• White Ribbon - Heart of Gold

    Our message is simple. With one voice, as one community, we are speaking out and working to end violence against women.

    The White Ribbon Campaign starts 25th November until 6th December.!/whiteribbon

    Silence is not an option.
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    1. Sinshroud's Avatar
      Sinshroud -
      The White Ribbon - Heart of Gold campaign is an idea that Kathroman came up with to help support ending violence against women. We have a whole bunch of bloggers involved who will all be releasing the same or similar post over the rest of the day - help spread the word if you can. The links are for .ca but it's a global initiative. It affects women in every country and just because it hasn't happened to anyone you know, or it hasn't happened where you live doesn't mean that it can't. According to the Domestic Violence Resource Center, 25% of women have experienced domestic violence of some sort in their life time.I also know that in my country, South Africa, the statistics are so bad that if you compare the probability of a women being raped or her learning how to read and write - rape is higher.
    1. Steeffie's Avatar
      Steeffie -
      what can I say, except /support.its a shame we dont have a white ribbon or anything alike in wow so that we can wear it!
    1. Cazmia's Avatar
      Cazmia -
      I have just reposted this on my blog. This is sadly, the first chance all day I have had to get this on mine, but hopefully, someone somewhere will see it, despite my blogs small, to non existant following.

      realise White Ribbon was thought up by guys, but there is no reason that us women shouldnt show our support for this great initiative they have.
    1. gutemann's Avatar
      gutemann -
      /support this. and/hug Alyzande.
    1. Thorror's Avatar
      Thorror -
      definitely support this cause...i may not have a gold blog to contribute to the campaign but i have posted links to the website on my facebook and other similar places to get the word out about this organization.every little bit helps
    1. Xsinthis's Avatar
      Xsinthis -
      we got noticed by the official White Ribbon Campaign!!/whiteribbon