• Glyph Reseller: Shock and Awe strategy

    FIRST: You need to know that you shouldn't use this all the time as your primary posting my opinion if you let one posting habit define your behavior in the market then you are dead. The golden rule is: Be unpredictable.

    I use this once maybe twice every 2 months and it seems to work best on a medium or low population server...but don't be discouraged as I see no reason this wouldn't work on super high pop or hyper competitive servers.

    You have tried camping, walling, deep undercut, monopolist, and market crasher. If you haven't tried being a reseller/resetter then this thread is for you. This strategy is probably not new...but I don't care.

    I'll give example gold amounts. Assume a glyph costs 15g to make and market highs have been in the 200-300g range on your server.

    Step 1: Reseller is not for the feint of heart and this particular strategy requires that you know all glyphs. I also recommend that you keep a large inventory of every profitable glyph...9-20 of each glyph should do it. I also don't cancel and repost all until I'm ready to let the market breathe...besides it takes time to cancel/repost all...just get a bigger inventory.

    Step 2: Search wowhead for glyphs learned from Research and Books.

    Step 3: Add these glyphs to an Auctionator shopping list...when you're done you should be looking at 2 shopping lists. This will be annoying to setup but you only have to do it once. I'll refer to these as the "Research List," from now on.

    Step 4: Crash the market (every glyph) to barely profitable (1-4g profit) while your competition is online. You want them to take the bait and post below you. If you are lucky then there is already a race to the bottom happening on your server and you don't even need to crash it.

    Step 5: After they have posted below you...then you should run your Research lists. I prefer to do this when they are offline and at a time of day they normally don't post. However you CAN run this list while they are still online.

    Step 6: How to use the list: You are looking for low price glyphs. If a glyph costs 15g to make then you are looking for 15-20g or cheaper. You are also looking for huge gaps in the next highest prices or NO next higher prices which happens when your opponents are not using an "auto fallback," and can allow you to do a full price reset.


    6 glyphs are listed at 18g and 1 listed at 200-300g? Buy the 6 and cancel your 2 posted. Move on to the next glyph in your list.

    4 glyphs listed at 18g and several other glyph posters listed at 30-70g...then it's not worth it. We are looking for glyphs that we can reset to market highs or slightly higher than that...reset to thanks.

    One glyph listed at 32g and 2 others listed at 200-300g. This part is up to you. Here you are giving your opponent a bit of profit...but is it worth it to you to pay 32g for a reset of that glyph? Maybe. Tread lightly here or you can get burned.

    Step 7: Keep running through your research list. Over time you will get pretty good at spotting the easy resets...I guarantee it's faster than crafting these glyphs on your own. Auctionator makes it simple to buy an item and cancel that same item posted by you all on the same page...then you hit the back button and continue down the list.

    Step 8: Go pick up your glyphs from the mail ready to reset to market highs or higher. If you were able to COMPLETELY reset several glyphs set your max post to something ridiculous. You wouldn't believe the sales I've gotten at 489g and 589g single glyphs. One sale of a 489g glyph just paid for 22 glyphs that I bought at 20g each. (after 10% ah cut)

    Step 9: Competition posts the cycle again, go back to step 4. If you REALLY want to rub it in his face and force him to craft hard then you MUST run this cycle for weeks or a month. You will still be wildly profitable during this time if you are smart about the times of day you reset prices.

    If you just want to make a small impact and cash's possible but this won't put a dent in your opponents inventory or force him/her to craft harder. If you MUST then I recommend then you keep the market low for about 3-4 days so that you can pick up some great deals.

    Why do this?

    AH is PVP it's that simple. I've forced people to craft for such low profit for so long they shit themselves and leave the market. You have SLIGHTLY lower risk in this reseller because you are only buying out glyphs that are crafted with research...levelers and random new guys don't stand a chance. Also this list is smaller than you might think which forces your opponent to be constantly running out of very specific are putting a high artificial demand on those and cashing in.

