• Blogroll Changes, Site Improvements, Please Read

    In the past few days, I've devoted my efforts in making the site lighter and faster. You should notice a large improvement where loading times are concerned, even more so if the page is cached (ie: if you've visited the page before). This required some pretty drastic changes in coding, and although everything seems to be running smoothly, some may encounter some bugs or errors. Please advise me of such errors in the Site Feedback Forum.

    In other news, several blogs have been removed from the blogroll; some due to inactivity, others for involvement in never-ending drama. Our blogroll policy moving forward:
    • Active forum members with a blog can/does have their blog added to the blogroll.
    • Prominent and/or established blogs are also added.

    If you're active on the forums and would like to have your blog added, please let me know.

    Moving forward, I'm aiming to produce a cleaner and faster version of the blogroll we're currently using. The truth is that it's poorly coded, sluggish and ugly. Suggestions in this regard are welcome.