• The Shuffle - Outside the box

    Finding "outside the box" ways of doing things or improving on things are a big part of what makes this remain fun for me, so every now and then I stumble upon something worth sharing.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm pretty sure there are probably a lot of people already doing this, but it doesn't seem to get a proportionate amount of publicity compared to the corresponding "no ore", or "ore is TOO expensive, halp!" threads, so I figured it would probably be useful for at least a few of you.

    Bottom-line: This is "How to shuffle without any ore".

    Step 1 - SS (because there's always a SS)

    I've updated my Shuffling 2.0 spreadsheet to include an "uncommon" tab, which illustrates some valuation points for uncommon gems.

    After you've entered values in the "Gem Cuts", "Enchanting" and "Transmute" tabs, and have toggled any "proc" chances in the settings tab, hop on over to the "Uncommon" tab and I'll walk you through what we've got here.

    The first thing you are going to want to take a look at will be the average values. Under the default settings, you can see that Meta Gems come out ahead. What this means is that my best "overall" option would be to transmute as many as my uncommon gem stockpile will allow and then compare DE/transmute on an individual gem basis. Profit aside, meta gems will also utilize the greatest number of gems with the least amount of time required, so it's incredibly efficient and I'd recommend it even in situations where profit might not be as far ahead.

    The reason why I would advocate starting by comparing the average overall values is because the individual values can be misleading. If you were to start with individual gems, you'd quickly noticed that is worth far more as both DE fodder and as , however, since Metas require an even distribution of gems, you're going to be limited entirely based on the availability of a single gem. Combine that with the fact that is often both the least available and most expensive uncommon gem (due to the aforementioned DE and transmute values, of course) and I feel like we're setting ourselves up for a fall here. If you take a step back and have an unbiased look at the data, you can plainly see that the profit to be made from transmuting the OTHER uncommon gems into metas more than makes up for the loss you take on your . Once more, it also uses more inventory in less time. I think you get the picture.

    The next step would be to decide what to do with any remaining gems. Note that you should end up running out of one colour via metas, and will probably be fairly low in one or 2 others with an abundance of the rest. That's fine - this process is all about using up ALL of your gems in as efficiently a manner as possible.

    Step 2 - Buying

    The next thing I did was to throw each of the uncommon gems into my TSM dealfinding list. The bottom section of that "Uncommon" tab give you space to enter your individual snatch prices to then see the calculated Meta cost. I've included the relative cost via both Obsidium and Elementium (based on standard expected output) for you to compare. As you can see, the cost is nearly the same based on the price of ore entered on the "Settings" tab. That means the only real difference not factored in is the amount of time it will take you to prospect the ore, and I think we all know how valuable time is going for around here .

    Step 3 - Processing

    If your server looks anything like mine, here's what your routine will look like:

    -Run a dealfinding search for uncommon gems, and both elementium and obsidium ore.
    -Prospect any ore you end up with under your threshold.
    -Cut rares
    -Send an even distribution of uncommon gems over to alchemist for transmuting into metas.
    -Craft the rest into jewelry and send to enchanter for DE'ing (you could also be sending individual colours with herbs for transmuting as well)
    -Throw extra into bank (unless I've got a LOT, but it doesn't usually pop up below vendor price here, and cutting for vendoring isn't the best use of AFK time, so almost all of the prospected will be used up in this process, one way or another).
    -Log onto appropriate toons to finish the rest of the shuffle.


    I think the thing that really makes this strategy viable is that MOST people don't seem to place much value on uncommon gems, outside of , so you can often grab them for pretty great prices. It also takes far less processing time, which allows you to shuffle product in the long run. It also gives you some additional options if you are having issues finding ore at the right price or have noticed a drop-off in farming activity on your server.

    All in all, I hope that this not only provides a profitable method for making gold, but a means and justification for "thinking outside the box", instead of just going with the flow. I'm once of the biggest advocates for proactive gold-making out there, so I really hope this helps to expand some horizons.

    As always, let me know if you have any issues either with the strategy itself or the resources I've used (the spreadsheet, TSM, etc.)
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      Thanks, Kath - for driving up the price of Jasper on my side :P

      To my collaborators / co-conspirators reading from US-ED(A), enjoy!!
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      Thanks, Kath - for driving up the price of Jasper on my side :P

      To my collaborators / co-conspirators reading from US-ED(A), enjoy!!
      I actually haven't touched anything on (A)...yet. Been too busy sorting through all this gold