• How to stockup on Enchanting materials pre 4.2 at cheap prices.

    With patch 4.2 estimated to hit around 21st of june is time to stock up on enchanting materials.

    There’s nothing new in this guide as such, but I have made it to give people a recap on how to get some cheap enchanting materials for the big enchanting rush will most likely see with all the new gear in p.4.2.

    If you don’t like nerdy calculations this post isn’t for you, and please remember that all this is going in the bin as p.4.2 hits, as we get new vendor prices for gems. But until then – the numbers should hold up.

    If you want to make just 1 of each of the enchants which also require you’ll need 36 , 50 , 88 – and on top of that some volatiles.

    When I sell enchants I use a Threshold based on threshold prices on the materials needed to make the enchants. My approach is to have threshold prices on the materials which are higher then my crafting cost on the enchanting materials. Most people would make the calculation based on the true crafting price of the materials and then add a minimum profit per scroll they want. Use what ever pricefixing you are most comfortable with and which suites your business the best.

    The Crafting

    is item you want, and of course you want it as cheap as possible.

    Your have 2 main “roads” to enchanting materials which are:

    + ---> + ---> + ---> --->

    + ---> [spell]Prospecting[/item] ---> ---> ---> + .

    The math


    To craft 1 from which you can disenchant 1 (I’ll use 1,15 per disenchant, as my calculation assumes you are in a level 23 guild) you’ll need 16 + 8 .

    Professions you need for this is 1 Miner, 1 Blacksmith and 1 Enchanter.

    Calculation the price is pretty straight forward at 22G per stack of and 28 per stack of the calculation would be: ((22g/20*16) + (28/20*8))/1,15 = (17,6+11,2)/1,15 = 25,04G.

    Prices are different on most servers, but TUJ shows based on Horde mean prices that the mean price for are at 211% of the mean price for the materials needed to craft one. In other words in average you can craft one at less then half the price you have to pay on AH.

    Producing and ( )

    This calculation is a lot more complicated as you need to factor in a some assumptions, which may vary from server to server.

    The first assumption is that I price very low – actually I price it as 0 when I calculate on . The reason is that you can always convert your vendored in to rings and disenchant these at around 3,5G per dust, so this is the absolute highest value in my calculation and 3,5G/dust is seldom worth it compared to current AH prices. The last reason is that at 3,5G/dust the total value of dust will be less then 3% of the total cost of producing 1 of each enchant so it doesn’t really matter if its 0 or 3,5G.

    From the Consortium Shuffler we know that 1 will disenchant in to 1,875 in average. (Please note as of P.4.1 are categorized wrong as a trade good. This means that you will NOT get the 15% extra material from guild level 23 bonus)

    Next thing we need to do is calculate the price of 1 . The assumption here is that we vendor ALL gems but the which also includes

    If we prospect we get 6 uncommon + 0,3 rare. 1/6 of the uncommon is a , and vendor price is 5G for all gems.

    At 28G the price is: 28G – (5,3 * 5) = 1,5G per

    If we prospect we get 4,5 uncommon + 1 rare. 1/6 of the uncommon is a , and vendor price is 5G for all gems.

    At 22G the price is: 22G – (4,75 * 5) = -1,75G per 0,75 = -2,33 (per 0,75 as you get 0,75 in avg per stack – and yes you are reading it correctly – at 22G the price is negative = you are not spending money crafting, but getting money).

    So with my priceexample you’ll use .

    To craft 1 we need 3 and 3 – at exalted these are 1,2G each. As shown above we get 1,875 per disenchant so the price is:

    ((3 * 1,2) + (3 * -2,33))/1,875 = (3,60-7,0)/1,875 = -1,813G.

    So for each you craft this way, you get the for free and an extra 1,813G for your trouble. (Do remember: “Time is money friend”, and we are not adding any timevalue here)

    An example:
    1. You buy 100 stacks of at 22G/stack. -2.200
    2. You prospect and get 75 + you vendor the 475 (375 uncommon + 100 rare) other gems. +2375
    3. You buy 75 -90
    4. You craft 25 and DE
    5. You will end up with 46,88 and 85G more then you started with. (you will also have 25,2 from your prospecting (with +15% guildlvl 23 bonus), but like I said earlier I don’t value these in this calculation).

    To calculate the price you can use the following formular, or use the matrix below where I also have added the option to give the dust a value from 0 to 3,5G/each.

    +((((( price per stack-(23,75))/0,75))*3)+3,6)/1,875 = price per .

    If you want to add value to you get an average of 0,4667 dust per you get from disenchanting. (or 0,5368 with the 15% bonus, as this works on dust)

    In the matrix I have marked the calculation from above.

