• Simple Alchemy profit-spreadsheet

    I'v been stocking up on lots of very cheap herbs during the hollydays, and today came the day to start crafting potions and flasks. I have not been dealing too much in pots/flasks before, so I ended up starting on a simple spreadsheet to calculate which pots/flasks I should make, and how many of each. I have a general idea what sells, and in which quaintities, but I wanted to measure it towards their respective aproximate profit percents, and have a good overview of my herb stock.

    The spreadsheet is, as the title hints about, very simple. It does not currently include mastery bonuses (I just look at it as a safe-margin for now), and does not have any option for TUJ-importing of prices.

    However what it does have is the following:

    After filling inn Stack prices of herbs, Initial stock of herb (not required, just for logistic purposes. However imo the main purpose of the spreadhseet), aproximate AH value of each flask/potion and Craft quantity of each flask/potion type, you are left with the following information.

    *Total cost of your crafts (not based on stock, but craft qtys)
    *Total Revenue
    *Total Profit
    *Amount of used herbs
    *Amount of unused herbs in number and percent Sell values overview also shows craft price, profit and profit percet for each potion after you enter AH value and herb prices.

    Simple picture illustrating what the sheet looks like. Sorry for poor quality.
    Keeping track of your sales with Mysales-alchemy-spreadsheet-jpg

    The spreadsheet is again very simple, and should not be used for estimating exact profits. For me it has been usefull for deciding how many of each type of flask/potion to craft, while keeping an idea of how many herbs I still have left to spend on other crafts. The estimated values are more of a bonus. I do not use it to calculate exact profits, as I know I profit significantly in any case. You will also have to have an idea what sells, and in how big quantities. Even though Potion of Illusion has a high profit percent, it probably wont sell in as big quantity as Volcanic potion.

    I dont know if there is something similar here on the forums. I could not find it with a quick search, so I apologize if there is. I do not have any big plans for evolving this sheet to give more exact information, but anyone who wants to are welcome to do so. As you will quickly notice if you download the spreadsheet, it does currently only include a few potions and flasks from cataclysm. No elixirs at this moment in time. It wont he hard to add any item yourself if you choose though.


    Edit: for the second time on this forum I find myself wanting to edit the topic name, but unable to find a way to do so
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      travette -
      Good spreadsheet, it has most of the important stuff there. I modified it a little bit and started a transmute portion on the chart and it works great. The only other thing I would suggest is to include a revenue column after the AH cut even though that's pretty easy to account for.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Sinshroud View Post
      Good job man, it's always good to see more spreadsheets floating around and people taking gold making beyond basic ingame addons or common sense. Alchemy is definitely a very tricky and limited profession that sometimes needs a more mathematical analysis that the spreadsheet offers to figure out what actually is profitable.
      I agree with what you are saying, however I think the Alchemy profession is kind of disappointing since Cataclysm largely killed flasks thanks to guild achievements and insular economies. There are some esoteric crafts that are profitable, but even after digging through the profession there's not a ton of room to expand into like there are with other professions. I would like to see Blizzard do some more interesting things with Alchemy in the future personally since it is limited currently.
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      I really like the design style of this and have actually used a similar one for my ench scrolls sheet, thanks for sharing.
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      I finally got arround to do a small update on the spreadsheet. The attached picture is updated to illustrate the change. It's not anything huge, I have just added two transmutes (Shadowspirit Diamond and Inferno Ruby) and Flask of Flowing Water.

      I have also changed herb/gem prices under materials to take the values from the 'TUJ import' tab. Should you want to use manual prices just overwrite the function in the price cells with your own price. However should you want to use the TUJ prices, just update the 'TUJ import' tab to hold prices from your own server.

      Tutorials on how to import TUJ data is written several places on this forum. I'll quote Sterling below from one he wrote regarding his Shuffle spreasheet. Just remove everything currently in the 'TUJ import' tab, and follow the steps below.

      Quote Originally Posted by Sterling View Post
      1. You can fill out the beige boxes with your server prices manually, or have it imported automatically. To have it done automatically, go to The Undermine Journal and create an account. The site uses OpenID, so don't worry about getting hacked or whatever.
      2. Click on your server, and under "Site" click "XML API". Scroll to the bottom where it says "Market Data XML". Paste this address into your browser and download the XML file to your desktop.
      3. Switch back to the spreadsheet and go under the "TUJ data" tab. With the top left cell selected, go under "Data" -> "Import XML". Select the file you saved on your desktop. This step will differ based on the version of excel you are using. All of the pricing should now be filled in.
      Also, dont let yourself be scared by the horrible amount of negative percents under Profit %. My server is currently going trough some rought times on certan markets (bots down I suppose), so the craft prices are not normal . This is also why I will ofthen prefere to go over the prices after doing a TUJ import and edit them manually to reflect actual prices.
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      Could anyone reupload this,
      download link seems to be down...
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      Reuploaded the spreadsheet. Apologizes it took so long.