• The Big List of Pets (Get Ready for 4.2)

    NOTE: This isn't really a guide, but instead it's more of a reference page to show where newer auctioneers can acquire pets to resell for easy gold. A more experienced player will probably know these locations already, but meh, you can check it out anyway if you want.

    With 4.2 less than a week away, here's a reference sheet to easily show any new auctioneers here how to make some easy gold with vendor pets. This can be done year round, but with 4.2, players will be awarded for getting [achievement]menagerie[/achievement] and [Littlest Pet Shop]
    I've only posted pets that can be easily acquired and don't have to be farmed. I've also included the raptor pets because they can be camped.Maybe in the future I'll add other pets if anyone actually finds this useful...

    Table of Contents
    • Horde Vendor Pets
    • Alliance Vendor Pets
    • Miscellaneous Pets
    • Not Your Everyday Pets
    • Craftable Pets
    • Stealing Eggs
    • Selling Your Pets


    from [npc]Halpa[/npc]
    from [npc]8403[/npc]
    from [npc]xan'tish[/npc]
    from [npc]xan'tish[/npc]
    from [npc]xan'tish[/npc]
    Eversong Woods
    from [npc]Jilanne[/npc]
    from [npc]Jilanne[/npc]
    from [npc]Jilanne[/npc]


    from [npc]sixx[/npc]
    from [npc]sixx[/npc]
    from [npc]sixx[/npc]
    Dun Morogh
    from [npc]Yarlyn Amberstill[/npc]
    from [npc]8665[/npc]
    from [npc]8665[/npc]
    Elwynn Forest
    from [npc]Donni Anthania[/npc]
    from [npc]Donni Anthania[/npc]
    from [npc]Donni Anthania[/npc]
    from [npc]Donni Anthania[/npc]


    All of these pets can be acquired by Alliance and Horde.

    • from [npc]"Plucky" Johnson[/npc]
    • from [npc]breanni[/npc]
    • from [npc]breanni[/npc]
    • from [npc]breanni[/npc]
    • from [npc]Narkk[/npc]
    • from [npc]Narkk[/npc]
    • from [npc]Dealer Rashaad[/npc]
    • from [npc]Dealer Rashaad[/npc]
    • from [npc]Dealer Rashaad[/npc]
    • from [npc]Dealer Rashaad[/npc]
    • from [npc]Dealer Rashaad[/npc]
    • from [npc]Dealer Rashaad[/npc]
    • from [npc]Dealer Rashaad[/npc]
    • from [npc]Dealer Rashaad[/npc]
    • from [npc]Michelle De Rum[/npc]

    (The Winterspring cub is not shown in this picture, but is sold at Everlook in Winterspring)


    These two vendors are unique because they can only give you pets at certain times.

    and from [npc]flik[/npc].
    Flik will appear with the Darkmoon Faire in either Mulgore, Elwynn forest, or Terokkar Forest. To check where the DMF will be, look on your calendar.

    All four of those are from , which is sold by [npc]Geen[/npc] in Scholozar Basin. After three days, the egg will crack and there is a chance to get one of these pets. Geen will sell the pet to any alliance or horde player after they are revered with the Oracles.


    With Engineering and now Enchanting, you can craft some non-combat pets.


    Created with [spell]93843[/spell], and takes 20 to purchase for the formula. This is made by Alliance.

    Created with [spell]93841[/spell] and takes 20 to purchase formula. This is made by Horde.

    (Flipping these to the opposite faction can result in larger amounts of income)


    Created with [spell]19793[/spell] and is learned from a BoE schematic. The schematic is rare, and should be on your snatch list if you are interested in learning it.

    Created with [spell]15628[/spell] and [spell]15633[/spell]Both schematics are drops from the Gnomeregan dungeon and are BoP. You can try to control the Lil' Smoky market by buying out all the cheap .

    Created with [spell]3928[/spell]. This schematic is BoE, and you may need to add it to your snatch list if you do not see one already up.

    Created with [spell]84412[/spell] (Gnomish Engineering)and [spell]84413[/spell](Goblin Engineering). Both can be learned at the trainer, but only one can be learned at a time.


    This is mentioned often, and I decided to put this in here aswell. In the Wetlands, Northern Barrens, and Dustwallow Marsh, there are rare nests that spawn and have a 100% chance for one of the following eggs. If you're passing through the area, you can always check to see if a nest is there or you can park an unused alt.

    from Northern Barrens
    from Dustwallow Marsh
    from Wetlands
    from Un'goro Crater


    Whew, so there's all the pets that can be bought/crafted/camped. Now how should you go about selling them?

    Probably the easiest way get sales is to create groups in TradeSkillMaster and then put the pets into seperate groups. Alternatively, you can manually post them with addons such as Auctionator.

    For some, this option may not be available, but if it is, it's a great way to make more income. Any of the pets that are Horde or Alliance only can be flipped to the opposite faction for much more gold. This requires two accounts, but if you only have one account, you can always just post your pets in the neutral auction house and let someone else buy them.

    While on the topic of Arbitrage, I'll quickly bring up Argent Tournaments. If you see any cheap tournament pets on one faction, you can always send them over to the opposite faction for some gold. If you plan on only selling them in the Neutral Auction House, remember that you'll lose 15% of your gold from any sales. (So to find how much you'll get, do Price * 0.85).



    Finally, here is an idea for barking your pets when 4.2 hits:
    Want to get closer to getting your [Celestial Dragon]? Check the Auction House and add some more pets to your collection!

    I'm sure many people won't know that this pet was added in the patch, and by getting the information out there that it's available from [Littlest Pet Shop], people should be heading to the AH for your pets. And lets face it, that's a pretty neat looking pet.

    Note: If you're wondering how to link items and achievements into macros, take a look at "How to Link Items into Macros".

    All Pictures of Pets and NPCs are taken from
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      Valdron -
      Sorry Sinshroud. Are there any sites that do work for you so maybe I can get the pictures on there?

      Btw, I'll try to edit some things (such as the yeti) when I get back to a real computer.

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      zetrac - may work
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      Nice guide, +1
      Only one thing to add, without trying to sound like a nazi, as its quite obvious what you mean... :-)

      Quote Originally Posted by Valdron View Post
      All four of those are from [Mysterious Egg], which is sold by Geen in Scholozar Basin. After three days, the egg will crack and there is a chance to get one of these pets. Geen will sell the pet to any alliance or horde player after they are revered with the Oracles.
      In the second sentence it should be "Geen sells the egg" instead of "Geen sells the pet".

      Just trying to help you put the dots on the i :-)
      /hides :-)
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      A note about the , apparently based on some wowhead comments, it is bugged so that if you are not online when the egg hatches, you will lose both the egg and the cracked egg. A GM can apparently send you a replacement in the mail, but who knows how many times. The most recent post, about 35 minutes old as of this posting, said that the bug was fixed, but who knows.
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      Confirmed. I lose my egg practically each time that way.
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      I can confirm the Mysterious Egg bug as well. The GM i talked to said they were "close" and to keep an eye on the bug report forum for more info. However he also said they would only be able to replace my egg once. So hold off on this until 4.2 id say.

      OT: Great guide, i recently faction changed a horde character to alliance and brought a full bank of pets over with me (everything else is more expensive on horde for my server) been selling like crazy!
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      I just leveled a mage on the Alliance to 24 so I could teleport around to each capital and quickly restock on pets when needed. ^^