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  • Dalaran Limited Supply Route - Under 5 Minutes = 700g cost and 1200g profit

    Hey folks, this one has been long over due. I made it ages ago but just took me forever to get around to typing it all out and uploading to Youtube.

    Anyways I hope you enjoy my latest Limited Supply Route - and I'm sure many of you also know of it already (at least then you know just how great it really is).

    If you enjoy this guide I also have two more: Outlands Limited Supply Guide and Ironforge Limited Supply Guide

    I thought I would include 2 screenshots of my alts MySales addon for the past 30 days, just for those who are still not convinced that Limited Supply and Vendor Sold items are AWESOME!

    28k gold a month for passive income that barely takes much time to start up, costs next to nothing and is a post-and-forget-for-48-hours kind of market. Anyways...

    I tried something slightly different this time, and decided to use some local South African band music for my videos (I think they sound pretty good - what do you think?). Their name is Prime Circle.

    As usual, I have included a nice map describing where to go as well as links to all the NPCs so that you can find them on Wowhead's maps + items you can buy from them.

    Somethings to keep in mind for the video and route:

    • Not all items listed below were available for me to buy in the video, and some might not be available to you either due to them not spawning at that current time.
    • My purchase prices might be a bit lower than yours depending on your reputation levels.
    • Yes the profit IS server dependent, and they do sell differently on different servers. Generally if there aren't any up, you should put the items up quite high because in reality 80-300g is next to nothing at level 85.
    • On a positive note, this is probably the most effective and profitable one out of my three Limited Supply Guides so far. These items seem to sell very very quickly (especially the pets and the 2 hats).

    Out Doors:

    Seller: Aerith Primrose

    [Beautiful Wildflowers]
    • Buy: 18s
    • Sell: 50-70g

    [Black Rose]
    • Buy: 45s
    • Sell: 40-60g

    [Bouquet of White Roses]
    • Buy: 1g 80s
    • Sell: 30-40g

    [Bouquet of Black Roses]
    • Don't buy, the price ins't worth the risk/profit

    [Red Rose]
    • Buy: 4s 50c
    • Sell: 30-50g

    [Simple Wildflowers]
    • Buy: 1s 80c
    • Sell: 50-60g

    Magical Menagerie

    Seller: Breanni

    [Albino Snake]
    • Buy: 45g
    • Sell: 90-120g

    [Calico Cat]
    • Buy: 45g
    • Sell: 80-120g

    [Obsidian Hatchling]
    • Buy: 45g
    • Sell: 80-100g

    One More Glass

    Seller: Christi Stockton

    [Wine Glass]
    • Buy: 4g 50s
    • Sell: 80g

    [Red Wine Glass]
    • Buy: 9g
    • Sell: 80g

    The Scribes Sancellum

    Seller: Larana Drome

    [Technique: Glyph of Lash of Pain]
    • Buy: 7g 20s
    • Sell: 40-60g

    [Technique: Glyph of Mana Shield]
    • Buy: 2g 70s
    • Sell: 15-25g

    The Wonderworks

    Seller: Jepetto Joybuzz

    [Grindgear Toy Gorilla]
    • Buy: 40s 50c
    • Sell: 45-60g

    The Threads of Fate

    Seller: Karandonna
    Here I generally but what ever looks good, because normally I trade bark these shirts to advertise them, so it needs to make a good impression. I will just list 5.
    You might want to experiment a bit first and just buy 1 or 2 to see if you managed to sell them on your server before investing too much.

    [Scarlet Filigreed Doublet]
    • Buy: 45g
    • Sell: 80-90g

    [Ebon Filigreed Doublet]
    • Buy: 49g 50s
    • Sell: 90-100g

    [Blue Martial Shirt]
    • Buy: 33g 75s
    • Sell: 90-100g

    [Red Martial Shirt]
    • Buy: 36g
    • Sell: 80-90g

    [Green Martial Shirt]
    • Buy: 31g 50s
    • Sell: 90-100g

    Seller: Chameli Banapash
    The Violet Hat sells EXTREMELY well on my server for some reason, maybe people just have a fetish for purple pointy hats, who knows but they just can't get enough of em!

    [Purple Turban]
    • Buy: 90g
    • Sell: 140-160g

    [Violet Hat]
    • Buy: 49g 50s 01c
    • Sell: 120-130g

    First to Your Aid

    Seller: Angelique Butler

    [Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing]
    • Buy: 22g 50s
    • Sell: 40-50g

    [Wound Dressing]
    • Buy: 18g
    • Sell: 40-50g

    [Dalaran Nurse's Gown]
    • Buy: 67g 49s 99c
    • Sell: 80-90g

    Talismanic Textiles

    Seller: Ainderu Summerleaf

    [Pattern: Primal Mooncloth]
    • Buy: 3g 60s
    • Sell: 40-50g

    Seller: Lalla Brightweave

    [Pattern: Spellcloth]
    • Buy: 3g 60s
    • Sell: 40-50g

    Seller: Linna Bruder

    [Pattern: Shadowcloth]
    • Buy: 3g 60s
    • Sell: 50-60g

    Like Clockwork

    Seller: Bryan Landers

    [Schematic: Titanium Toolbox]
    • Buy: 7g 20s
    • Sell: 20-30g

    Total Cost = +- 696g 79s

    Total Sale Price = +- 1900g

    Profit = +- 1203g 21s

    Let me know what you think, enjoy