• The Consortium September Recap

    Some might say that WoW is on a decline.

    Late-expansion exodus from WoW is a repeating trend, one that affects communities in a cyclical manner. I can say with confidence that our community is beating that trend. The Consortium is showing growth even through WoW's expected decline, and that's something to be proud of! Even more impressive, the community is still pumping out amazing content and interesting threads daily. Whoever said that WoW gold making's been completely explored?

    Incidentally, The Consortium turned a year old not too long ago! An honest and deeply sincere thank you goes out to the whole community. Without you guys, this site would be nothing! Hats off, and let's drink to the years to come.

    But of course, Tuesday is upon us, and you NA folk need something to read. Don't worry, uncle Sterling has you covered.

    The staggering amount of cool content we've had here in the past month is a little hard to sort through, so let's start with Sapu's quick Shuffling Spreadsheet tip:

    Automatically Refresh TUJ Data Import in Shuffling Spreadsheet

    Quote Originally Posted by Sapu94 View Post
    I figured this out with @AzTweeter on IRC just can set excel to automatically refresh the TUJ data every X minutes or every time you open the spreadsheet. I am using excel 2007. No clue how to do this in 2003 but it should be roughly the same in 2010 at least. Here's how:

    1. Open up the spreadsheet and click on the "Data" tab at the top. If you haven't already, click on "From Web" (2nd from left in 2007) and then type in your TUJ URL as described in the original post into the "Address" box and let it import (as described in the original post).
    2. In the Data tab click on "Connections". The TUJ one should be called "Connection". Click on it and then click on "Properties"
    3. Click on the "Definition" tab and make sure it's the correct connection (check the "Connection string").
    4. Click back on the "Usage" tab and check the first checkbox ("Enable background refresh") and the 2nd or 3rd according to what you want. Remember that TUJ only allows you 5 updates per 24 hours so set your time interval accordingly if you choose that option.

    Let me know if you have any questions / issues with this.
    RIFT and Diablo 3 Forums Launched

    We've just launched RIFT and Diablo 3 forums. There isn't much there for now... what better time to strike up a discussion?

    If you're a RIFT player, make sure to check out Zerohour's Roll Call:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zerohour View Post
    Thanks to Sterling for putting together a spot in the Consortium for those of us that play Rift! Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to see others sign the register that they are also playing Rift, and are actively looking into Plat grinding.

    Go ahead and tell us a bit about yourself, your initial impressions on the Rift economy, and what you would like to see because there simply isn't a decent resource on the interwebs for Rift (I've looked and found only one good blog). With any luck we can nail this down into something good!

    Must-Read Threads

    As a closing note, we've also opened up a brand new forum for Wind Trader applications. Applying has never been easier! Submit your application here. This application forum should provide a much better platform for applying. Within these forums, only you may see your application and its replies. Full privacy!

    Please take note, we've also changed the application prerequisites.

    If you have any questions or requests, let me know. Think a thread deserves to be linked from this article? Post your request here!

    As always, I'm listening to you guys and eager to make changes. Article requests? Let's hear 'em!