    Also you limit how much gold and time you spend because you only have a list of research glyphs to buy. There are ways to totally reset every glyph but what a hassle and time consuming. I don't like to cancel/repost all until I'm ready to stop the glyph reseller strat. By the time you're done with the strat some or most research glyphs will look like 200-400g and the rest of the market will look like 20-30g. It's OKAY to let the rest of the market reset itself naturally.
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    1. Abeni's Avatar
      Abeni -
      Maybe think about what other kinds of lists you can do...glyphs with specific inks? Popular glyphs? I still like the research glyph reseller best but there is always room to experiment.

      @Belmorn: I've had this same problem happen to me but only when I try to add several different items. Like I had a list of different cloth, different bags made with the cloth, different bolts of cloth and auctionator never showed some items. Try doing an Auctionator search for: Glyph of

      If the glyphs you were having problems with show up then its something wrong with the list. My guess is that some glyphs have very similar names and it's getting confused. It might require you to put quotes around certain glyphs to make sure its picking up the full glyph name.

      An example is if I search for netherweave then it will give me everything in the AH that starts with the word netherweave. If I search for "Netherweave Bag" Then I only get the bags.
    1. Abeni's Avatar
      Abeni -
      @Belmorn which glyphs are giving you problems specifically? I just noticed my own shopping list has "Glyph of slow" in quotes which means way back when I set this up it was having problems confusing it with glyph of Slow Fall.

      Also I need to update my auctionator...apparently I never updated and all I have is "Delete List." Instead of "Manage List," to export/import.
    1. Abeni's Avatar
      Abeni -
      Here are the lists to import...if you notice something is missing please let me know. These are most of the glyphs learned from Book of Glyph Mastery.

      Also if you have problems with some of the glyphs in the list you should try adding quotes around the troublemakers and run your search again.

      *** -Research and Book-
      Glyph of Aquatic Form
      Glyph of Arcane Barrage
      Glyph of Arcane Brilliance
      Glyph of Aspect of the Pack
      Glyph of Astral Recall
      Glyph of Barkskin
      Glyph of Battle
      Glyph of Beacon of Light
      Glyph of Berserker Rage
      Glyph of Blessing of Kings
      Glyph of Blessing of Might
      Glyph of Blurred Speed
      Glyph of Challenging Roar
      Glyph of Conjuring
      Glyph of Curse of Exhaustion
      Glyph of Dash
      Glyph of Death Gate
      Glyph of Demoralizing Shout
      Glyph of Distract
      Glyph of Drain Soul
      Glyph of Enslave Demon
      Glyph of Fading
      Glyph of Feign Death
      Glyph of Fortitude
      Glyph of Ghost Wolf
      Glyph of Insight
      Glyph of Justice
      Glyph of Lay on Hands
      Glyph of Lesser Proportion
      Glyph of Levitate
      Glyph of Mark of the Wild
      Glyph of Pick Lock
      Glyph of Pick Pocket
      Glyph of Poisons
      Glyph of Renewed Life
      Glyph of Revive Pet
      Glyph of Safe Fall
      Glyph of Scare Beast
      Glyph of Shackle Undead
      Glyph of Shadow Protection
      Glyph of Slow Fall
      Glyph of the Arctic Wolf
      Glyph of the Monkey
      Glyph of the Penguin
      Glyph of Thorns
      Glyph of Truth
      Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth
      Glyph of Unending Breath
      Glyph of Water Breathing
      Glyph of Water Walking

      The 2nd List:

