• A Case for Dual Gathering


    For those who just want to cut to the chase, I'll sum it up here:

    - You NEED a dual gatherer
    - Mathematically, you make more gold and farm more ore+herbs combined than you would with a single gatherer
    - A dual gatherer will provide you with MUCH more XP if you're still leveling
    - The gold you earn farming in just 1 DAY of farming with your dual gatherer during a "launch" will more than quadruple the gold it would cost you to re-learn a dropped profession.


    Farming Herbs and Ore is not the highest gold per hour (GPH). It's also mundane, tedious (requires your full attention, unlike prospecting, milling, smelting, etc, where you can look away while you're doing it). But the point of this article is not to talk you into gathering at's to convince you that if you don't have a DUAL gatherer, you ARE missing out on a ton of gold!

    Back in Patch 3.x, Blizzard changed the profession system allowing you to earn experience/XP while gathering Ore or Herbs. This was HUGE! Many players jumped on the chance to have a dual gatherer to save time, earn XP, and earn more gold. I, along with many others, dropped a maxed-out profession to accommodate this dual-gatherer system. This took time, and GOLD because I had to re-level the dropped profession on a different toon. Some may say this was a waste of time and gold...and not worth it. I say - WRONG!

    XP Gains...

    At the launch of Cataclysm, I set a goal to get Realm First! for either Mining or Herbalism. Didn't care which one, but it would be one of them. I followed Kaliope's Realm First guide for Ore (my main focus), and figured if I got Herbalism also, it would be icing on the cake. What happened next is interesting....

    I missed Realm First - Mining by ONE MINUTE. A stupid minute. And I missed Herbalism by several minutes.

    But I also realized something else....after talking with the guy who did get Realm First Mining, I was something like ONE MILLION experience AHEAD of him. (Some would argue it should be about the same, right? WRONG!).

    A dual gatherer earns more XP/hour than a single gatherer.

    More Materials...

    I also started thinking about the quantity of gathered materials, and it reinforced the great decision I made having a dual gatherer. I had more overall materials that the single gatherers, and not by a little - by a LOT!

    In fact, let's say I had less Ore than the Realm First miner....statistically, I likely did. SO if he had 100 stacks of Ore, and I only had 90 stacks, he won, right? WRONG! Because he also had ZERO stacks of Herbs. I had 90 stacks of Herbs!

    A dual gatherer gathers more combined ore + herbs than a single gatherer. 1+1=3!

    In other words, with a dual gatherer, 1+1=3! Here is how. Using a SINGLE gatherer as an example...let's say in one hour, you can farm 100 ore. Then you switch to your Herbalist, and in one hour you farm 100 Herbs. That is 200 items in 2 hours = 100/hour. That is your gather rate.

    In the SAME TWO HOURS...the dual-gatherer would have farmed 380 items....190 Ore, and 190 Herbs. So 190/hour. (YES, I am estimating the 90% increase to illustrate my example. The exact figure could be more or less, but it's close to 90% based on my own experience during the launch of Cataclysm).


    Less Downtime & Less Competition...

    Downtime. A single gatherer has down time. In between nodes, you are flying to the next node, competing against other gatherers, and waiting for a spawned node to appear. With a dual-gatherer there is far less downtime. In between all the ore, you are picking up all the herbs. So in the same 5 node area that a single gatherer would pick up 5 nodes of ore, the dual-gatherer will pick up 4 of those nodes, but also 4 herbs as well (we'll assume that you will lose 1 each of those nodes to a competing farmer).

    Competition. In highly competitive areas, the yield for a single gatherer would be much less than 100%. IF there are 5 miners fighting over 10 spawns, you each get 2, on average. But if you are the a dual-gatherer, while you're waiting for the ore to respawn, you can pickup 4-5 of those herbs.

    A dual gatherer has less downtime between gathers. A dual gatherer's "farms per hour" is ALMOST double a single gatherer.

    So all of this is true all of the time. BUT - it's time to crank up our GPH.

    Launch Month...

    For the first month (give or take) of an expansion launch, NO profession earns more gold than Mining, Herbalism, and MAYBE Skinning (but it's a distant third place). Also, gathering earns more gold during a launch than at any other time. Even those goblins who are 99% against ANY gathering (you know who you are!) will agree - gathering earns a lot of gold during a launch, period. Probably more than any other profession, at least for the first month. It is also well established that the gathering professions are gold MAKERS during a launch while almost all other professions COST gold.