    Happy hunting - you have 2 weeks to empty your server for
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    1. Sinshroud's Avatar
      Sinshroud -
      Looks quite handy mate, I will take a closer look when I get home. I've been making an effort to try get to at least 10 of every profitable enchant on my enchanter (pre-bc, tbc, wotlk and cata enchants), but would like an extra 5-15 of certain Cataclysm enchants stocked up before the patch hits.

      I would say Enchanting is probably one of my biggest incomes at the moment, but I don't actually manufacture my own mats (even though I do have JC and BS, etc) simply because I find it easier to track my profits if I buy the mats (or greens for the mats) straight from the Auction House on my enchant seller.

      Kind of like, I use the gold that I make with enchanting to buy more mats to stock up. It probably isn't the most profitable method but it's definitely the quickest and simplest. But I might look to other avenues to produce mats with Jc and BS to assist with stocking up for 4.2
    1. Thanateros's Avatar
      Thanateros -
      Nice work!

      I use the same methode as you with Hypnotic dust, concerning the price. 3.5g is almost nothing for me either, so i don't really calculate Dust into making the scrolls. The expensive stuff are Maelstroms (110g), GCEs (30g) and Shards (70g). But since - at least as it seems - lots of ppl are skilling enchanting atm, the AH is flooded with absolute LOW cost scrolls sometimes. Almost the same situation as when the Enchant Shield-Scroll has been changed to Mastery. I bought 40 of those scrolls for 9g (=360g) and sold already 3 for 99g and 7 more for 40g = 580g and the others are pure profit. Bought some low-level-scrolls today again (Enchant Back - Intellect).
    1. Nilaus's Avatar
      Nilaus -
      You value the nightstone and alicite at 5g, but what about consider crafting and DEing the jewelry?
      I think the chance of a blue when crafting is 10 or 15 % so 2 nightstone would yield higher value than the vendoring. This only looks at the value of the Shard, but it will also yield some lesser essences (and dust but you assume a value of 0g which I don't quite agree to).
    1. Thanateros's Avatar
      Thanateros -
      Since he gets Heavenly Shards from his Blacksmith easily and without need for procc-luck, he has covered this niche i guess. Hypnotic Dust is almost worthless, considering the amount of time invested in crafting + DEing - easier to buy the Dust. And for Essences, he has (which, btw, give some dust too every now and then, between 3 and 6 for my experience, considering the Bountiful Bags-Guildbonus). So less time spent but almost same outcome.

      At least that's the way i'd be thinking if i'd have a blacksmith at hand (gotta level one... damn... 100-170g per Belt Buckles with 1.5 of them sold / day...).
    1. Meyer's Avatar
      Meyer -
      There is for sure a crafting route with the other gems that could generate more profit – but this assumes that you haven’t already covered this route (which I have)

      My aim is to calculate the price for the enchanting material based on MASS crafting. Last night alone I used 500 stacks , and there’s a limit to how many JC items I can offload on the AH.

      It’s the same deal with since I already have several thousand rare gems in stock I can’t safely value 100 or 300 more at 40-60G/each - I'm allready spamming the AH with gems (and other JC items), and can't offload more then I'm already doing.

      Like I wrote “You need to factor in some assumptions” – and this calculation’s biggest assumption is: “I need the enchanting material – and only that – what the price?”.

      It’s the approach I use most of the time in any of my professions, as I’m a mass crafter, going through thousands of herbs, ore ect. per week.

      About . The reason I don’t factor these in is that it just complicates the calculation more then the benefit the end result of giving it a value.

      The proc is 1,00625 per spike you DE (3,5 in average 25% of the time +15%). I wrote 0,53 and used that in the matrix to show the effect, and is fairly limited. Using a 3,5G/dust price only moved the crafting price for the GCE with 1,63G/each – the dealbreaker is the price on the ore.

      0,53 is the number or per you get. You get 1,875 GCE per spike (1,00625 / 1,875 = 0,53). Like I wrote it counts for only around 3% of the end result.
    1. Kathroman's Avatar
      Kathroman -
      Great minds think alike, I suppose. The latest spreadsheet I've been working on has been based around stockpiling enchanting scrolls, as well. Looks like a few weeks now before 4.2 hits, so time to grab me some ore...
    1. Nilaus's Avatar
      Nilaus -
      Quote Originally Posted by Meyer View Post
      My aim is to calculate the price for the enchanting material based on MASS crafting. Last night alone I used 500 stacks , and there’s a limit to how many JC items I can offload on the AH.
      If you have 500 stacks available at 22g / stack it is hard not to make money. In that case you are of course looking at GPH and in that case crafting and DEing would probably generate less than your current option. However, I think the key point of your post is not what you do with your mats, but how you get access to that kind of mats at those ridiculous prices. You must have an army of chinese farmers at retainer to generate that. Personally, I am lucky if I can get my hands on 10 stacks less than 40g/stack, so in that case I have to squeeze every ounce of Enchanting mats out of that to make it even remotely profitable.

