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    Hi guys!

    It's been awhile since my last post here and I'd like to present to you a recap of recent changes on I hope they'll help traders earn even more wow gold.
    Some of the statistical changes were done thanks to the people on this forum (especially @Sinshroud, @Kathroman, @Stede). Your questions got my mind going in the right direction, thank you guys

    1. Statistical Engine Reworked
    Big part of how numbers were aggregated has been changed. Most arithmetic and harmonic means were abandoned and replaced with centiles. Site now uses 15.87th centile for sampling most of the prices and sometimes median (50th centile) for aggregations of higher level.
    This has indeed improved overall accuracy mostly because centile approach eliminates outliers well.
    Elimination of outliers significantly improved global statistics like total realm or region market volumes.

    Mostly, I'd like to introduce a new approach to finding the right valuation of an item: Projected Market Price. WoWuction now uses linear regression (using the least squares algorithm) to predict price trends. This enables much better valuations for prices that are rising or falling over the observed period (in which case centile produces misleading results). For those who are interested in it, you can read a more detailed explanation here WoWuction terms explained or contact me.
    This new approach enabled some interesting additional stats like global top lists of items with fastest price rises or drops.
    I'd would very much like to hear what do you think about this approach? I haven't found that others have done it - TSM tries to solve the same problem with weighted price calculation (which I also like).

    2. Advanced Estimation of Sold Auctions
    This has always been a touchy subject and I have received many questions and doubts about the initial sold estimation values. They weren't and will never be accurate, but they are useful and over the time people have used it a lot.
    I got a few ideas how to improve the algorithm so it can detect and eliminate cancels and mass reposts as best as possible. The new system is now in place and you can read about how exactly it works here: WoWuction terms explained
    (I don't copy/paste these explanations here to avoid wall of text crit)

    3. Data Export
    Data export is now available under 'Resources'. It will generate a list of all items for your realm with appropriate 14-day statistics and last-scanned-ah values. Right now it is available as .csv or tab-delimited text file. It should be fully compatible with latest Consortium's Cataclysm Shuffling Spreadsheet (just import/paste values in TUJ tab; watch the decimal separator for it won't import correctly if you're using other than '.').

    4. Various other changes that haven't been discussed in this thread like Mat Bargains Finder, Item Competition Tab, Warnings for unstable prices, 60-day item history (I got more, but it doesn't seem useful) etc...
    I won't go over details of these. If you are interested please visit the site and play with them yourself

    I post changes to the site regularly at WoWuctioneer twitter so if you want to be informed, you can follow me.

    Thank you for your support and feel free to contact me with questions or comments.
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    1. Mithrildar's Avatar
      Mithrildar -
      Wow thats a great update. I wonder how accurate the advised quantity option is. And what I'm even more wondered in that if its possible to get it to work with Tradeskillmaster's restock function. Would be great to restock an amount every day that will sell
    1. krebs's Avatar
      krebs -
      I wasn't familiar with this website but I was really impressed when I checked it out. The graphs are really helpful for me to visualize how markets change over time and to see who my competition is.
    1. Marahdeka's Avatar
      Marahdeka -
      Absolutely fantastic! Thanks a bunch!
    1. jchurch5566's Avatar
      jchurch5566 -
      Hi everyone, we are freqently advised to revisit old methods of making gold. Items we have sold previously and have gotten away from them. This post made me think of that. I used to visit/use but had gotten away from it. This post causes me to revisit it. Wowuction is a useful tool and (now that I remember it) I now plan on using it (again). So, 'wowuctioneer', ... thank you.