set.
    Armor/plate/gothic plate; ugly but sells. go figure.
    Armor/plate/heroic; slow seller, honestly I might stop listing this one.
    Armor/plate/high chief; very very rare on my server. I sell what I get.
    Armor/plate/hyperion; very common and sought after. Tends to go for a higher price.
    Armor/plate/imbued plate; hot item and not uncommon
    Armor/plate/jade; very rare. The BP and Legs command extremely high prices and the rest sells in the thousands as well.
    Armor/plate/jouster; uncommon set and steady seller.
    Armor/plate/lofty; very rare, very valuable.
    Armor/plate/overlord; common set but hot seller. Often get great prices.
    Armor/plate/revenant/1/70; note that there are two Revenant Plate sets. The lower level purple one is the good one.
    Armor/plate/saltstone; moderately rare and valuable. The BP and Legs tend to sell for a bundle.
    Armor/plate/sunscale; very rare, and pretty valuable. Doesn't move fast but sells for a lot.
    Armor/plate/symbolic; fairly uncommon but slow mover.
    Armor/plate/templar; slow mover, not too common. Below average set.
    Armor/plate/tyrant; BP and Legs sell well, the others less so. Definately a good set.
    Armor/plate/vanguard; Very very rare. Highly sought after. Will command high prices.
    Armor/plate/warbringer; rarer set, slower sales, but worth listing.
    Armor/plate/warleader; I get these rarely so hard to judge, but I do seek it out
    Armor/plate/warlord's iron; quick sales but common. Much like Bloodfist
    Armor/plate/warmaul; much like the above, common but steady sales.

    In the near future I will add information on off-hand frills and shields. This is a section of the market I'm just getting into and would like more experience before passing it on to all of you.

    In addition to the items above has a list of rare/epic items I also flip for transmog. These I do not typically have in my Auctionator shopping lists, as I keep TUJ notifications for them.

    Edit: yikes, didnt realize the mail and plate sections got cut off!
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      Furyio -
      Excellent read, thanks for the effort put in.

      I'll definitely make some tweaks to my own Transmog sales, I'm being left with the same stock relisting and relisting. Seems to be a market where you really need to get the finger on the pulse and do some behind the scenes analysis and investigation.