• Rundown of New Features and Changes! Ask For More!

    Last weekend the site went down for a much needed upgrade to vBulletin. The upgrade went better than expected and everything is back up and running smoothly. There were some minor bugs, but hey, those are to be expected. I even managed to break any kind of posting, site-wide for almost a full day! Embarrassing.

    I took the opportunity to ask you guy what features or improvements you'd like to see. Several features/tweaks were requested, and most were implemented;

    1. IRC Webchat Implementation (Requested by @Xsinthis and @Sinshroud):

    Just click "Chat With Us" in the header tabs and "Join Chat". Bam, you're chatting with the coolest folk in town.

    2. WoWhead Tooltip Button (Requested by @Nilaus):

    Sick of manually inserting item tags? The new WoWhead tooltip button wraps the tags for you. Also, we're now running the latest version of the WoWhead tooltips module. Think the formatting should be changed? Let me know.

    3. Smaller, Less Invasive Front Page Sidebars (Requested by @Vanditor):
    I use a fairly large monitor. Most gamers do. I'll admit, I neglected to test the site extensively on smaller resolutions. Vanditor pointed out that the sidebars were quite invasive, so I did my best to reduce their size. The left sidebar is now 100px smaller, and the featured content column got an extra 9% real estate.

    4. More Accessible "Forgot My Password" Option (Requested by @Thefluffyrocker):

    Most users stay logged into the site automatically and only have to re-type their password every few months. As such, passwords are easily forgotten. Fluffy pointed out that the password recovery page is a little tricky to access, so I replaced the "help" button with a "Forgotten Password" button that takes the user directly to the password recovery page.
    I also took the time to implement some really cool features and modules, some of which I'm very excited about!

    1. WYSIWYG Editor For Replying & Quoting:

    This one's been a long time coming. Formatting long articles and posts can be tedious when all you've got to work with is a raw text editor. Those days are gone. The site now supports WYSIWYG posting, it even allows copy-pasting directly from Word and preserves formatting. Good stuff.

    Attn: Bloggers-wysiwyg-jpg
    2. User Mention & Quote Notifications:

    Probably my personal favorite! Notice how I inserted "@" in front of usernames above? This automatically links to the user's profile andnotifies them they've been mentioned in a thread/post. The same goes for quoting! You can browse threads in which you were mentioned under profile -> mentioned/quoted. Let's hope this makes the community even more interactive. Take note, I'll probably disable use tagging, so just ignore that part of the module for now.

    3. Profile Customization:

    Not a ground-breaking change, but you can now customize the appearance of your profile. Go to profile -> Customize My Profile. Have fun!
    Last, but not least, here's a short list of features I'd like to implement some time in the future;

    1. More Prominent Reputation System (Requested by @Kathroman and others):

    The reputation system is not intuitive enough. Most users don't know it exists or how to use it. I tried changing the +rep button (the star) to a larger, more intuitive button, but the frame in which the image sits does not automatically resize. Unfortunately I'm not dealing with a simple HTML page, making these changes can be a little tricky.

    2. Mobile Style (Requested by Several Users):

    The site is not mobile-friendly at all. Hopefully I can get you gadget-lovers a mobile style that works!

    3. Flash Notifications (Coming Very Soon... I Hope):

    Let's be honest - the current notification GUI sucks. It's tiny and easy to miss. It has a weird background highlight color that I can't seem to change. I'm hoping to remove it completely and replace it with a slider-type notification similar to what you'd see when you get an AOL/MSN/Skype PM.

    4. Feature Content "Slide Show" on The Front Page:

    At first glance, the site can be overwhelming. I'm hoping to give newbies a bit of guidance by providing a "featured" or "recommended content" slide show on the front page.

    And that's it for now! What would you like to see here in the future? Let me know - you're the boss! I'm listening and eager to make improvements to the site.
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    1. Sinshroud's Avatar
      Sinshroud -
      Great post.And for those that are wondering, the first thing I tried was spamming someone with the @username mention function (like 100 times lol) to see if it would spam them with notifications.Well... apparently it has a built in anti-spam protection function. Because next thing I knew, it auto-edited my post to say:
    1. Ktlol's Avatar
      Ktlol -
      Awesome new additions! Also, I'm glad that Sinshroud guy is banned, what a weirdo!
    1. Thefluffyrocker's Avatar
      Thefluffyrocker -
      We've been trying to get rid of him for ages but he's just like a bad penny.
    1. Nilaus's Avatar
      Nilaus -
      I am happy that my feature request was listened to, but... when I click the wowhead icon I get [#MENTION] instead. Actually, when I click the Jump To I get the same Mention tags. (no, I am not just fat-fingered)
    1. Sterling's Avatar
      Sterling -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nilaus View Post
      I am happy that my feature request was listened to, but... when I click the wowhead icon I get [#MENTION] instead. Actually, when I click the Jump To I get the same Mention tags. (no, I am not just fat-fingered)
      Looks like it's a bug with the new editor. Weird.
    1. Kathroman's Avatar
      Kathroman -
      @Sterling - what's that new "tag users" button do? I'm afraid to try it...
    1. Aeg's Avatar
      Aeg -
      Prob lets you follow every one of my awesome posts
    1. hayam's Avatar
      hayam -
      Maybe it is just me and maybe it does not belong here, but it would be cool if you could make featured content headlines on the front page to stand out a bit more! Every time I look at it, I have trouble distinguishing one post from other. A tad bigger letters and a cool color (the blue one that sinshroud uses in his sig is awesome imo) would solve it.