      *** -Research and Book2-
      "Glyph of Berserk"
      "Glyph of Slow"
      "Glyph of Thunder"
      Glyph of Bladestorm
      Glyph of Chaos Bolt
      Glyph of Chimera Shot
      Glyph of Cloak of Shadows
      Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon
      Glyph of Deep Freeze
      Glyph of Demonic Circle
      Glyph of Dispersion
      Glyph of Divine Accuracy
      Glyph of Divine Plea
      Glyph of Explosive Shot
      Glyph of Fan of Knives
      Glyph of Feral Spirit
      Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous
      Glyph of Haunt
      Glyph of Hex
      Glyph of Holy Shock
      Glyph of Howling Blast
      Glyph of Hungering Cold
      Glyph of Ice Barrier
      Glyph of Kill Shot
      Glyph of Killing Spree
      Glyph of Life Tap
      Glyph of Master's Call
      Glyph of Metamorphosis
      Glyph of Mirror Image
      Glyph of Penance
      Glyph of Raptor Strike
      Glyph of Riptide
      Glyph of Salvation
      Glyph of Savage Roar
      Glyph of Scatter Shot
      Glyph of Shadow Dance
      Glyph of Shadowflame
      Glyph of Shield of the Righteous
      Glyph of Shield Wall
      Glyph of Shockwave
      Glyph of Soul Link
      Glyph of Spell Reflection
      Glyph of Spirit Tap
      Glyph of Starsurge
      Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem
      Glyph of Templar's Verdict
      Glyph of Tricks of the Trade
      Glyph of Vendetta
      Glyph of Wild Growth
    1. Belmorn's Avatar
      Belmorn -
      I already fixed the problem myself here with glyphs not showing, apparently int he shopping list its case sensitive, so you really need to make 100% sure that all capitals are capitals just like in the glpyh description.

      I found 54 from book research and something like 74 from northrend research, so you should have 3 lists or your already pre filtered the really crap ones out of this ?

      Last thing I would remove glyph of shieldwall from that list, +20% damage reduction for a 2 min ( i.e. double ) CD ? Not worth it although the latter is debatable if you make one sell at 300g happen. However, this strategy is based around flipping glyphs in a very lucrative way which Im under the impression you assume you should be able to make like 1 sell every two days, which you wont see with a glyph like that. Sorry if this is derailing , I dont want to start a discussion about the viability of each and every glyph in the game here.
    1. Abeni's Avatar
      Abeni -
      I'm looking into what's missing in the list...if you're right then I'm definitely missing something big. possibly missing a glyph or 2 in the list as well as it is quite old.

      I'll try and figure out what I'm missing.

      For me I don't care about the quality of glyphs. Anyone else who's sold glyphs long enough knows that every once in a while you get "Class buyers" Meaning the person has gold and doesn't care to look up the quality of the glyphs they are buying...they just buy every glyph they could ever need for their class. To assume every customer is looking up the quality of their glyphs is a bet against the truth. You can remove some if you don't like them...but if you want to build your list around popular glyphs then see Best Choices for Patch 4.2 of World of Warcraft - WoW Popular - Filter by All

      The truth is people don't know what glyphs...gems...(fill in the blank) is good. There is a reason people still buy prismatic gems...because they think that's the only kind of gem that will fit into a prismatic belt

      Update: Ahh I see. When I made the list, I opted to only look at glyphs learned from Book...I think...even then I wonder if I'm missing some

      I think there is still good reason to stick with this list (possibly still book exclusive glyphs in there) but wowhead comments are a mess and i'm trying to figure out if this is still a good thing. I'm more willing to update my original post with "Book" glyphs than I am to suggest 3 or 4 whole lists.

      Okay I've updated the post...if you WANT to really run every research Glyph then build those lists and let us know how it works out...I might even try it myself. I think the reason I only picked book glyphs is because there are still glyphs EXCLUSIVE to books...and research books are a big bottleneck for new comers. Also this list is what 80 some odd glyphs? You get closer to 200 glyphs and you are talking about spending a LOT to reset prices especially if you are dealing with wallers.
    1. Lemmonade's Avatar
      Lemmonade -
      Nice guide, i dont see these Glyphs on the list that are learned from the Book's.

