• Mining Guide for levels 1 - 40

    This is my first big guide i will be writing so take it easy on me if i forgot something :-)

    Why am i making this guide?

    Well as i always find allot of new players or maybe even players that have been around for a few years struggling on getting gold on a low level.
    Even tho this is rather simple to do by using some professions or just farming.

    In this guide i will help the level 1 - 40 range players to earn some money by showing them good spots to farm several ores.
    I also got some off-topic farming spots for Skinning/Runecloth in the guide as you will come along those places so why not stop by to earn some more gold?

    What do you need for this guide to earn money?
    You will need a character with the profession [spell]Mining[/spell] and maybe also [spell]Skinning[/spell] as i will show a few spots where you also mine and be able to skin.
    ** The cloth you get by killing monster might also sell on the auction house for a nice price think of , , and

    I would recommend the following addons: "Please note that you will be redirected to the Curse Gaming website"
    - Gathermate2
    - Gathermate2_Date

    So lets get started!

    So for the ones that downloaded the addons here is a quick guide on how to configure the addon.

    1. Press "Esc" and go to interface.
    2. Select the Tab AddOns
    3. Select Gathermate2
    4. Choose Import
    5. Make sure that @ Databases to Import everything is selected as its always handy
    6. Now click the button "Import GatherMate2..."
    7. Now the Gathermate2_Data will be imported to your Gathermate 2 addon
    8. Now you can see on your map where the Ores, Herbs, etc.. are

    This is the first ore you will be mining while in your leveling process, i know you will be thinking can i make money with this ore? its from a starter zone.
    Believe it or not you actually can! It will depend on your server how much you can make of it but this can differ from 10-50 gold a stack!

    If the bars sell for more smelt your and make
    ** Maybe save some ore for the next step for

    Here are 2 of the best spots to farm

    Durotar (H)

    Dun Morogh (A)

    When you are a high enough level and moving zone's you can mine other ores.

    Don't forget to learn Mining Journeyman

    This time you can mine and .

    As the same in the previous step check the price of the bars and if this is higher smelt your to or
    For silver you go to understand that people that are leveling mining but mainly with smelting they will need silver ore to boost there level quick. So decide your self to just sell or

    These 2 spots are the best for

    Hillsbrad Foothills (AH)

    Northern Stranglethorn (AH)

    Don't forget to learn Mining Expert

    and are a prime source for other professions.
    In these same area's you will also find Normally these won't sell for a lot but still the few gold you can get on this level of it is always nice so if the price isn't to bad just sell them on the Auction House.

    2 Of the best spots for these ores.

    As i stated in the start its useful to get skinning for this guide. As in [zone]Feralas[/zone] there are 2 spots with yeti's which gives a good source of leather, these spots are indicated with a yellow dot.
    The following mobs are useful for skinning
    - Rage Scar Yeti
    - Ferocious Rage Scar
    - Elder Rage Scar
    - Hulking Feral Scar
    - Feral Scar Yeti
    - Enraged Feral Scar

    Western Plaguelands (AH)

    Feralas (AH)

    is a important source for other professions as they will need allot of this so this ore will sell for pretty high most of the time. Might consider to smelt into
    On the same tracks there is a possibility that you will find This ore is mainly used by Jewelcrafters for leveling so smelt the into .

    On the second map you will see green dots. The green dots indicate a farming spot so if you got tired of mining and want to do something else go farm there and if you got a [spell]tailoring[/spell] craft items of it to disenchant.
    As this will be more profitable most of the times.

    Don't Forget to get the last skill from you mining trainer!

    The following mobs will drop the
    - Firegut Ogre
    - Firegut Ogre Mage


    Burning Steppes (AH)

    So we came to the final stage now!

    This ore is one of the best sellers true the game still. As its needed by allot of people it will mainly always sell.
    So check the price of and and decide if its smart to smelt the ores to bars or just sell the bars.

    Within the 2 main areas to farm thorium there are also nice [spell]Skinning[/spell] spots. These spots are indicated by a yellow dot on the map.

    In [zone]Un'Goro Crater[/zone] the following mobs are useful for skinning
    - Ravasaur
    - Ravasar Hunter
    - Ravasaur Runner
    - Ravasaur Matriach
    - Venomhide Ravasaur

    In [zone]Winterspring[/zone] the following mobs are useful for skinning
    - Ice Thistle Yeti
    - Ice Thistle Matriach
    - Ice Thistle Patriach
    - Rogue Ice Thistle

    These 2 places are awesome to mine !

    Un'Goro Crater (AH)

    Wintersprings (AH)

    This is the end of the guide!

    If people like this i maybe will make more!

    I hope you low levels will earn some money this way!
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