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    [Note: Reposted over here, since the original one in the Professions thread got eaten by the server]

    I’ve read here a few times that often folks will head to to read up on how to power-level their professions, and that we should keep an eye on the information, as goblins, for recipes to buy and list on AH. I decided to make a quick list of the BoE-available recommended recipes.


    Also mentions crafting/buying , so that may be good to craft yourself and sell, be on the lookout for cheaper Primals.



    Most cooking recipes mentioned are BoP or from the trainer, but for the later Cata-level recipes, there are a couple of items to pick up. I'll list them here, in case you're out farming or find some cheap - might be able to resell.

    Also, don't forget about [npc]12245[/npc] if you can find it wandering around - it carries some limited supply recipes.



    This was the only separate recipe listed, besides just the link to Gnomish/Goblin recipes. The ones that weren’t from the trainer were generally drops, most from Gnomeregan, BRD, etc.


    I know it isn’t a recipe, but the guide still says you can purchase it from players or the AH - and it is no longer limited quantity, so this and similar items might still be worth a try on your server to purchase a few and resell for profit.


    Lots of JC recipes listed are rep BoP recipes, unfortunately, and with the coming of Cata were added to trainer lists as opposed to only being learned by recipe.



    Locations for the above (if you have RecipeProfit, it should light up the vendors on your map) - also, many vendors have been listed in previous “limited supply route” guides here on the forums.

    I can’t provide screenshots at the moment, but if more detailed location information would be requested, I can certainly put a route together.

    Edit 23 May - added Cooking list
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    1. Peterwp's Avatar
      Peterwp -
      I didn't even think that my guides could by used for this or it would influence people that much. In this case, you could also add a few recipes from cooking, especially Carrion Surprise for horde.
    1. y02mustang's Avatar
      y02mustang -
      Your guides are certainly useful, peterwp. I'll be sure to go through the Cooking list when I get home this afternoon.
    1. Tangster's Avatar
      Tangster -
      I would LOVE a route if you felt the need to put one together. If you dont have the time, I can make up my own and repost on this thread
    1. y02mustang's Avatar
      y02mustang -

      I have no problems putting a route together, but the soonest I'd be able to get one put together would be this weekend. So if you want to make one before then, I won't stop you!
    1. Mugsley's Avatar
      Mugsley -
      As a side note regarding Cooking, I leveled it on the characters that mattered to me via Pilgrim's Bounty. You can get to the 400s with a bit of work between cities and very little gold investment. I know most other players won't be patient enough to wait that long, but for those of you looking to set up a new Chef, just do the dailies and sit on the tokens until the Fall.
    1. Kampschamane's Avatar
      Kampschamane -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tangster View Post
      I would LOVE a route if you felt the need to put one together. If you dont have the time, I can make up my own and repost on this thread
      maybe we get together a merged route with profitable NPC recipes, limited supply items (Sinshroud routes), pets and so on. I would love to have such a thing xD
    1. y02mustang's Avatar
      y02mustang -
      I was thinking something similar, Kampschamane. I can take a look at that this weekend.
    1. Tangster's Avatar
      Tangster -
      Right then; heres the first run of my route for Alliance (sorry Horde, haven't gotten to you yet ) If the vendor sold more then just that one recipe, i listed them all (I.E the vendor that sells Super Mana Potion also sells Elixir of Major Defense)
      I'll try and get recommended prices for these items up by the end of the night. And hopefully the Horde route along with pictures up before the end of the long weekend, we'll see how motivated i am . Enjoy.

      Alliance Path

      Eastern Kingdoms
      Harggan - Arie Peak

      Hammon Karwn – Refugee Point

      Casandra Downs – Highbank
      (and all other inscription relic supplies)

      Bombus Finespindle – Ironforge
      (I recommend glancing at Sinshroud's Guide to Ironforge Limited Supply before you go here)

      Egomis – Exodar

      Arred – Exodar

      Lorelae Wintersong – Moonglade
      (if you have a druid alt, this would probably be a nice place to log him out)

      Qia – Everlook
      (I highly recommend checking all the vendors here, there are some limited supply recipes that sell amazing, ill come back and list them later. At the very least go grab a few to sell on AH)

      Dalria – Astranaar

      Kania – Cenarion Hold

      Zannok Hidepiercer – Cenarion Hold

      Alchemist Pestlezugg - Gadgetzan

      (Once again, Sinshroud has a guide that would probably work better here )

      Vodesiin – Temple of Telhamat

      Haalrun – Telredor

      Skreah – Shattrath

      Madam Ruby – Shattrath

      Eiin – Shattrath

      Wind Trader Lathrai – Shattrath

      World Drops (Might be worth adding to snatch list)
    1. Tangster's Avatar
      Tangster -
      Unfortunatly my computer just ate all of my WoW goldmaking lists and spreadsheets (among a bunch of other wicked important stuff). So the above list is as good as its going to get for awhile So if someone else wants to take a crack at it, go right ahead.
    1. y02mustang's Avatar
      y02mustang -
      Thanks for the list, Tangster! I just started work at a new office so I may not be able to get to the Horde one until this weekend, but I'll do my best.
    1. Gissa's Avatar
      Gissa -
      Did the horde version of this ever get posted somewhere? (The route that is) And is this still profitable?
    1. Litalien10's Avatar
      Litalien10 -
      +1 for the tips, limited supplies recipies, and the Vendor o tron 1000 location. You gotta know those 15 min buffs from the food sell for lots
    1. gobstock3323's Avatar
      gobstock3323 -
      Would be nice to see in this posts a TUJ import
    1. Sinshroud's Avatar
      Sinshroud -
      @y02mustang not sure if you are still around on these forums, but we need to get this thread updated for MOP sometime.

      Otherwise, anyone else here willing to create a new updated thread please do so.