      Glyph of Berserk
      Glyph of Kill Shot
      Glyph of Killing Spree
      Glyph of Lifetap
      Glyph of Divine Accuracy
      Glyph of Master's Call
      Glyph of Riptide
      Glyph of Slow
      Glyph of Spirit Tap
      Glyph of Thunder
      Glyph of Tricks of the Trade
      Glyph of Vendetta
      Glyph of Wild Growth
    1. Abeni's Avatar
      Abeni -
      Thanks for the update Lemmonade. Life Tap is 2 words and Glyph of Slow is in the 2nd list. It's one in quotes so that auctionator doesn't confuse it for Glyph of Slow Fall.

      I'll update the list after I confirm the others aren't on there. Berserk will need to be in quotes to make sure it's not confused with Berserker Rage.

      Update: Also Glyph of Thunder will need quotes...also I had at least one spelling error. it's Glyph of the Arctic Wolf not Glyph of Arctic Wolf...

      Thanks @Lemmonade I think I have the list updated now
    1. Beefbus's Avatar
      Beefbus -
      Great guide! After keeping a wall of 25G glyphs up for a few days to cut down on the amount of posting I have to do, I noticed several competitors had stopped posting the research glyphs. I posted one of each glyph with a 500 G fallback and 25 G threshold w/1c undercut, and to my surprise SEVERAL glyphs sold for 500g each. Never thought to do this! Good call.
    1. Abeni's Avatar
      Abeni -
      Great! It's nice when they simply stop posting isn't it lol. The guides setup for reselling their glyphs but it's entirely possible that your competition gives up for a while.

      If they are smart and catch on then they will start using an Auto-Fallback where you won't be able to completely reset any glyph.

      What you do next is really up to you...keep prices high which is basically like begging them to come back (and giving you less potential customers)? Or tank it as soon as they post again. For me I like to do some super-deep undercuts which will slap the price of glyphs back down as they continue to try and compete with me...or I simply tank the market again...I dunno like I said before be unpredictable.
    1. Beefbus's Avatar
      Beefbus -
      As a former poker player I can definitely attest that unpredictability is the best way to confuse your competition. Always keep them guessing.

      I am able to get herbs in bulk off the AH when they're below 20g/stack, bringing my average cost of crafting down to 10-12g per glyph. This certainly helps.
    1. Blinky's Avatar
      Blinky -
      I've been using a similar method to annoy 2 new 18hr+ campers and all the weekend warriors.My method is:-
      Late friday night i will post 3 of every good selling glyph at 15g each then just wait. Come Saturday, thanks to the new campers and part time scribes my glyphs have not been bought out but been so undercut they are nearing 5-7g per glyph.
      I log on another account and slowly buyout all the cheap glyphs, leaving a few of each up forcing the competion to continue to undercut each other and produce more. By the end of the day everyone has ran out of glyphs as they cant get any herbs (i wonder why lol)and i have bought a ton of glyphs below crafting cost.
      I then repost my glyphs at 200g+ and buyout any remaining cheap glyphs.The end result is i have so many glyphs to sell throghout the week at 200g+ with little to no competition,and come friday ive sold them all and ready to start the cycle again.
    1. Bombtrap's Avatar
      Bombtrap -
      I really dont get the point please enlight me.

      I put a wall of glyphs selling for 10g to force others to post theyr glyphs for under 10g but:

      what happen if my competitors buy all my cheap glyphs? (reset market)
    1. Yinxy's Avatar
      Yinxy -
      Thnx for that list! Oww i love lists Made Shopping lists out of these! Gonna try this at my server (EU med pop)... I failed at it a year ago with JC.. Now ill try it as well with glyphs.

      Here are the shopping lists:

      List 1:
      List 2:
    1. Abeni's Avatar
      Abeni -
      Since I'm taking a break from wow soon anyway and posting videos with AH tips...then I will answer some of the concerns people have on this tip. The problem is making a video on this tip will take several days to a week just because I will want to show the entire process and that takes several days or weeks.