      Maybe it is just a difference in server size, but the premise of your article seems unrealistic for my server at least. So I am very interested in how you get a hold of those kind of resources.
    1. Chans's Avatar
      Chans -
      Nice article! +1

      It really looks like the Maelstorm crystals will tank pretty hard as the new pvp season starts (I alone have 5 toons with full epic pvp gear needing replacing season 10). So the cost of the maelstorm enchants will prolly go down quite abit. On BR-H they currently are down to ~115g usually. Just an observation.
    1. Zerohour's Avatar
      Zerohour -
      That spreadsheet looks strangely familiar.... someone's hacking my machine!
    1. Meyer's Avatar
      Meyer -
      The spreadsheet with the Maelstrom enchants was actually the second part on an analysis I made
      For myself on the enchanting market, as I was preparing to reenter the market.

      I haven’t been focusing a hole lot on enchants (a side from selling cross faction, which has been a +40-50.000 profit business), but with both getting cheaper and new tier gear coming up I decided to look in to the details. As you can see the spreadsheet is just a breakdown of the cost on each enchant.

      The first part I did was to look at and check out the most used enchants (didn’t want to post and repost a ton of useless unsellable enchants). After that I made some quick calculations based on my threshold prices.

      This gave me the following data:

      I marked up some of the enchants with Yellow – be carefull with these enchants, as they are levelling enchants = some of the most cost effective enchants to make and gain skill points. This often (but not always) generate a large supply surplus and prices are dumped.

      After making the spreadsheet I made some of each of the enchants, and setup TSM (based on calculated threadholdprices) with posting rules / restocking rules for each enchant – and started selling. (I kept the Ah prices in there, but these are ofc. totally out of date and useless for you on your server).

      Like on most servers selling the enchants are one big cancel / repost war so it really helps, that once I have set up the rules you can make a cancel + repost routine in a couple of minutes.

      I had to wipe and reinstall my pc a couple of weeks back, so all my sales data went in the drain – If’s anyone of you have some Mysales data on enchants feel free to post the, so people can see which ones are the fastest moving enchants.
    1. Taraxacum's Avatar
      Taraxacum -
      Some nice info here certaily as I've been in the enchants market for a good 4-6 weeks on my server. It's been a bit hard to get online some days and i cant really post/repost with RAH (I use that for high value/profit items and buying cheap mats) so my sales have not been as good as they could be but they certainly have been selling in fair numbers on my server. The popualr ones I'm often selling upto 6-10 a day, I'll see if I can find a list of what i've sold and post here.

      It was also a nicely times post for me as well as last night I got just over 300 stacks of Elementium on the AH for 20g a stack - time to get prospecting.....
    1. scu's Avatar
      scu -
      One other item to keep an eye out on for cheap heavenlys, . It is a leveling engy item, usually you make 2 or more of them, and most people don't use even one. Since it requires engy to use, there is always a glut of them on the AH for cheap.
    1. Mess's Avatar
      Mess -
      Any ideas what the cheapest way to get Celestial Essence is now?
      Currently I'm prospecting -> JC'ing and then DEing everything I can, just doesn't seem very effective.

      And then there is all the leftovers which vendor for crap now.
    1. Kikkah's Avatar
      Kikkah -
      Carnelian Spikes from JC = best with a level 23 guild if i'm right you get around 1-3 GCE each DE
    1. Meyer's Avatar
      Meyer -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kikkah View Post
      Carnelian Spikes from JC = best with a level 23 guild if i'm right you get around 1-3 GCE each DE
      Unless Blizzard fixed it - that information is incorrect. is categorized wrong. It’s not a “enchanting material”, and the result is that the guild level 23 proc, which normally is +15% doesn’t work on the essence.

      When disenchanting you get 1,00 + 1,875 in average per spike you DE when in a lvl 23 guild. If not the number for dust is 0,875 per spike, but the number of DCE is (yet) the same
    1. Voltec's Avatar
      Voltec -
      I've found that by always starting and ending each session with my enchanter works well with me. I start by canx'ing my U/Cs... then running an auction scan. I have found 125+ greens that disenhant 5g+ over cost several times in the last several days. (I set the profit margin low cause I keep many of the mats myself but sell off some when I get overstocked. Yea, I know... overstocked = blasphemy to some of you here... lol)
    1. Sinshroud's Avatar
      Sinshroud -
      @Meyer anychance you feel like replacing this thread with a new one for obtaining various enchanting materials in the current MOP patch?
    1. Meyer's Avatar
      Meyer -
      Yes I have been thinking about making something similar with in mind, as you need a lot of essences