    In other words, during launch, leveling a gathering profession will EARN gold (and XP)...where as leveling any other non-gathering profession will COST you gold.

    So armed with your dual-gatherer, you are ready to bring in tons of gold simply from farming during a launch.

    During an expansion launch, gathering is probably the best consistent gold earner in the game.


    What about complimentary professions, such as Mining/JC, Mining/Blacksmithing, Herbalism/Inscription, Herbalism/Alchemy??

    It is true those professions "go together" only need the combination in your ACCOUNT, not on the same character. In other words, if you have a Miner/Herbalist on toon-1, and a JC/Scribe on toon-2, ytou are stated previously, you will earn MORE gold than the guy who thinks his "Miner/JC" and "Herbalist/Scribe" is just as good as yours. It's not, you will win that battle hands down.

    You only need complimentary professions within the same ACCOUNT, not on the same TOON. With the advent of auto-mailing addons, such as TSM, sending gathered materials to crafting toons takes ALMOST "zero" time.

    But I already have split gatherers...should I really drop my profession and re-level it?


    YES, if you want to profit from all the gold earning benefits of having a dual gatherer, and YES if you crafting professions are not dependent on designs or recipes you have to earn or buy. Or, if you don't have too many, then yes.

    But NO...if you have designs, recipes, patterns, that are difficult to obtain. In other words, if you already have all Epic gem cuts on a JC, or all the rare patterns for Blacksmithing, it does NOT make sense to drop that profession because it would simply take too long or even be impossible to get those things back. There is no way I am doing MONTHS of JC dailies again to re-learn all the epic cuts I've already learned.


    If you have valuable designs, patterns, recipes, or other "time" investment in an existing profession, it would be better to level a NEW toon as a dual gatherer instead of dropping an existing profession.

    Which Class...?

    1) DRUID. No question that a Druid is the best gatherer in the game. The flight form and speed to farm Herbs is unquestionably the best advantage you can have.

    2) Paladin. Crusader Aura's speed boost can equalize the disadvantage to Druids. So while Druids don't have to leave flight form to gather, Pally's will pass them during flight. Druids have a slight advantage.

    3) Hunter / Pets. Hunters or other Pet classes are great because your pet can be used to thwart mobs or competitive gatherers who may be flagged. Not as good as a Druid, many gold farmers use Hunters for this reason.

    Bottom line is that almost any class will work well, but the above will work best. But....

    - Mages / Clothies: Bad. Mages best defensive abilities are MOVING around and escaping, which takes you AWAY from the gathering node. Plus you're a soft cloth wearer.

    If you can choose which toon to use as your dual gatherer, choose a Druid. If you don't have one or want to level one, a Paladin or Pet-using class would be the next best choice.
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    1. Sinshroud's Avatar
      Sinshroud -
      Great post man, I really agree with everything you said.

      Need to spread some rep around before giving it to you again, but hi-five for now
    1. Timecunning's Avatar
      Timecunning -
      I would rank hunters above pallys as they can pick up a +10% mount speed buff and as you said they have a pet.
    1. Xan and Toast's Avatar
      Xan and Toast -
      Well done thread.
      Might also want to consider DK's with Unholy Aura for the speed buff.
    1. Nim's Avatar
      Nim -
      Great post, although I disagree on the Mage part. Sheep can be incredibly strong against competitors, you have a pet with the water elemental, can stop enemies from gathering at quite a high range and ice barrier/manashield are a very good defense. Also, I think a mage could potentially be very nice for farming early in cataclysm, where you can't use a flying mount at low levels. Setting the hearthstone in your farming zone and being able to port back to stormwind to be able to post on the AH quickly could cetainly be a nice advantage.
    1. Namssob's Avatar
      Namssob -
      Good thoughts guys - I'll update my original post!
    1. Namssob's Avatar
      Namssob -
      I'm having trouble editing my post right now, but as soon as I do I will update the section on classes, and I have a few other corrections also.
    1. Dawnshadow's Avatar
      Dawnshadow -
      Quote Originally Posted by Xan and Toast View Post
      Well done thread.
      Might also want to consider DK's with Unholy Aura for the speed buff.
      DKs can also currently spec for the mounted speed buff, On A Pale Horse; it's low enough in the Frost tree that any spec can get it at a high level (and at a low level, Frost is an excellent leveling tree.) It's not as good as Crusader Aura because you have to spend two points on it, but if you're a gatherer you're probably not exactly minmaxing. And according to the talent calculators, all DKs will get Pale Horse as a baseline ability for Mists.
    1. Draig's Avatar
      Draig -
      Just a thing I think you may want to add is that for any horde players it should be Tauren Druid not Troll. Cultivation racial 0.5s instead of 2s.