      @Bombtrap it's not really about making a wall, in fact the fewer glyphs you use...the better. Some of it is just testing the waters to see how low your "REAL" competition will let their glyphs go. I would say if you can do this strategy with 1-2 of every glyph go for it...there is no reason to wall. You want your opponents to start walling or you want your opponents to start leaving the AH.
    1. Bombtrap's Avatar
      Bombtrap -
      well, i just bought a ton of glyphs for under 10g reseting market and sells some for 100~150g.

      in my server people are so dumb that sells glyphs at prices lower than mat costs. All i have to do is buy cheap, resell at higher prices.

      i will give it a try on glyphs that sells for more than 150g. I list only 2 competitors so maybe it can be easy to make then leave AH.
    1. jbo0225's Avatar
      jbo0225 -
      This strategy can be very easily countered by proper wall techniques. I'd only advise doing this against competition who lacks strategic savvy. Secondly it's also advisable to price to do flips of the really cheap crap when there's another resetter in the market or some newcomer who wants to reset the market and takeover. You can actually profit against people by buying 3-8g glyphs and reselling them for 12 and inundating your competition with stuff that never moves. I more or less have to compete this way as I have a nearly full-time camper who is always trying(and failing to reset) cheap glyphs.
    1. Neviskio's Avatar
      Neviskio -
      Hello, I'm kinda having troubles with this technique, now let me make an example so you can see why I'm getting a bit "stuck"

      Glyph of arcane brilliance is being sold 3x1 from different sellers, at 39g, while TUJ/auctioneer/auctiondb give me that the glyph is usually going at 200g+ with a median of 500.Now I'm wondering why the competition has gone so low to sell this glyph(I choose a random one might be because it's not one the best or w/e just bear with me for a sec, since there are a lot of good examples right now in my AH), my ideas are that this item is either overpriced usually so the price has been poisoned, or that the glyph is a slow moving one on my server(or the best option would be that my competition is clueless but I kinda don't trust this)

      Now according to the strategy I should just buy these 3 and resell at like 250g+ right? The issue that I have is this, when it's just like now a couple of glyphs coming from a book I can easily spend the gold, the price has not tanked to below cost and generally 39g is still a profit considering the price of materials, but I'm still wondering if I should employ this strategy for high volume sales(right now just with reset search or shopping list I could see easily a 33k profit according to tsm the real deal is the investment that I'm not sure is going to get back in)

      I'm kinda torn on this because I feel they're just gonna repost tomorrow with higher volume sales(they might be stocking up and trying to make a cheap sure profit instead of bigger sales) and that I'm going to waste money, so I'm mostly asking for a sanity check.What would you do in this case?
    1. Triplenickel's Avatar
      Triplenickel -
      Hello, I love this method and have employed it to a small extent on my server. There is not a lot of competition on my server for the glyph market, but I do have one person that logs on from about 7pm to 1am server time and just sits there and posts/reposts his glyphs over and over. Sometimes he undercuts my auctions fairly quick while other times he may take about 30 minutes or so. What I do it pick about 10 to 15 glyphs to post at 15g 00s 01c of which I know he posts 3 or more of at a time and then post the rest of my glyphs with the normal settings. Doing this helps mask the ones I put up to force his postings to hit the threshold. Once he posts them up, I then buy those out and cancel my low auction and repost with the higher price now.

      This seems to work, from what I can tell by watching him, he appears to post as many as he has in inventory versus having a set number to post. So in the end I accomplish a few things. For one I end up restocking my own glyphs for less than my normal cost of 18g, plus I save all that time from milling herbs, making the inks, and then crafting the glyphs. Also, becuase my competitor appears to post all his stock of each glyph at a time, he no longer has those particular glyphs that he can undercut me on. Even if he does happen to have a main that he crafts with, he now has to spend the time doing so without making much for profits on those glyphs if any profit at all.

