• The Consortium Shuffler Gets a Facelift

    Edit: Comments can be found on the main spreadsheet page.

    Note: If anyone could help me pull data from TUJ into this spreadsheet, I'd be most grateful. My programming days are long gone and I have no idea how to proceed.

    It was about time for a major update on the spreadsheet, so I put in a few hours and implemented some user-requested features. The milling sheet is probably next.

    Changes include;
    • Now shows profit from gem transmutes.
    • Now shows profit from Heavenly Shard disenchants through Stormforged Shoulders.
    • Color-coded some cells to make it easier on the eyes.
    • Removed the %increase and abs increase columns. The max column is now conditionally formatted, and should provide enough information regarding new uncommon gem prices through shuffling.

    As always, there will be bugs, so be sure to report them here and I'll do my best to fix them. Any feature requests will also be considered .

    Spreadsheet available on this centralized download page.
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      Stede -
      I'll have a look, Sterling - I've modified my spreadsheet to pull in TUJ data, so we can probably sort it out.