• Congratulations Sterling!

    Thought I would just take this moment to congratulate Sterling on getting married this past weekend.

    After all his hard work on the forums he really deserved this weekend off any however much more time he may need to enjoy a very special moment in his life.

    Also for those still waiting for a response to their applications, sorry for the wait and it will get sorted out as soon as Sterling gets back
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    1. Namssob's Avatar
      Namssob -
      YAY! Grats Sterling! Hopefully she signed a prenup so she wont get all your gold. Oh wait......kidding!!!
    1. mentally vexed's Avatar
      mentally vexed -
      congratulations sterling! quite the exciting moment for sure.
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      Azrael -
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    1. Thefluffyrocker's Avatar
      Thefluffyrocker -
      Congratulations Sterling!
    1. Astraeus's Avatar
      Astraeus -
      Congrats and welcome to the club
    1. Steeffie's Avatar
      Steeffie -
      Big grtz and welcome to the married side of life
    1. Thanateros's Avatar
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    1. AzTweeter's Avatar
      AzTweeter -
      That's awesome! Congrats!
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    1. drockrock's Avatar
      drockrock -
      Congratulations Sterling. May you be as happy in 10-50 years as you are now.
    1. Sterling's Avatar
      Sterling -
      Thanks everyone for the kind words .