• Transmogrification - Opportunity for Profit

    I figured I would start a thread now as there is a serious opportunity for some heavy gold profits when the patch hits. Since players will want to gear up in various sets (not just tier sets which are bop, but armor sets that are not tier specific) there is the opportunity here to see various pieces go up in price as players want to acquire them to transmorgify the gear to look like it.

    Note: It is unclear at this point whether or not you need the gear that you intend to look like. Assuming you can just choose any piece (unlikely) then this thread will be useless.

    BOE gear on the AH now has an entirely new value in that players can grab pieces that they like the aesthetic appeal to transmorgify for their main.

    Want to tank with now you can..for a price.

    Want to dps with the Stormshroud Armor Set That can be obtained also for a price.

    How about a .

    There are many rare items out and about that will lead to extra sales as people look to be unique. Can you come up with a full gear set and bark it in trade on day 1 and get a buyer? I would imagine there to be some nice opportunity there.

    What sets or pieces of gear do you think people will like? I remember seeing an orc player dressed completely in an RP set that looked exactly like an orc guard in Org.
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    1. Wenchie's Avatar
      Wenchie -
      I'd imagine its (currently at least) a no to fishing rods too as the fish and frying pans etc all have stats on as well.
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      The Visual Roleplay Gear List has allot of sets you could start collecting to sell.
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      Meh, I just spent about 2 hours creating shopping lists of cool-looking BoE weapons (still not done yet), and obviously included the numerous fish-weapons, and other silly weapons. Oh well, can't hurt to keep them on the lists now, we'll see if they work out in the end.
    1. Wenchie's Avatar
      Wenchie -
      *nods* I spend a lot of time trying to create outfits that aren't often seen about town, however from some of the things I've been reading, we are going to be heavily restricted in the items we can actually use to transmogrify. I would particularly like to transmogrify my raiding kit on my main character to appear as one of the collections of green quality items I have sat in the bank, however each new blue post I see appearing on this topic is making me think I will not be able to even do that

      I'm being rather cautious in anything I buy to stockpile for transmogrification as I have a horrid feeling I'll be left sitting with a bank full of useless junk. Although, I am on an RP server so my definition of useless is still marketable.
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      calianna -
      I've sold 3 in the last 24 hours.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Sinshroud View Post
      I wonder if they will allow fishing rods. There are quite a number of them with stats on etc.
      Fishing rods are their own weapon class. So even if you can transmogrify fishing rods, you'd have to equip a rod as your "real" weapon.
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      More tmog-pattern BoE purchases:

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      I once had a guildie that had a Tron outfit. Anyone know what items might have comprised that? I'm going to guess it was cloth of some sort but a search of the interwebs didn't turn anything up.
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      I was watching gamebreaker and they mentioned roleplaying sites with outfits...

      Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits - Forums - World of Warcraft

      gives a good base start

      also does anyone have a list of "cool looking" bs items? or willing to making one?
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      calianna -
      I will list out a few (some of these patterns are no longer available):

      The Imperial Plate set has been mentioned (SW guard armor)
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      Abeni -
      I gotta say, I just don't think there's much to this. In the end it's going to be so over blown. It's such a cool new feature that it's almost like adding a new profession into the game. I would compare this to enchanting before scrolls were around. People will be linking items in chat constantly for a few weeks, and indeed why not, since people will want to see what these items look like on their characters.

      It will be spammed so hard that you will want to leave trade chat. This IS the social profession blizzard once wanted enchanting to be.

      You have to understand that this is going to be the new flavor of the month. The moment this thing was announced people were forming old school raids for it. I expect to see some great sales at first..then a week or two later you see craftable items dip as normal players catch on. You will see raid BOE's take a nose dive due to "farmed it so it's free" offers.

      There's going to be a ton of people farming at first...get some items for 100-300g from these people and sit on them until the majority of raid farmers burn out. At some point the price on popular craftables will be stupid low...and the mats to make the craftables will be stupid high. You know this is going to happen and what you do about this is going to determine if you are more or less successful than the other goblin.

      It's cool to be listing all these items on the thread, but how successful you are after the honeymoon is over is up to you.
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      I believe might also become in demand due to the sheathing graphic and the nice overall looks.
    1. Belzebutinov's Avatar
      Belzebutinov -
      I wonder if the sheathing animations will stay after transmogrification though. That would be nice to know, as a lot of people will be ready to pay some massive coin for weapons that sheathe across their backs.
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      Didn't want to start a new thread for this seeing as it's related to mogging but doesn't technically involve gear making you money.

      With the news of transmogrification hitting, almost everyone I know has been running old school raids for gear and T6 seems to be very popular. This in turn has increased the number of BoE patterns appearing on the AH, specifically Sunwell patterns. Now I don't expect the demand for these to increase, but the number of people selling Sunwell recipes for under 1k gold is staggering, I've picked up 4 this week (TUJ also let me know I missed a few and I have seen some 'reasonably' priced patterns up) compared to 3 over the last 8 months. While I've only managed 1 sale from those 4, but I'm sure the others will sell eventually.

      It's probably not going to make you much money nor will it be quick if it does, but just something to keep an eye out for leading up to (and during) 4.3
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      Quote Originally Posted by Belzebutinov View Post
      I wonder if the sheathing animations will stay after transmogrification though. That would be nice to know, as a lot of people will be ready to pay some massive coin for weapons that sheathe across their backs.
      So the Transmogrification Q&A came out yesterday, and the answer is YES: if your weapon sheathes on the side, and you mog' it to a weapon that sheathes in the back, it will now sheathe in the back. Good for us!
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      Gadjou -
      I have a for sale at 7k for quite some time now. I'm probably going to wait for 4.3 and bark its unique pirate look. I hope it will be possible to transmog' it and thus sell it for much much more ^^
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      Koriani -
      Just keep in mind - that at least to begin with...

      All those neat "hats" are mostly cloth - which means only cloth wearers will get to transmog them.

      Must say my hunter is very disappointed with that! I'm just hoping they open up things like that later on for all classes (things like hats or various shoes/boots).

      Having said that - I am reminded of all the LW hat patterns (the hats themselves sold for 100+ gold back in BC (least on my server). They were green/blue level items and Leather hats not cloth. So may be a market in that - since I bet there are also lots of players who have totally forgotten about those LW hats.

      However, they may remember pretty quick once they start seeing people wearing them, so the market may get flooded quickly.
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      Quote Originally Posted by calianna View Post
      I will list out a few (some of these patterns are no longer available):

      The Imperial Plate set has been mentioned (SW guard armor)
      I've sold a couple for 500g each. The pattern no longer exists, but if you've got it already, they cost 30-50g to make.
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      With a bunch of people running old and new instances and generally farming for gear to Transmorg, there will be a large increase in rare and expensive patterns appearing on the AH, ripe for the picking.
    1. Thanateros's Avatar
      Thanateros -
      Just a little hint what i noticed on my server: The seems to have an increased presence in the AH. Most of the time, there's not a single one of them for sale, and the ones i could snap (two of them for 2k each) i resold pretty fast for 3k+ profit. But lately i bought another 2 for 2k each and still they keep appearing one after the another. Atm, there are five of them for sale!