• TradeSkillMaster Theme Contest - Part 1

    It's time for another TSM contest! As always, we have some awesome prizes to give away.

    In August of last year, as a result of a prior contest to come up with a new design for TSM, the addon got a much needed visual overhaul. We also added many options to allow users to customize the look and feel of TSM. You can access these options by typing "/tsm" or clicking on the minimap icon and then clicking on the "Options" tab and scrolling down to "TSM Appearance Options".

    This contest will be in two parts. This post outlines the rules for the first part of the competition.

    How to Enter
    If you have any questions about this process or difficulty with anything, please let me know.
    1. Use the options in game to create a new, unique design for TSM.
    2. Take 2-3 screenshots showing off your design. More is fine if necessary.
    3. Upload your screenshots to Imgur. Please don't upload directly to the forums.
    4. Click on the "Export Appearance Settings" button in the appearance options and copy paste the code into a pastebin. Make sure it's public with no expiration and no syntax highlighting.
    5. Reply to this post with a name for your design, links to your screenshots, and a link to the pastebin.

    Again, please let me know if there's any questions about the rules.
    • Starting with existing themes and changing them is allowed, but your entry should be significantly different.
    • Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged. Just make a separate reply for each one and make sure they are all unique. One prize max per person, but multiple entries will increase your chances of course.
    • We can supply prizes for US and EU accounts only (through the respective pet store).

    @Bart39 and I will be judging the entries based on their creativity, originality, and uniqueness. For this first round, we are not necessarily concerned with how good it'll look in the addon, but more with whether or not you put some minimal effort into your entry. We expect most if not all entries to make it to the second part of the competition.

    Part 2 Preview
    The second part of the competition will be an open vote for which design the community likes best. The top entries (exact number TBD) will be awarded a (TBD but very significant - see our previous contests) prize in addition to their part 1 prize. The top entries will also be added to the addon as a preset theme!

    Everybody who makes it to the second part of the contest will be awarded their choice of either a Cinder Kitten or a Lil' Ragnaros pet code for one EU or US account! Yes, we mean everybody.

    Sunday, February 17th at 11:59:59PM PST (GMT-8)

    Good luck and have fun!
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