• Small Niche: Elixir of Major Strength

    Just a quick tip for you all, no lengthy guide from me today hehe

    An enchant that I find still sells exceptionally well for me is Enchant Weapon - Executioner, but the problem is, every time I check the auction house there seems to be a shortage of one of the reagents: .

    Only 3 of the elixirs are required per enchant, and they are absolutely dirt cheap to make as well.
    • 1 = 1 + 1 + 1 (in other words 3 of each per enchant).

    On my server I can get one of each herb for less than 1 gold each, and of course the vials are only about 16 copper each. List them up for 20-50 gold per elixir and they will sell without much problem, providing there is a demand for the enchant on your server. It's a great looking enchant and the crit on it is pretty decent too.

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    1. Lucidique's Avatar
      Lucidique -
      I'm really glad I took the opportunity to farm the recipe just before 4.2 (since you can't get it anymore). I frequently sell the enchant at around 599g each (26 sales in total - 13k ish overall) I make the elixirs in bulk and don't sell them as I don't want to encourage anyone else to start selling scrolls
    1. Karot's Avatar
      Karot -
      Sadly, I couldn't grab this one before ZA was revamped. Things like this are exactly why I hate revamps. >.>
    1. Mugsley's Avatar
      Mugsley -
      Crap. I thought this was the Enchant that dropped from Moroes in Kara.

      Also another note: I used Elixirs of Major Strength when I was leveling my DK to 75, so keep that in mind.