• Consortium Weekly Recap - July 19/11

    Realm maintenance aka torture Tuesdays is right around the corner. Here's some good reads to alleviate the pain;

    • First and foremost, Erorus just announced a new and awesome feature for The Undermine Journal; Seller Notifications. Read about it on his developer blog. For one, this feature allows for easier tracking of your competitors, but you can also track sellers than consistently post underpriced items of all kinds.
    • This one was front-paged but it's a worthwhile read anyway. Keep a watchful eye on your competition and get a better feel for what markets are hot! Craft Ninja: Monitor Your Competitors' Crafts!
    • Kikkah threw together a pretty sweet guide on farming The Insane title, check it out!
    • Argent Tournament pets are still worth a fortune, and will only become more valuable with time. Some players still have tokens kicking around, why not use them up? Argent Tournament Pets - Slowly Turning 60k into 180k.

    Remember to +rep where it's due!
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    1. Tangster's Avatar
      Tangster -
      I really like these weekly recaps! Sometimes i miss some of the good threads floating around these parts