• UGC #2 - 3/12-3/19 (Unusual Gold Challenge)

    Alright, time for Unusual Gold Challenge #2. The First UGC came up with some good creative ideas for making 10g off a gray item. The second gold challenge will have you diving into your professions. The goal for the UGC #2 is to make the largest percent profit from a profession crafted item.

    I'll start off with one of my favorites right now.

    - Whenever I'm posting, I check for cheap mats. I don't pay more than 2g for , 4g for , and 10g for . This puts total cost at 80g. I am the only consistent seller at 250g. One thing that I need to watch more closely is . It could potentially drop the cost a bit. I don't sell a lot of these, but with people leveling alts at the end of an expansion, they have picked up a bit and I'm selling several a week.

    At any rate, there's a baseline for people. A shade over 200% profit on a profession item.
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    1. Diablous's Avatar
      Diablous -
      Quote Originally Posted by calianna View Post
      Good stuff. I love the [Mechanical Squirrel Box]. I'm seeing ~6g to craft and ~40g selling price. [Phantom Blade] also looks like a pretty good one, just tougher to get a hold of the mats.
      You might be surprised. The Breath of Air I get when I farm Essence of Air for the Agility enchants. (too quick and easy to farm to pay 150g+ per) The rest is readily available on the AH, at least on my server.
    1. Hesper's Avatar
      Hesper -
      At one point I was selling Khorium Power Cores for 500+ gold with only around 50g crafting cost (a lot of people sell Khorium crazy low) but then some other people jumped in the market and brought the price right down to 90g... It's back up to 240g but yeah still pretty peeved about that.

      So now I guess I make the most % profit from Glyphs since some of them go for 400g each and I buy herbs when they're around 40g a stack.
    1. Timecunning's Avatar
      Timecunning -
      Lifelike Mechanical Toad Crafting cost ~18g on my server sells at 750g gives a 4166% return.

      Best isn't going to be from rare ones.

      Its from where you are the only seller and can set whatever price you want.

      Correction its more like 50g the mats prices were realy low for a short ammount of time .

      Its probaly closer to a 1500% return.
    1. Twoslot's Avatar
      Twoslot -
      I know you're looking for highest percentage, but for steady, consistent sales, costs 40g if you buy the mats on the AH and is wayyyy cheaper if you're shuffling (aroung 16g by my last measure of the shuffle I did) and sells for between 150-225g CONSTANTLY.
    1. Ignatowski's Avatar
      Ignatowski -
      is also a nice one. mats are worth close to nothing and sells for 150g on my server.

      4 bolt of silk cloth
      1 purple dye (vendor)
      1 silken thread (vendor)

      If you would scavenge AH for the really cheap silk then matscost is just a few gold.
    1. Drrwho's Avatar
      Drrwho -

      I have been consistently selling this scroll for 290-299g per, usually about 1 per day or so. Mats cost very little... I can usually get mats for under 30g total, depending on the cost for Greater Planar Essence. The Small Prismatic Shards and Fel Lotus are almost always really cheap. So, I can usually pull in 850-900% profit margin on that scroll.

      Both of these scrolls take 5x Dream Dust. I can get the dust for under 1g each in most cases, so scroll cost is under 5g. I sell 1 of each scroll every day or two (if not several each day) at between 90-99g per scroll. So profit margins range from 1700% to 1880%. Here and there I'll get a little competition, driving prices down to near 50g, but even then it's still 900% profit margin.

      For a little while, I was the only one selling this item. After a little bit of time, someone else starting trying to sell one, but not consistently. I was still selling them for near 1500g each. Now, there are 5 or more other people competing on this, so prices have dipped to 1200g or so. I farm the Cobra Scales, since prices on the AH are 250g+, if any are up at all. Easier to farm a few when I need them. Total cost of mats is usually under 100g, depending on prices for Primal Life. So, even at 1200g sale price, that's about 1100% profit margin.