• TSM Contest - Best TSM Color Scheme

    So, in the release version, I added the option to change the color scheme of TSM. For those who haven't realized this, type '/tsm' and under the "Status" button (the default screen), click on the "Options" tab.

    The current default is the dark blue which TSM has always used as it's color scheme. Since I'm not a graphic designer, I could use some help in improving the aesthetics of TSM. I also have some awesome prizes to give away, so I thought I'd make a contest out of it.

    Who's eligible?:
    Anybody who uses TradeSkillMaster.

    The contest will end at 10PM PDT on Monday July 16th (roughly 1 week after the original post). Winners will be chosen, announced, and contacted via PM within 48 hours of the deadline.

    Below are some ground rules for the competition. I'm happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding the rules.
    • The simplest way to enter this contest is to tweak the colors via the in-game options.
    • You are also allowed (but certainly not required) to edit the code. I'm happy to help you locate specific parts of the code via IRC (send me a PM with what you're looking for) or email ( Nearly all the code you'll be interested in will be in the TradeSkillMaster addon in either the "GUI" or "Auction" folders. WARNING: Do NOT edit the AuctionFrame.lua or AuctionUtil.lua files without first talking to me. You may trigger anti-bot code and not like the results. You have been warned.
    • Feel free to use paint/photoshop/etc to create your entry, but how feasible the design is to implement will be highly weighted in the judging. Needless to say, the design should use textures / colors which are already in the game or could easily be added. The TexBrowser addon or this link are good ways for viewing all the various textures which are in-game.

    Submitting your entry:
    To submit your entry, take screenshots of the main TSM window, the TSM auction house tab, and anything else you think is necessary. You can either upload them to imgur and link them in a PM to me on these forums, link them in a reply to this thread, or send them to me via email (
    Quote Originally Posted by Sapu
    Here's an example submission using the current default colors.

    Exact prizes are still TBD but below are some things I have in mind. I'm open to suggestions. Ideally they should be things that don't cost me any money .
    • Free Curse Premium for "life" (as long as TSM is still around).
    • Free premium for X months on Consortium.
    • Be among the first to test out the new TSM application.
    • Pick a feature that you'd like to see implemented in TSM next (within reason obviously).
    • A key to get into the upcoming Guild Wars 2 Beta.

    Here's some general tips to help you out. More will be added based on questions / comments from the replies to this post.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Good luck!
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    1. Tangster's Avatar
      Tangster -
      Oooh! I didn't know you could change the color of TSM! Damnit Sapu! There goes like 3 hours worth of WoW time with me just fiddling with TSM colors xD i'll post some screenies of my favys

      P.S @Sterling maybe we could help Sapu and toss this on the front page ?
    1. Sterling's Avatar
      Sterling -
      I'm totally making a consortium-style color scheme!

      @Sapu94: I'm sure you could have a few color presets for people to chose from?
    1. Sapu94's Avatar
      Sapu94 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sterling View Post
      I'm totally making a consortium-style color scheme!

      @Sapu94: I'm sure you could have a few color presets for people to chose from?
      You mean in TSM have like a "color scheme" dropdown with some different designs? Sure, that's a great idea.
    1. Kayhos's Avatar
      Kayhos -
      I suggest going for a slick/square layout that matches ElvUI or TukUI. See Tukui/Elvui homepage

      I might try my hand at this when I have 2 minutes or at least try to get some images to you.

      Thanks for the awesome addon Sapu94
    1. Ravanys's Avatar
      Ravanys -
      Is it alright to use this thread for some feedback?
    1. TimB's Avatar
      TimB -
      Darn. I would love to mess with some designs, but I'm about to move to Florida, so I'll be offline for a few days.

      Although, I actually would like to see TSM be able to work with other skinning addons out there to get a matching theme going on. I currently use Aurora.

      So, all my wow windows have the almost see through look - I've even skinned omen, recount, and the chat window using their included coloring options to bring them to a near similar look.

      But, of course, when I go to use TSM, /TSM or AH, it's offset from everything else.

      I'm not how Aurora works to skin everything. That is, if the dev for it themed each and every wow default window from scratch to make it all look the same, or there's a catch all so anything is skinned...

      I guess just all in all, that's my suggestion. It would be cool to see more skinning options for TSM.

      Honestly, though, to be able to deliver a good new feeling and skin for TSM, I would prolly need more than a week just to do it, all other projects set aside.
      Would have to screenshot every window of TSM opened, then work with all that as templates and places to cut and crop from... mess with photoshop... yea. Hmm. I have ideas, but not enough time right now.

      Contest or not, I might throw something together eventually.
    1. Ravanys's Avatar
      Ravanys -
      Here's something a little radical but everything here is possible with the interface in WoW from what I know (click it for full size):

      Icons can easily be done through replacement in the interface/ICONS/ folder (or by adding support for masque), fonts can be loaded in for an addon if I can recall correctly and 1px borders are also doable

      Instead of tabs you can switch through the "<" and ">" buttons at the top, which I'd imagine is possible through texture less buttons with "<" and ">" in them.

      Fonts used are:
      Droid Sans, under the apache license.
      Yanone Kaffeesatz, under the open font license.
    1. Ravanys's Avatar
      Ravanys -
      Oh and for customizability, the whitish panels could be changed to whatever the user wants - the borders can have an alpha if I recall correctly so the style should stick with whatever the user throws at it within reason. The main colour could determine header colours, the background of the cog too (Weakauras can change textures colours I believe?) if not though, you could have a cog texture with no alpha in the middle with a coloured frame behind.
    1. mackieftw's Avatar
      mackieftw -
      @Ravanys That looks amazing, Love it.
    1. Sapu94's Avatar
      Sapu94 -
      Looks really nice @Ravanys. That wouldn't be very easy to implement though. Getting fine, crisp borders isn't always do-able with addons.
    1. Ravanys's Avatar
      Ravanys -
      Yeah afaik, you need your UI scale to be a certain value to even begin to think about it.
    1. Sapu94's Avatar
      Sapu94 -
      I updated the prizes section. Since not everybody will want all the prizes, I decided to let people have a choice. The best design will get first choice, second best will get second choice, etc until there are no more prizes or no more entries.
    1. Sapu94's Avatar
      Sapu94 -
      So I take back what I said about small lines. I messed around with some texture stuff today and found that I can get them pretty thin:

      So, design away
    1. Cryan's Avatar
      Cryan -
      As I am using Tukui/Elvui i was thinking of a skin based on that. So heres a screenshot of AdvancedTradeskillWindow with Tukui Skin and the auction house with tukui to get a feeling what it should look like:,gcIqj#0

      and since im a TSM tester, im passing on my price if i should get one.
    1. Sapu94's Avatar
      Sapu94 -
      Even with the entries which have been submitted privately, there are still prizes up for grabs! Let's see some more entries.
    1. Sapu94's Avatar
      Sapu94 -
      Contest is over. I'll be PM'ing all participants shortly and announcing a winner here this evening.
    1. Sapu94's Avatar
      Sapu94 -
      @Ravanys won the contest. Look for his design to appear in game soon(tm).
    1. risbonden's Avatar
      risbonden -
      GZ ravanys great jobb!
    1. twitchietgw's Avatar
      twitchietgw -
      Fantastic design @Ravanys, and from twitter I see @Sapu94 is right into it. It will be great to see it in action!