      The only thing I cannot tell is if he has a supplier for herbs so I cannot gauge if he really is making a profit or not on those glyphs and is able to keep making them. However, if he does not have a supplier, my server is very low with regards to the availability of herbs, so eventually he will not be able to make anymore or they are going to cost him a lot more to make based on the prices for herbs in the AH.

      The only drawback to this whole method is hoping that he reposts to undercut before someone buys the glyph I put up for bait. So in the end it is a little bit of a gamble as I would actually be loosing 3g if the glyph sold which is another reason why I only post a handful at a time. Now if only he was really quick I would post all my glyphs like that and completely empty him out of his inventory as I don't believe he is paying attention to what is going on.

      UPDATE #1:

      Well I timed it perfectly today while watching my competitor. I noticed he went through his cancelation processes and I immediately posted up my entire group of glyphs (just a 100 at this time, cherry picking and slowly expanding on which ones I want to sell based on the market research) and as anticipated, he undercut me posting his glyphs at 15g each for as many as he had in stock. I immediately bought out all his glyphs he posted and then canceled my low cost glyphs I baited him with and reposted at normal prices again. So far I have not seen him actually repost any of the same glyphs again since starting this process a couple of days ago. Not sure if he is still producing glyphs or he is just liquidating his stock. If he is still producing glyphs, he has a lot of crafting to do now as I just bought over 250 glyphs from him and preventing him in the meantime from undercutting me on those glyphs I post!

      UPDATE #2:

      So it looks like the competitor is crafting glyphs as needed. I noticed all the glyphs I had bought out from him are being posted again, but this time at a limit of 3 per glyph where prior it was up to 6 or more. This seller is still easy to figure when I should post my glyphs to force his to where I can buy them all out from him at 15g. He has not yet adjusted his threshold to higher either after pulling this on him a couple of times. I simply watch his toon with another toon of mine where he does his AH business. So when he goes to his mailbox, I know he is in the process of collecting his glyphs he just cancelled to repost... once he leaves his mailbox I quickly log back to my alt, post the glyphs at just over 15g and then he posts and I buy them out. So I am still restocking my glyphs for cheaper than what I am crafting them at (buying them from him is like buying stacks of whiptail for 30g) and I am saving all that time from having to mill herbs, create inks, and then crafting the glyphs to mail them. I still am not sure if he has a herb supplier or not, but if I keep going at this rate, he is going the blow through all his mats a lot quicker with little to no profit while I am turning around and selling them making anywhere from 5 to 20 times as much as I bought the glyph for.

      Final Update:

      Ok I promise, now more updates after this

      So I have been going about my usual forcing of this person's glyphs to be posted at 15g each when finally, he realized he is getting screwed right in the middle of getting screwed! It was as I had posted in my last update. I had been watching him with a toon I specifically created to hang out at the AH in SW where this person does their AH business. As usual I would watch for him to go to the mailbox where I know he was collecting the auctions he just cancelled so he could repost them. As soon as I saw him start to leave the mailbox I would immediately logged onto my baking alt and posted the glyphs to force him down. This minimized the time my auctions would be bought for cheap so I would not loose too many in case it was a busy night. Well, like predicted, he posted up all his glyphs again including the ones to undercut me at 15g. Once he was done, I did my reset scan with TSM and started buying all his glyphs out. At about midway through, I started receiving a message the item no longer existed. Come to find out, he finally noticed what was happening and cancelled all his auctions quickly so I couldn't buy out the rest of them. I nearly pissed my pants laughing so hard about it. He immediately logged off after he cancelled all his posts.

      Since then when he sees me start to undercut him he decides to log off instead of trying to undercut me again. Funny thing is he has still yet to adjust his threshold price to more than 15g!! So now I will give it a little break and then try again to catch him by just posting up several instead of all of my glyphs to force him to 15g. Maybe I will even really scew with him and create a name similiar to another competitor and post, he may not notice it at first until it is too late

      Ok sorry for such a long post this all turned out to be, but I wanted to share my adventure with this tactic for fun, laughs, and ideas!