      I've had a Tauren Druid since wrath with both Mining and Herbing couldn't do it any other way.
    1. nexxium's Avatar
      nexxium -
      How will the loss of flying before max lvl effect the character choices?
    1. wowunderachiever's Avatar
      wowunderachiever -
      Great article. I will never be without a maxxed gatherer of every gathering profession. Once in a while I actually feel like going and picking herbs with my druid - especially when Heartblossom edges toward 10g. That aside, I do not know what may happen at some point that would make some particular gatherable resource unavailable on the AH at a time when I need it badly - so I'm going to keep my miner, herbalist, and skinner leveled. Even if I only rarely use them.
    1. Aimis's Avatar
      Aimis -
      Quote Originally Posted by nexxium View Post
      How will the loss of flying before max lvl effect the character choices?
      As far as I can tell it shouldn't. Any nodes that you might miss out on as a Druid should be more than made up for as soon as you hit max and gain the ability to fly again.
    1. Dines's Avatar
      Dines -
      I got a druid! With herbalisme and mining!
      But my rogue got jcing / enchanting, you think I should drop enchanting for alchemy or inscrib? would feel like a waste of gold ranking enchanting then x(

      Btw: I'm new here, and great guide/Post! : )
    1. scu's Avatar
      scu -
      One thing that we will have to evaluate is any other profs that work nicely with others, like engineering does for mining. I got a shitload of volatile airs when I farmed up the couple hundred stacks of ore I mined. Sold them for a VERY hefty profit.
    1. Xan and Toast's Avatar
      Xan and Toast -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dines View Post
      I got a druid! With herbalisme and mining!
      But my rogue got jcing / enchanting, you think I should drop enchanting for alchemy or inscrib? would feel like a waste of gold ranking enchanting then x(

      Btw: I'm new here, and great guide/Post! : )
      I think JC and Enchanting are a great combination for your main - and from my experience both provide great income, and being online with both allows you to respond to rapid market changes.

      I prefer to keep Alchemy on my alts as I mostly just use them daily for their XMute (currently Life to Air in Uldum) - and inscription is more from one character who crafts and then cancel reposts - though I've read a lot of people use seperate alts for crafting and for posting - to each their own.
    1. Busterblade's Avatar
      Busterblade -
      Very nice post, I had not really bothered to create a dual gatherer alt till I read this post. Luckily I had some old account lying around which was eligible for the Scroll of Ressurection and poof, instantly got my 80 tauren druid With the racial of taurens I actually can be bothered to farm herbs myself, whereas before I picked up 1-2 stacks and I felt like meh, will buy it on the auction house.

      +rep, great post!

      Thanks, B
    1. jerry48038's Avatar
      jerry48038 -
      Great post, makes me realize my professions are a mess. (for farming anyhow) My druid has skinning/LW, my hunter has herb/enchanting, my DK has mining/JC..... I wasn't even aware until the other day that you could now track both mining nodes, and herbs at the same time. (Way back when you couldn't) Looks like I got some work to do releveling my profs...
    1. Namssob's Avatar
      Namssob -

      The Guide has been include new information on Classes, Addons, Enchants, and other tips & tricks. Enjoy!
    1. Wodinn's Avatar
      Wodinn -
      l would have a hard time advocating for any class without a mount speed increase talent, which would rule out locks and mages. If you consider that the Mount Up guild perk is 10% for anyone and pretty easily obtainable, then I would put the rogue at the top of the list for those classes that cannot talent faster (excluding druids for obvious reasons). Sap or blind/mine-herb/vanish would be considerably faster than killing a mob to drop combat.
    1. Rich Uncle Pennybags's Avatar
      Rich Uncle Pennybags -
      Great guide. I've got a Tauren Druid Herbalist/Miner and I learned a lot! Are there any tricks however obscure that boost mount speed any further? Enchants and gems (Fleet Shadowspirit Diamond) have no effect, I assume. For those of us with two accounts, I wonder if a Paladin on autofollow would be an option?
    1. Crenz's Avatar
      Crenz -
      Awesome post, I made a dual gatherer for this very reason. One comment though, a DK can actually get 20% increased mounted speed through the talent On A Pale Horse, which makes them on par with a paladin. With the ability to have a pet, they may be the best farmer after druids with this talent and pet